PETITION against Carter

by airie
There is a petition which gonna complain against Jimmi Carter and put him and C/O in suppreme court fore his discusting behave against IRANIANS. I personly dont like dynastin Pahlavi,but right must be right, no foreigner should tell us what to do! PLZ. Sign the petition and send to all your friendes to do it,if we doing it today tomorow they get the message that thay should not tell us what to do and who we should chose! We will tell them we dont accept their involvement! I hope cooperatin of 2 nations, becouse goverments comes and goverments goes but it's only people of nations will always stand! Thanks to Carter and C/O we have terorists mulla in our land and it is not only Iranian nation which pay today,but alltso the whole world pay today of all thoes mulla trash support of terorist! No carter no mulla and whole world whould be safe today! PLZ! Sign the petition! support Iranians fore seeking justice!
Have a great week!
Take care!


Thank you fore your cooperation!


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Neither scenario will see the light of day.


Petition Against Bush

by Republican (not verified) on

Now a petition against Bush might fly but against Carter I doubt it. He didn't have a crystal ball and could not have known what would happen if the Shah were deposed. But the Iranian experience does show us the consequence of placing too much faith in the concept of democracy without simultaneously securing human rights. Bush on the other hand, specifically authorized torture etc. You should anticipate that he will be brought up. It is already being planned.


What brought

by samsam1111 on

What brought the Qadesiyeh/Arab regime into power was not Carter , Soviets or BBC , but the culture of ommatism & serfdom to Taazi ideology that has amassed in our post-Sassanid psyche . Until the day we cleanse our , culture/language/icons & heritage from the yoke(yogh) of Taazi domination , we are bound to make the same wrong choices . Some day , We have to make a clear choice on our dual-identity , between Iran & 1400 year old Taazi V-ran , Between ommatism & old Iranic values . until then , start from yourself , speak the pure Parsi , practice the true culture & promote the true Iranic icons of our ancient heritage . Yes that day will come , some day...


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Homo Iranianicus = responsibility deflector numero uno

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

we did not like shah. he was oppressive. we got rid of him. then other evil power hungry people took that dream away. 

Where does shah fit in? was he supposed to stop us from getting rid of shah? then what? more hate for shah. more hate for USA. A worse IRI. shah died of cancer anyway so who cares.  

Let's move on please. 1979 wasn't that bad. Disco wasn't dead yet. 

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

As much as I can't stand Jimmy Carter, your idea is a non-starter.

I'll sign the Larry Flynt petition. That's if I haven't gone completely blind first.

American Wife


by American Wife on

If you were only 9 years old during Revolution, then I suggest your rage or insistence on blaming Carter is somewhat subjective.  You're obviously influenced by something or someone who is not considering all the facts.

Besides... it's ludicrous to suggest a petiton against a US President 30 years ago.  You want to concentrate on some crimes perpetrated by Presidents?   Consider your own and OUR own dear Bush.  You might get a little more positive feedback from that one.

Good luck.


Not clear yet ...!

by Souri on

 this genaration are smarter than the last idiots which whithout thinking of consequence of " your action"  for next genaration!!!

Finally ?!! I didn't get it : was it Our Action ? or Carter's Action ?

Thanks for your message. As one of the "last generation" person, I heard you. 

I hope (really sincerely) that the new generation will do better. That's all I wish for, truly and heartedly. But, my message for you, the new generation is also this one :

First, inform yourself well. Don't do our mistake ! Don't let this happening twice, my dear "namayandeh" of the new generation.


this is last answer to AnIranian

by airie on

This petition is only for IRANIAN,not rateggs in 1979 who succeded whith Carter and C/O take a mulla trash as Khomeini in power! I was only 9 years old in revolution and majoring of people did not want screw for shah,but they did not want that he get the power! of my whole family from mother and father side were 3 uncles and (the third uncle only 15) who tought Marx whould be our safe! If it was not for carter and c/o and ratteggs in my motherland U whould never succeded! Revolution whould be differnt than today!People just show shah his place and we could have monarky whith politics in power,istead! A foreigner power succed if they go to rateggs in a country not a patriot! You talk for yourselves,and i am a patriot! I dont like dinastyn pahlavi,but it dosen't mean you people which destroyed my motherland whith your trash mulla can countinue say and behave evrything you want it! this genaration are smarter than the last idiots which whithout thinking of consequence of your action for next genaration!!!


Typically Iranian !

by Souri on

There's always someone/something to blame for our own miseries !

Carter is a politician with a special ideology based on "Human right defence" .....He pursue is ideology and defend his political views, which is mostly the correct one ! His politic was for the the defence of human being and human rights, preventing the blood bath at all cost. Weather this came to pave the road of the revolution for Iran or Nicaragua, the people of those countries initiated those revolutions, on their own and can not blame Carter for the results they got ! Do you think the Nicaraguan should also publicize a petition against Carter too ?

Then, how about the Iraqi's and  the Afghan's petition against Bush ? Who care? This is not our problem, isn't it ?


US released evidnece supports the petition

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

Newly released US documents (under the 30-year rule vis a vis the Gerald Ford Library) clearly show the Carter (mis)Administration's complicity in ganging up with Khomeini and his gang of three stooges (Ghotb-zadeh, Yazdi, and Bani-Sadr) to stir up the upheavals and providing intelligence and logistic support through a network of agents to destablize the Shah's government and have it replaced by an Islamic regime to realize Brezinky's dream of "Green Belt around the USSR."

And there are still people who call this a populist revolution!!!


Majid, Bahram I just...

by Khar on

fell of my chair laughing my a$$ off, thanks for the laugh Bro!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This was very funny. Thanks.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

In defense of Carter, he has done good things since he left office.


  1.  habitat for humanity work
  2. emphasizing the arab-israeli peace problems - I liked his book peace not apartheid. 

I'm with Q!!! You should e-mail this to the New York Times. Iranian diaspora seeks charges against ex-President for not intervening in a popular revolution.



I agree with Q and Mr K

by IRANdokht on

Both their comments are absolutely valid.

This is a misguided petition and very becoming of the poor introduction in the blog. It's really sad and a shame...



You must be joking us...

by Khar on

First of all would you please proof read your post before posting it, it’s very hard to read through all the spelling errors and the grammar mistakes. Second, lets bring the same case against the Pahlavi’s, it was the Pahlavi’s who paved the road to the place we are today not Jimmy Carter, he prevented blood bath in the Iran of 1979. Pahlavi’s would have done the same if not more on repression and killings as IRI. Let’s get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  



Wow what a Joke!

by Q on

You really think you have a case against Carter? What was his crime, NOT crushing the revolution by military force?

PLEASE PUBLICIZE THIS PETITION it will show what kind of absolute lunatics claim they represent the Iranian community.