I am What I am

I am What I am
by Abbas Mehran

I am me; you are you; we are us. Come and help to add up to this raw poem of mine. Let's reveal the truth about our humanity.

I am what I am.

I am happy, I am sad, a grumpy but, funny old man. I am here, there, everywhere, and nowhere. I am Iranian Australia, made in China or Mongolia; from India, Greece, Egypt or Libya. I am what I am. I am kind, with a vicious mind; sweet in front, bitter behind.I am what I am.


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Abbas Mehran

thank you

by Abbas Mehran on

Thank you Mehrban, I really enjoyed your gift, and that is the miracles of this connecting tool called Blogging. If you check out this, you will see that some miracles are happening to me: https://abbasmehran.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/artistic-recognition/




A little gift for you

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