Quit Playing Around Shirin!

All Ebadi has to do is stand up and reach out


Quit Playing Around Shirin!
by bahmani

With her most recent concert at NIAC's recent event, that proves once again why I have been saying (contrary to their mission statement) they are the best-organized opposition movement we've got, Shirin Ebadi, once again, sadly showed the reason why we have been repeatedly disappointed in her.

This appearance, has proven once again that Ms. Ebadi's personal goal of being the "Best Damn DMV Clerk I can be!", through her repeated obsessive-compulsive strategy of trying to work through Iran's rigged legal system to achieve non-change, is nothing more than the grand failure to communicate with a beast, she herself admits refuses to listen to her.

Ebadi, very clearly and truthfully admits and lays out the options that are unavailable to  turn Iran into the Secular Democracy she "envisions" for an ideal Iran (one day). She even identifies the only 2 possible paths this can take. And then after describing the 2 paths in detail, promptly tells us, that these 2 paths aren't really paths, as much as they are really chambers in the regime's colon, and that they are naturally and completely blocked.

Hence the constipation. Hence reform in Iran is for shit.

On the Green movement, whose color was never acknowledged for obvious reasons, Ebadi claimed it as a political movement and not a religious one, which was a good call, albeit a "Duh" obvious one. If anyone has seen even any minute of the ample YouTube footage of 2009 and beyond, about the only obvious take-away is that a lot of green-clad, good looking Iranian youth, really want change, more text-messaging allowance, better speed  internet, and not any more religion please.

But once again, infuriatingly, nothing much on the "how do we get out of this mess?", front.

Is it me? Am I unreasonable to expect a Martin Luther King-style miracle from our Nobel winner? Does Ms. Ebadi really not know what is so obvious that needs to be done? Or, has she been so intimidated by the very intimidating security forces in Iran, with their no doubt very graphic and detailed suggestions of what they will be only too happy to do to her, and her entire family and neighborhood? To the point where the obvious is now obfuscated in objective reasonable polite doubt.

"You could do this, but they won't let you do that. And of course you could also do that, but the government so far has not given any indication that they will allow you to do this."

The other argument that makes my fur fly, is this one, "We do not want any outside foreign help or interference or war or bloodshed in Iran, even if it is to help us do what we cannot possibly ever do ourselves, because this government has so far not shown any interest in reasonable reform or even allowing any sort of discussion on that topic, that we cannot discuss."

Or, "Whatever it is that I am saying we want to do, what I will say is that we want to do it ourselves, even though there is no way we can ever do the thing that we must do, by ourselves. At this time."  

This continual sickness of "Not my Job, I'm just a court lawyer", continually being the front and foremost mantra, subject, and main topic of Ebadi's book signings (Jeez how many copies of this book did they print!), are now Insulting and Pointless and Sad, really. I mean really!

Insulting, because we and Ebadi already know all the things that she can do and worse, is capable of doing, yet won't do. (See: Gandhi, MLK handbook on Civil Disobedience 101, UCLA course code: CIVDIS101)

Pointless, because if Ebadi always says the same thing, what's the point of golf-clapping while we sit obediently on wedding-stained hotel chairs, hearing her say the same thing she said last time, again?

And Sad, because with this self-imprisoning act she performs each time she wanders off the reservation, you suddenly realize that the poor girl might be 'flicted with a Turrets type disease that makes her gaze out emotion-lessly across an audience waiting for something profound, and then like Peter Sellers' Chauncey Gardner, states the mere profound sounding obvious, with a corresponding long drawn out explanation;

Ebadi: "You can take 1+1 and that will sometimes = 2, but then sometimes you can take 2 and that will = 1+1, but of course to this day, the government of Iran won't allow any open discussion of simple math."

Us: "Ah! So what you are saying Ms. Ebadi, is to wait and not upset the regime just yet?

Ebadi: "As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden."

Us: "In the garden? Ah! So by the garden do you mean Iran?"

Ebadi: "Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again."

Us: "So what you're saying is... wait for Spring, wait, what?"

Ebadi: "Yes! There will be growth in the spring!"

Us: "I see, so wait until the Spring, then start up the protest marches again, right? Right? Huh?"

Ebadi: "I like to watch."

My only question for Ebadi, had I been in the room, would have been this,

"Ms. Ebadi, when are you ever going to stop wasting your time with this non-speak nonsense, and get up and start marching to Khamenei's house demanding, "No Reform, No Peace!"?

Because not only is that about the only thing left for her to do in her fast wasting life, it is the only thing that has historically (even in Iran) been proven to work!

There is absolutely no doubt that Ms. Ebadi has the qualifications, intelligence, credibility, and talents to be the first Iranian President.

That is not a mis-statement, I did not leave out woman. I meant first REAL Iranian President.

All Shirin has to do is stand up and reach out. We'll do the rest, and place Iran and our future into her caring, loving, capable hands.

Even if at this writing, she is a completely batty, stark, raving, crazy old loon!


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Ms. Ebadi

by shamsi on

Correct me if I am wrong, Ms. Ebadi lives overseas, enjoys the good weather, freedom of speech, seeing friends, then tries to encourage young , helpless Iranians to fight with the butchers of Iran. Don't you think this is deceiving, sending these kids to jail, torture and death. She is sending the wrong message, she needs to go back,after talk the talk,start walk the walk. Good luck. 


Bruce, well said

by mahmoudg on

this moron, Trita Parsi, an agent of the Islamic Rapist Cultist regime is spewing hate and encourages support of the regime which pays him to do so.  I have done my share by sharing the views of the many Iranians about Parsi and his organziation with FBI.  I have done my duty as an Iranian-American to expose frauds like him.  He is also in a lawsuit of which i understand has little chance of winning.  Be forewarned those who work with him or support him.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Simorgh Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thank you. I have been around but I got a bit of a promotion in my day job. Therefore I have been rather busy with work. It is a temporary thing but I got to make a buck :-) I hope to be more present.

Now to Parsi, I have at times advocated giving NIAC a chance. However I do agree that Parsi is with IR. Not really strongly but he is willing to deal with them. We all need to make our decision as to where we stand. He and Ebadi both chose to work with IR.


Excellent point from Amir Parvis

by Siavash300 on

" Who will one day be a fantastic King also.  Shah Reza Pahlavi.

He is the best choice for a free and secular Iran" Amirparvizforsecularmonarchy.

That is excellent point. Crown Reza Pahlavi guarantee our success and prosperity of our country. May God bless him and his family.


Anonymous Observer

Forget the NIAC fiesta

by Anonymous Observer on

I think that Ebadi needs to start marketing herself to take over Zelda Rubinstein's role in the inevitable remake of Poltergeist.  She certainly looks the part.

Also, does that couch belong to Trita Parsi's grandmother?  Talk about doing it on the cheap!!! 


One more step is required for Iran to enter modern age

by pas-e-pardeh on

Now that a vast majority of Iranians can read and form their own subjetive opinions, we need to discover something called "inter-subjectivity"

We Iranians seem to not comprehend that it is OK for two literate, subject people to have different opinions, i.e., what we discover as truth for ourself is not a universal truth.   

This is why Iranians jump from "I disagree with him/her" to "he/she must be an IRI agent" immediately!  They can't think of any other possibility why someone, e.g., Shirin Ebadi, or NIAC would think differently than themselves.  They just can not concieve of any other reason for this difference of approach than to think the other must be evil.  The other day I read many people believe Googoosh is an IRI agent and we should boycott her. 
It is sad and pathetic.

Inter-subjectivity arrives in a society when independently subjective individuals agree among themselves that it is possible for others to think differently and have different approaches without being evil and mal-intentioned.

Unfortunately, we have not arrived at that required point of social evolution yet.  


Lack of leadership

by hirre on

The problem with the resistence is the lack of leadership... On one hand we have hypcritical people like RP who wants change, but doesn't want to step up as a strong leader (fearing for his life and that he might potentially betray monarchy). On the other hand we have all other people who can't stand to see other iranians running for leadership. All of a sudden every single iranian become political expert analysts, forgetting that at the end of the the day, they are just a simple vote...


What message does this send the USA? To support the resistence? What is the resistence in terms of leadership and organization?


So what is left? Well, the US sees that the only really organized group is the Mujahedin, and unfortunately they have proven that they can start a war against Iran. So the US bets its money on them and on sanctions, hoping that Iran will become something like Libya where one day a rebel group (Mujahedin) can create a serious threat against Iran during economic turmoil...

It will become a dangerous situation if groups simliar to the MKO will decide the fate of Iran. That is why it is urgent for the green movement to display a secual democratic leader who lives in the west. Forget Karoubi and Mosavi, since they do not have a future in current Iran or in the next...

You have to see the situation through different perspectives in order to understand why anything hasn't happened yet...


VPK jan

by Simorgh5555 on

Welcome back. You haven't been on for a while. 


VPK jan

by Simorgh5555 on

Welcome back. You haven't been on for a while. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I am

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


not a fan of Shirin Ebadi. I have never been one nor will I ever be. She is useful in helping some within the IR system. But she will never be the agent of real change that is required.

People must open their eyes and see her for what she is: an IR supporter. Yes it is nice that she "defends" poor victims of IR. But a better option is to get rid of IR. I agree that RP is the most hopeful person. But not the only one. When Iran gets freed it will not be by the hands of Ebadi or her ilk. It will take more than she has. This does not make her a bad person; just not a leader we need.

Regarding a "woman" president. I do not care what gender the president has. That is not the point. I want a nationalist secular leader and gender is immaterial.


parsi et al are all on the akhoonds' side.....

by shushtari on

so this is no surprise.....ebadi is from the same crap as well.....

for iran to be free we need a fresh start WITHOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE FROM the mullahs' disgraceful period of destroying iran



I agree Hila would be far better a leader, its in her words

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Though I would like to add we already have a great leader.  Who will one day be a fantastic King also.  Shah Reza Pahlavi.

He is the best choice for a free and secular Iran.

Javid Shah!!!!!!


Hila Sedighi is better candidate for woman president

by Siavash300 on

Hila is youg, beautiful, christmatic, brave and affectionate who qualify much better than Shirin Ebadi for presidency. Her fight against ruling mullahs makes her more and more popular day by day.


salman farsi

Obviously, Pendar, you couldn't do anything better!!

by salman farsi on


"Those of us who have chosen to hide behind a username, and enjoy the safety of anonomity might find it unacceptable, and even treacherous to work from within a system, and that's fine; if they can do better, then start doing it at once, nobody's stopping them."

Thank you for confirming your status pendar: so you are hiding behind a username, enjoying anonymity and since we haven't seen anything done by you to support human rights, we can safely assume you couldn't do anything better than Ms Ebadi :))

You couldn't have put it better LOL



 For an Islamic democracy


Within or without hypocrisy

by پندارنیک on

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with being an activist for human rights or any other worthy cause within the parameters of the IRI.

Those of us who have chosen to hide behind a username, and enjoy the safety of anonomity might find it unacceptable, and even treacherous to work from within a system, and that's fine; if they can do better, then start doing it at once, nobody's stopping them.


She has certainly offered far more to help Iranians

by Bavafa on

Both in deed and words then all of her "critics" combined together. But it is always easier and SAFER to sit aside and criticize others often time without any substance as I see here or critics of NIACs.

And of course NIACers much the same as Birthers have already made up their mind and no amount of facts will change their mind.


P.S. Its amazing how the author's consistent use of "we" & "Us" try to portray as if he really speaks for a sizeable community. If he is, I sure would be very interested to know what group. What I see here is a classic case of 'table to khali'


Our Nobel Winner was given her title by Western Governments

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Her Approach is their approach, and their approach has lots of tricks and manipulation.  It is not to provide Iranians with a real choice.  The green movement would have been a non secular movement, not a secular one like Reza Pahlavi has preached for.

Reza Pahlavi is the only real option for a secular Iran, though if he shows his hand and the phenominal support he has in Iran, he will certainly receive the same fate as his grand father, father and brother.

If the wset was serious about a democratic Iran, which it is not, they would be supporting irans democrats, but they are not, they are just betraying them and the more and longer they do it the sooner Irans idealists will wake up to how badly they are being manipulated and used.


Do you know a better way?

by Abnabot on

The best way to topple mullah's regime is to make them honor their own constitution! If and when there is a freedom of speech, then opposition groups can voice their concers peacefully. There is no other way for a peaceful transition. As far as an armed uprising is concerned, it is impossible to oppose a government armed to the teeth. You must also consider that Islamic regime has no problem slaughtering all its opposition, even if the opposition constitutes 90% of the population. The Green Movement is alive with the best strategy that is not easy to understand by those outside of Iran.


Pink ties and cufflinks

by hooshie on

Never mind Ebadi, ask why both men in this interview should wear pink ties and cufflinks?


She is great

by pas-e-pardeh on

So smart, articulate and balanced.  Thank you NIAC for the interview.


Disapointed in Ms. Ebadi ...sitting next to IRI's lobbyist Parsi

by Kashk on

shame on both of you islamist agents


wow, check out the body

by vildemose on

wow, check out her body language. It speaks volumes. I think she knows something is rotten in denmark. I feel sorry for her because the NIAC people must have been very persuasive or it's out of desparation.

Can she go back to Iran??? Does anyone know?



by MM on

I am not sure what role NIAC can play as opposition "per se", but take a look at all the folks who sight-unseen condemned Ebadi for being near NIAC (//iranian.com/main/blog/tapesh-427).  In my blog (Sorry… mind if I mop while you mope?), the same people did not even show up to refute NIAC's accomplishments and why NIAC is a true Iranian-American and not an IRI organization.

But, as far as Ebadi, I say again that she needs to realize that IRI is not reformable and start building an opposition by calling on a meeting of ALL FREEDOM-LOVING opposition groups and mediate a bridge amongst all in order to build a real consolidated/coordinated opposition group.

Along the way, I am sure that organizations like NIAC will give all the help that Ebadis of Iran need.