13th Legion
30-Sep-2010 (7 comments)
یه روز یه ترکه >>>
Chef KShar
30-Sep-2010 (6 comments)
KShar continues to teach how to cook Persian food. This time watch the three videos on how to cook Adas Polo. Read complete article on Adas Polo>>>
30-Sep-2010 (14 comments)
Look at these youtube videos: Afghan Drug Production, Muslim Hatred >>>
30-Sep-2010 (3 comments)
here is the proof. just watch this video :)>>>
Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

 Some of them are not even 25 years old and are a general with six stars?

Ali P.
30-Sep-2010 (one comment)
There WAS a honeymoon period. Apparently, there was a time, these two leaders were getting along>>>
30-Sep-2010 (10 comments)
The reason that manyTurkish poets composed their poems in Persian comes from the fact that Turkishlanguage has difficulties with the Arabic script and poetry >>>
30-Sep-2010 (3 comments)
Calls for strike on Iran >>>
30-Sep-2010 (7 comments)
Iran vs. Iraq on Friday Morning
Darius Kadivar
30-Sep-2010 (one comment)
Journalist and Human Rights Activist Roodabeh Bakhtiar (whose uncle was the late Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar) slams Ahmadinejad's HR Record and delivers names of IRI officials accountable for criminal behavior. >>>
nadeem khan
30-Sep-2010 (4 comments)
Bahá’u’lláh has called for two branches of the Bahá’í Administrative Order in the Kitáb-i-‘Ahdí (Book of My Covenant): the Rulers (Umará) and the Learned (‘Ulamá)>>>
Omid Hast
30-Sep-2010 (2 comments)
کارتون >>>
Darius Kadivar
30-Sep-2010 (16 comments)
Tony Curtis and 3rd wife Leslie ALLEN (1968-1982) with Iranian Journalists at Tehran's Hotel Sheraton for a Press Call during the Tehran International Film Festival. Tony Curtis died of cardiac arrest age 85. ;0( >>>
Veiled Prophet of Khorasan
30-Sep-2010 (9 comments)
Today is zadrozeh Ahmad-eh Kasravi. A great Iranian thinker. I would like to remember him and remind my fellow Iranians of his actions. >>>
30-Sep-2010 (3 comments)
New set of sanctions announced>>>