Photo essay: Two weeks in Spain

by kfravon
We started in Madrid, took the fast train to Seville, rented a car, drove through Ronda to Marbella. Spent a week with a wonderful friend, went on day trips from there to Gibraltar, Alhambra and Tangiers (Morocco), and then flew to Barcelona -- the finale (Barcelona) is a must-go-back-to!

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Very nice photographs, it is

by Shepesh on

Very nice photographs, it is now on the list to visit.


Muchas gracias

by Latina on

Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us.

Esfand Aashena

For one week?

by Esfand Aashena on

250 euro for one week?  That's not too bad, actually it's good, except I'm so hesitant to drive a car in a foreign country because of accidents and not knowing what to do if you're in one.  Also, can't read the traffic signs in Spanish!  or whether or not you can park somewhere and how to pay the parking tickets, availability of gas stations and locations, etc!

Train and taxis are good because although more expensive they get you to your destination and drop you off.  Driving a car of course is more fun and you can stop and check the area specially if the areas are remote villages and not much traffic.  We do that a lot here in America!

Everything is sacred


rental car / train

by kfravon on

Hi Esfand,  

we actually spent 2 weeks in spain (based in marbella one week where we rented a car to get around and do our day trips).

We booked the fast train (AVE - // ) from Madrid to Seville and then rented a car as we wanted to check out a few villages on our way to Marbella. 

The car cost us about 250eur (inclluded the drop off fee) so if you rent and return car from/to same location, it's cheaper.

Hope this helps :) 

Esfand Aashena


by Esfand Aashena on

When you say you rented and drove a car, what did they take as your driver license?  Did you rent a GPS to find your way around?  How much is the rental car and GPS with all the taxes, car rental insurance and everything?  I don't thnk your american car insurance is covered in Europe.

How is the train travel there, is it easy to go from one city to another?  A week is so short but good enough if you can go from city to city by train.  I like trains and you can look for lodging at train stations' travel/tourist kiosks. 

Everything is sacred