Chaharshanbeh Soori and Executions


AFP: Khamenei tells Iranians to shun Chaharshanbeh Soori: Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday urged Iranians to shun next week's Persian fire festival as an un-Islamic event which causes "a lot of harm." >>>

روزنامه فرهنگ جنوب: «در راستای مبارزه بی امان با سارقین مسلح و سوداگران مرگ و مفسدین و تبهکاران، احکام اعدام دو نفر از این افراد در ملاء عام و با حضور امت حزب الله و مردم شریف اهواز برگزار می گردد. دادگستری استان خوزستان ضمن دعوت از امت همیشه در صحنه به منظور شرکت در این مراسم به تمامی تبهکاران و مفسدین اخطار می نماید که از سرنوشت شوم این جنایتکاران عبرت گرفته و دنیا و آخرت خود را تباه نسازند.»

03/16/2010 - 00:01



by Demo on

Wishing to free our country & our people from all the falsehood & superstitious there are & have it without any biases against any languages/cultures there are. To go against Khamenie's claim for being a "Muslim leader" is to prove that he had never read "the Muslims’ handbook", i.e. Quran, whether in Arabic, Farsi, Qomi, Chinese, English, etc & whether one believes its contents or not. No advertising of the book & no suggestions of anything else either. According to the same book, however, Khomeini & Khamenie are both of Pharaoh’s like leaders & they both will end up in the hell fire. No wonder his people use the title of “Raw-Hell” for Khomeini!!!!!



سبزى من از تو


مرسى اميد خان


سبزى من از تو

سياهى نكبتش مال خودش



by Iran_e_Azad on

Quran is not our book (Iranian) it is a book for the Arabs! Please do not advertise it here, it will not make a difference in your life!

Try to read books that will help you improve the world and poeple's life. If Quran were real it was written for people who lived 1400 years ago not now! Get out of superstitious and don't be like a Akhoond!!



by Iran_e_Azad on




by Demo on

Wishing all the best of happy new year to come. Just one thing though. Please read Quran at least once before making any judgement call. What Khamenie says/does has nothing to do with the Quran teachings. Here comes same examples:

What is the life of this world but amusement and play? but verily the home in the hereafter,- that is life indeed, if they but knew (Section 29 - Verse 64)

And who does more wrong than he who invents a lie against GOD ??(Section 29 - Verse 68)

Those who believe (in the qur'an), those who follow the jewish (scriptures), and the sabians, christians, magians, and polytheists, GOD will judge between them on the day of judgment: for GOD is witness of all things (Section 22 - Verse 17)

CHEERS !!!!!!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Khamenei is an enemy of Iran. A pig who goes against Persian culture will fail. We have been jumping over fire for 3000+ year and we plan to forever. No one specially not this puny little man is going to stop us. I have been teaching my kids in the US to jump over fire !! To hell with Islam and its representatives. 


Khameneie bimokh!

by Benyamin on

With his statement he actively put himself against the people of Iran and her great culture!

He will be known as the darkest and stupidest dictator of Iran. Whomever has ever tried to go against the Iranian culture has always faild. This is not a celebration that some king sometime in history created. this is bigger than Khameneie and all of Islam to Iranian and this statement is a direct insult to iranian people.


If only it were so that they have been silenced

by Latina on

One can always hope that such is the case.


Notice how the fascists have shut up on this one

by Fair on

I don't see waffen SS major or other fascist supporters coming and justifying this one here.  I wonder why.

I mean, isn't this just the same kind of thing that US did to the anti establishment movement in the 1960's? 

Notice how these hypocrites have completely shut up on this one.  Good riddance.




Right On!

by Iran_e_Azad on

Right on Emil......I couldn't agree with you more!!

Marg bar Jomhuri e Eslami kesafat!! 



Haj the Real superstitious...

by Emil on

What about those  f ** ing hajie Muslims throwing stone at a rock that apparently symbolizes Satan, running around a f ** ing building (so called Kabe,  house of God) like crazy in pajamas and stamping other Pilgrims to death from time to time...and then  beheading thousands of innocent animals in the name of sacrifice (Ghorbany) for God....  what kind of f**ing crap is that...? Isn't that  the f **ing real superstitious... 



by Latina on

I am certain that Iranians will continue to celebrate it all over the world as they have for centuries.

Passing Through

My Sincerest Hopes

by Passing Through on

are that sooner, rather than later, we can return to our Great Persian Culture of the past, when this brutal and barbaric regime collapses!

I truly feel sorry for our beloved Brothers and Sisters in Iran who were born after the so-called 1979 revolution, and have seen absolutely nothing but the tyranny and despotism of these Mullahs!

May The Judgment Of God Come Upon Every Single One Of Them Who Have Turned Our Great And Glorious Culture Into This Cesspool Of Idiocy!

Pure And Simple :) !





by yolanda on

The guy is an undisputed hypocrite.........he is scared of being thrown into the fire and being barbecued! Being "un-islamic" is just an excuse!

In the bottom picture, 2 people should have switched places! 

A picture is worth a thousand words! Thank you for pointing out IRI's hypocrisy by using contrasting pictures. 


Khamenei Ghatel

by Observing_Iran on

Islamism must forever be removed from Iran.



Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic

استقلال، آزادی، جمهوری ایرانی

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

It's truly amazing how a beautiful, joyous occasion such as chaharshanbeh soori is frowned upon and yet taking one's life and liberty are not.