My Home, My Soul

Photo essay: Visiting home

by Azam Nemati

We arrived at in Abadan and I was thrilled to hear the much familiar Abadani accent. Because my sister works for the courts, we were given a place which actually was not supposed to be available but, we found out from the head of the place, later on, that he had agreed because he had been told we are all originally from Khuzestan and one was coming all the way from America to be there. Sweet and kind thoughts that could only come from an Abadani, I always say that God gives beautiful beings a beautiful outside to match>>>FULL TEXT

* Also see Khorramshahr photos


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Picture #9

by Khosro (not verified) on

This picture represents what Abadani is famous for, Ray Ban. Pretty much almost all cities and towns in Iran, particularly in Khozestan are neglected by everyone, government and people alike.


hele hele ahmad abad

by Faribors Maleknasri (not verified) on

every thing goes to tehran and....not to abroad. This ONE THING is fundamentaly changed. Dont you think so? Greeting


hele hele ahmad abad

by maziar 58 (not verified) on

yadesh bekheyr ahmad abad & the rest of abadan,
BUT ONE THING remains the same;With almost major part of Iran's wealth coming from that region every thing goes to tehran and....
thanks for pics.


The place looks completely run down!!!!!!!

by Surprised Iranian (not verified) on

My god !!!!!!
Abadan in these pictures looks like a big village and frankly, it looks awful.
Apart from the family photos, every other photo shows badly maintained and even badly constructed buildings and infrastructure.
The place is in need of urgent improvements worthy of Abadan and the government should stop sending money to the Palestinians and the Latin Americans and start spending money here.


Thanks for the pictures! but...

by farrad02 on

But they show how poorly maintained and neglected our beautiful Abadan has become! How sad!


Azam jon, welcome back

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Azam jon, welcome back

Thanks for the tour of your lovely hometown. I am glad to see new construction in the war torn Abadan. It is about time, Afarin to all the locals that decided to invest. I have heard living in Abadan is not easy compare to other Iranin cities. What did the people say? Khuzistanis are amasing after all that they have endured during the war and the negelect of the regime,they are still proud and beautiful than ever. To all those people I say, Bravoo. Keep our home safe.

Persian Gulf forever


Thank you.

by Feshangi on

Thank you very much. Your pictures showed me a place I have never been to. It was great.