The Pepsi Generation

Iranian ads from 1950's and 60's?


The Pepsi Generation
by Tapesh

Clips from JohnnyBravo2k channel on YouTube:

Pepsi Cola (1)
پپسی کولا

Pepsi Cola (2)
پپسی کولا

Khoroos Neshan chewing gum
آدامس خروس نشان

Darya Kenar, Caspian Sea beach town
دریا کنار در زمان شاه

Pars Bank
بانک پارس هم وزن شما اسکناس جایزه می دهد.

Lottery (1)
بلیت اعانه ملّی

Lottery (2)
بلیت اعانه ملّی

Bimeh Bazarganan Bank

بانک بیمهء بازرگانان

Texman clothes
تِکس مَن

Happy birthday
تولدت مبارک

Imperial Wallpaper (1)
کاغذ دیواری

Imperial Wallpaper (2)
کاغذ دیواری

Yek o Yek foods
یک و یک

Javanan magazine

مجله جوانان


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Nader Vanaki

JJ The Visionary

by Nader Vanaki on

Sociologists, economists, and students of advertising of the world unite.  Here comes the big one-a slice of Iranian TV ads that shaped modern TV commercials.  Madison Ave. will forever be in debt to this radical movement and once more JJ you have shed light on a long forgotten Iranian history.  ایویل بابا



by Faramarz on

گارسون هم دل داره!


I don't know, Faramarz

by Reality-Bites on

If you ask me (and you haven't), I'm thinking that Pepsi stall server was a flirting with the convertible driver chick a little too much.......crossing the line, so to speak. :)

Jahanshah Javid

Great stuff

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is a fabulous collection. Never mind the nostalgic value... sociologists, economists and students of advertising will learn a lot from them.


My All-time Favorite Commercial

by Faramarz on

Thanks a million Tapesh.

The Pepsi commercial is my all-time favorite. I have been looking for it for years.

The original song "Ay Taxi" by a duet is also a lot of fun, if you ever find it.