The Delusions of Sen. Lindsey Graham


In his infinite wisdom, the senior republican, neocon and AIPAC stooge, Lindsey Graham called for changing the regime in Iran not by invasion - I guess he learned his lesson from supporting Iraq war- but by....  wait for it, lunching military strike by air and sea!

He went on to explain away his policy elequently - as republicans usually do - by saying that:

"If you use military force against Iran, you've opened up Pandora's box," Graham told the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. "If you allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon, you've emptied Pandora's box. I'd rather open up Pandora's box than empty it."

wait, what?!?


Ahmadinejad and Khamenei could not have asked for better enemies.



Of course, I do not expect any condemnation from the loud but very few self-proclaimed "Iranian experts/activists" in diaspora. Particularly those whose only job seems to be to sabotage any chance for moderation and bring about the next major conflict in the middle-east.  To these individuals, anyone who is pushing back against delusional politicians like Lindsey Graham and their all powerful, war-supporting friends, must be a regime sympathizer or have some kind of secret ties to the regime. 

As an Iranian,  you would be foolish to call for an all out war on Iran. It's very unpopular, and you wont be taken seriously. So what better way to hide behind harmless sounding names like "Progressive American-Iranian Committee.


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USA's Instant Democratic Republic Bombs havent been perfected.

by bushtheliberator on


           The Chattering Classes/politians,& the IRI's belligerence all pour war hysteria into Iran's water, each for his own purpose, or delusion.Don't drink any;it's rotgut nonsense.Wait until Iran announces it's new nuke arsenal before you make a big investment in a bomb shelter.

I know VERY little about Iran, but I'm sure that US munitions just blow stuff up. Would post-war Iran look like Saddam,Somalia, or Sweden ?




the rosy picture you paint of what will happen after the attacks is simply a fantasy you've created for yourself. no sane analyst of international affairs have concluded such a scenario.


And of course many of us consist of :

by Bavafa on

Mahmoudg, Simorgh and Fred.

And, the regime will just sit still for those months and months so they can be bombed.

I can hear the Faux news reporting: 

 terrorist Iranians,  don't move & don't do any thing we are trying to bomb you.



aerial strikes

by mahmoudg on

is what many of us are asking for and been discussing with the powers to be.  If concentrated, continous (up to months if necessary) attacks are concentrated on regime's assets i.e. the nuclear sites, the Pasdar nd Basicj sites, the leadership homes, the military barracks, etc. etc. this regime will crumble from inside.  In the process 200 K of the pasdars and basij will also be removed from the power structure.  Which will allow the population to rise up against the ruling establishment.