24-Dec-2010 (4 comments)
زنده ماندن اصل است و مابقی فرع >>>

And happy new year

24-Dec-2010 (44 comments)
I left my funniest comment for Faramarz on his Manwich blog, which I immediately noticed DELETED/ MISSING/ NOT THERE, whatever... I got so OUTRAGED >>>
24-Dec-2010 (10 comments)
Qatar has been using the incorrect name for Persian Gulf in their promotional videos for FIFA world cup 2022 >>>
Orang Gholikhani
24-Dec-2010 (4 comments)
در ابر شیره ای بردن دست
 کنار چشمه زیر درخت سیب مست >>>
24-Dec-2010 (34 comments)
No more lies>>>
hadi khojinian
24-Dec-2010 (8 comments)
24-Dec-2010 (4 comments)
The last time I was in Iran before I left Tehran airport I had to go through the airport security before boarding my plane >>>
24-Dec-2010 (one comment)
فکرش رو بکنین که اگه عوض اینکه ساکن کره زمین باشیم..در عطارد زندگی میکردیم...چه گرفتاری عظیمی برای مسئولین نام گذاری >روز ها در سازمان ملل پیدا میشد >>>
Darius Kadivar
24-Dec-2010 (14 comments)
Wishing everyone of you friends or foe a wonderful Christmas and an upcoming Happy New Year 2011 with a Special Thought for the grief stroke families of Christmas Island and Kerman Earthquake this year>>>
24-Dec-2010 (17 comments)
Maryam Rajavi paling around with the bomb-Iran neoconservative crowd. >>>
23-Dec-2010 (5 comments)
Bielderberg Agreement in Spain has been reached by all parties for a Military Strike against Iran!!!And according to Dr. Roberts!!!! >>>
23-Dec-2010 (2 comments)
Enjoying the freedom which is denied others>>>
M. Saadat Noury
23-Dec-2010 (50 comments)
The three magi have been described not only as wise men, but also as Iranian kings or Persian priests or Iranian astrologers. >>>
Jahanshah Javid
23-Dec-2010 (17 comments)
Eight months in Budapest went by like a flash, but changed me forever>>>