Darius Kadivar
29-Dec-2010 (2 comments)
Winner of 9 Oscars including best film and director, The Last Emperor is a 1987 biopic about the life of Puyi, the last Emperor of China, whose autobiography was the basis for the screenplay>>>
Parviz Forghani
29-Dec-2010 (6 comments)
"دی شیخ با چراغ همی گشت گردشهر"
کزدود ودم ملولم واکسیژن فراوانم آرزوست >>>
Ari Siletz
29-Dec-2010 (42 comments)
Who belly dances better, males or females? >>>
29-Dec-2010 (one comment)
Grand exaggerations and half-truths>>>
Mona Tahiri
29-Dec-2010 (3 comments)
June 19th was an historic day for the Bahá'ís of New York . On that day, 'Abdu'l-Bahá named their city the "City of the Covenant.">>>
29-Dec-2010 (9 comments)
Hasan Abbasi says Achaemenids were Jewish! >>>
28-Dec-2010 (34 comments)
As it is seen in the photo, the slogan for Iranian Football team bus in the AFC Asia Cup 2011 is: "Princes of Persia." >>>
Sahameddin Ghiassi
28-Dec-2010 (11 comments)
فرزندان خود را از راه بینوایی و نیازمندی می کشند و یکدیگر را بر اثر گرسنگی و درماندگی می خورند >>>
28-Dec-2010 (11 comments)
این هم برداشت من از ترانه شب مهتاب >>>
Brian Appleton
28-Dec-2010 (25 comments)
camel riding in Palm Desert >>>
28-Dec-2010 (7 comments)

Imagine if the Persian civilizations led the way for humanity and not the immoral west or the tribal backward Arabs.

Anahid Hojjati
28-Dec-2010 (42 comments)
میتوانید از یک خاطره که در مورد فروغ و اشعار او دارید بنویسید یا شاید >>>
28-Dec-2010 (2 comments)

A mockementry about a Iranian family

28-Dec-2010 (one comment)
This is why the power cannot be with only a selected few in a country, especially without oversight. >>>
28-Dec-2010 (2 comments)

Nice serie translated in farsi.