The Delusions of Sen. Joe Lieberman


The Delusions of Sen. Joe Lieberman

Last week we heard from the very wise Sen. Lindsey Graham about how one should "open the Pandora's box and then empty it" when dealing with Iran's nuclear program, encouraging president Obama to follow the neoconservative ways and seriously consider the use of military force on Iran.

Not a week goes by without one politician calling for confrontation with Iran. This week I will bring you one of favorites of the military industrial complex and war think thanks,  AIPAC stooge and influential  politician Connecticut 'independent' senator Joe Lieberman. Echoing the wise words of  Graham, Lieberman goes on to say:

"It is time to retire our ambiguous mantra about all options remaining on the table. It is time for our message to our friends and enemies in the region to become clearer: namely, that we will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability -- by peaceful means if we possibly can, but with military force if we absolutely must "

He then goes on to hint that we should not let Israel carry the burden of attacking Iran. We should attack ourselves! 

"If military action must come, the United States is in the strongest position to confront Iran and manage the regional consequences. This is not a responsibility we should outsource. We can and should coordinate with our many allies who share our interest in stopping a nuclear Iran, but we cannot delegate our global responsibilities to them. "

The fact that military strikes on Iran is a futile and destructive policy and against American interests is know to most, if not all of the sane analysts and foreign policy experts (even the military cheifs acknowledge that it is). And for US senators of all people to openly turn their backs on American interests and American public opinion and call for such measures is treason and criminal.


Again, I do not expect any condemnation from the loud but very few self-proclaimed "Iranian experts/activists" in diaspora whose only job seems to be to sabotage any chance for moderation and bring about the next major conflict in the middle-east.  To these individuals, anyone who is pushing back against delusional politicians like Joe Lieberman and their all powerful, war-supporting friends, must be a regime sympathizer or have some kind of secret ties to the regime. 


 Sen. Joe Lieberman (L),Israeli F.M. Avigdor Lieberman(R)


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Stop repeating the same old talking points


"wipe israel off the map", "deny the holocaust" is just an excuse for neocons. They have been threatening Iran for many a decades now and it has nothing to do with Ahmadinejad. It's about a deluded fantasy that they should be, and can rebuild the entire middle-east in their own vision. Look up PNAC. Love how Iraq and Afghanistan have turned out! Forget the millions that died/suffered as a result of these two wars, lets go to Iran!


It is YOU escape, who has zero clue what they are talking about. 


And his jewish ness has nothing to do with this. (Who is antisemitic now?) Chomsky is jewish too and he wants all US presidents tried for warcrimes and does not buy into the propaganda spewed out by the neocons and their useful idiots. 


He's a Jewish Senator

by Escape on

 What do you expect? This is what happens when you threaten to wipe Isreal off the Map and deny the Holocaust,it's not 'Delusion's unless you don't have a clue to people reactions to threats,.which you prove over and over that YOU DO NOT..Are you 'Delusional' that Isreal is going to Bomb Iran? Are you 'Delusional' that America 'Neocons' are going to attack Iran? Are you 'Delusional' about the 'closet war mongers'?  Do you ever look in the mirror?


more and more on board

by mahmoudg on

The vermins in Iran and their lackies in the west and on this site can only be cleansed by surgical attacks, and looks like the removal of this regime by force is becmong a reality sooner that expected