Recovering from war

Photo essay: Going back to the rebuilt war-torn Khorramshahr

by Azam Nemati

When the train stopped, I had to catch my breath and remember that I was fortunate to be there and not regret the past or get melancholy. The station was new and much bigger than the one prior to the war, which I remembered. I took some pictures and we boarded a minibus for Abadan where we would be staying. I cannot describe the range of emotions I was experiencing as I was looking at the new and rebuilt Khorramshahr. There were more willow and cedar trees than palm trees but, they were just as beautiful >>> FULL TEXT

* Also see Abadan photos


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My favorites are #28,29 and

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

My favorites are #28,29 and 47. Once again , you are such a passionate person. Bravoo.


Thank you.

by Feshangi on

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Some at the end were also included in your last posting.