Happy New Year Fesgheli

Little girl's delightful dance

31-Dec-2010 (14 comments)


Cut the Nonsense

Ending subsidies and the Iranian opposition

31-Dec-2010 (29 comments)
Rationalizing Iran’s economy, reducing its avenues of waste and cutting down its budget deficit is not good news to the U.S. State Department, western mass media and anti-Iran groups comprised of old monarchists and also to the self-styled “left”, and liberal groups. To them, the worse the socio-economic condition of Iran and its people, the better for the realization of their hopes for “regime change”. Therefore, they consider each and every step of economic reform as an opportunity to incite the people and use them as a vehicle to come to power>>>


Israel is a Trip (2)

Not there yet

31-Dec-2010 (16 comments)
Just a few days away from boarding an El AL 777 to Tel Aviv, I got an email saying that our government-sponsored friendship trip has been delayed because Israel's foreign ministry is in the middle of a salary dispute. Foreign service diplomats miffed over being paid much less than Mossad, IDF and other government agencies are showing up at work in jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts that say on them , "I'm a poor diplomat." The first thing I thought of was whether those shirts come in extra large because Manouchehr Mottaki could really use one>>>


رقص ممنوعه

یادمان نرود که تا همین ۵۰ سال پیش هم نواختن تمبک برابر بود با خاری و ذلّت

31-Dec-2010 (6 comments)
متاسفانه فرهنگ ستیزی، زن ستیزی، رقص ستیزی و موسیقی‌ ستیزی آخوندها از بدو ورود اسلام به ایران و القاب، برچسب و انگ واژهٔ‌های مستهجنی همچون مطرب، خالتور، بندتمبونی، روحوضی که هر کدام در حقیقت در طول دوره ایی از تاریخ مان بر سر زبون‌ها افتاده است و اطلاق آنان به نوازندگان و هنرمندانی که در حقیقت می‌باید قشر تحت حمایت جامعه باشند نتیجهٔ ۱۴۰۰ سال جهل مرکبی است که واقعا در میان جوامع بشری دیده نشده است>>>


Laughter has to be the best medicine

I try hard to laugh, but...

31-Dec-2010 (3 comments)
On a rainy day in Southern California, you can’t help but think sad thoughts. And if it just happens that a good friend has recently passed away, those thoughts may be even sadder. However, it is precisely on such days when you need your laughter the most. I’m trying to remember funny incidents, but all can thin k of are stories that have to do with “death.” >>>


The Creek

"I think it will help me figure out how to be their father in America"

31-Dec-2010 (one comment)
They walked to the creek and on the way Hassan thought that his children looked like they'd forgotten all about the attendants though he knew of course that they hadn't. He had thought his children would hear the stories and see only the princes and princesses but they had seen the attendants. The thing he wondered if his heart could match was the way they talked to each other as if it was obvious. They talked like they had already been seeing them before they heard the story>>>


Iran in Arab Eyes

Interview with Gary Sick

29-Dec-2010 (48 comments)
"I meet Arab leaders and journalists at various conferences and I assume it is not just the leaders of Arab states who are concerned about Iran; but it is the general consensus about this. To me there is a real irony in all of this. Why is it that Iran has so much influence and power? My answer to that is: the United States. After 9/11 we went into Afghanistan and scattered the Taliban, who were Iran’s enemies, and then turned around and invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, who was Iran’s worst enemy to the west, and suddenly Iran was left with no natural enemies except for the U.S.">>>


His Majesty, His Prison

Ali Saremi's letter before execution

29-Dec-2010 (21 comments)
Since [Ali Khamenei's] accession to the throne, I have been in prison and I am unaware what is happening outside... At the same time when I was arrested, an interrogator claimed that there were only a total of 80 political prisoners in the entire country. Right now, there are more than 400 political prisoners only in Evin and Gohardasht prisons. I don’t know about the rest of the country. Besides, in those years, a few party insiders were politically active. Right now, even that does not exist. It isn’t very difficult to determine under what conditions non-political prisoners live>>>


شرایط اخص الخاص

مقامات حاکم می‌دانند شرایط ایران بحرانی‌تر از آن است که بتوان کمترین اختلافات داخل حکومتی را تحمل کنند

29-Dec-2010 (5 comments)
گمانه‌زنی‌ها در باره دلایل حمایت بی‌دریغ احمدی‌نژاد از مشایی زیاد بوده است. در بین آن‌ها این نظریه که هر دو این افراد از عقااید خاصی در باره مهدویت پیروی می‌کنند و مشترکا در حال آماده‌سازی جهان برای ظهور مهدی موعودند قوت بیشتری دارد. قدر مسلم این که یک پیوند نامریی بسیار قوی برای بروز این همبستگی باید وجود داشته باشد. کم نبودند روحانیان حکومتی و حتا مدافع احمدی‌نژاد که خواهان برکناری مشایی شده‌اند، و اظهارات اخیر او در باره موسیقی علاوه بر مکارم شیرازی، افرادی مانند محمد یزدی، واعظ طبسی و حائری شیرازی را به واکنش‌های مشابهی واداشته است>>>


زبان دهكده جهانی

زبان مادری و انگلیسی بجای زبان فارسی

29-Dec-2010 (10 comments)
جهان امروز را دهكده جهانی می نامند و زبان این دهكده، امروزبدون تعارف زبان انگلیسی است، هركس و هر ملتی كه زبان این دهكده را بهتر بداند وبه آن مسلط شود، از امكانات مادی و معنوی آن بیشتراستفاده خواهد كرد و جایگاه مناسب خود را در آن پیدا كرده و وظیفه و نقش خود را به درستی ایفا خواهدنمود در غیر این صورت، منزوی خواهد شد و ازصحنه بازی كنار خواهد افتاد. >>>


گلوی فشرده
29-Dec-2010 (11 comments)
مارگریتا با نوازش سرم، بیدارم کرد. منگ کابوس با چشمان نیمه باز گفتم: «اعدام شدند؟» با قطره اشکی که از چشمان مارگریتای انگلیسی به صورتم چکیده شد، از روی تخت بلند شدم. زیر دوش رفتم تا از خواب - بیداری ام بیدار شوم. با اینکه آب کافی به روی تن و صورتم ریخته می شد، حس می کردم دلم می خواست آنقدر آب باشد که غرقم بکند>>>


To someone
A word
A poem
You give your heart
And it’s as if
There is no end to sacredness >>>


29-Dec-2010 (4 comments)
بر کسی
‫دل خود می بخشی
‫و بدان می ماند
‫که تقدس را پایانی نیست  >>>


Islamic McCarthyism

Harsh sentencing of a world-renowned director prompts international protests

27-Dec-2010 (7 comments)
When world-renowned filmmaker Jafar Panahi was sentenced to six years in prison earlier this week, the verdict reverberated both inside and outside Iran. Not only did authorities in Tehran hand down an exceptionally harsh sentence, they also decreed that the 50-year-old Panahi will be banned from filmmaking, screenwriting and traveling abroad for the next 20 years. According to his relatives, Panahi has also been banned from talking to the media. Along with Panahi, Muhammad Rasoulof, another filmmaker involved with Panahi’s movie, was also sentenced to six years in prison>>>


Leaky Coverage

How Arab states have reacted to Wikileaks

27-Dec-2010 (5 comments)
Recent WikiLeaks revelations about the discrepancy between the public and private views on Iran voiced by Gulf Arab leaders have been widely covered by the pan-Arab media without provoking policy shifts or internal tensions in Gulf Arab states. U.S. officials should therefore be encouraged in their policy of pressing for a robust regional coalition to curb Iran's ambitions. Since the WikiLeaks story broke in late November, various Gulf Arab official spokesmen have generally refused to confirm their privately hostile comments about Iran -- but have not disavowed them, either>>>