Camp Ashraf - Why not leave ?

by ali_UK

Can one of the members/sympathizer of mojahedin please explain to me and the people who do not  know a couple of questions.

1-     Why do the leaders of mojahedin insist on these 3500 people staying in Camp Ashraf , in Iraq?

2-     If they are to stay there ( for whatever reason ) , what is wrong with the Iraqi police or arm forces to take control of the place? This camp IS in Iraq and provided that the authorities do not harm or harass the residents , then I do not see why all these actions are ordered by their leaders in Europe?


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They can't stay,

by Q on

"why" is not really the issue anymore. They will be kicked out under whatever terms the Iraqi government comes up with.

The reason has nothing to do with IRI.

Ever since the 50's, the Iraqi government policies have been forcefully expelling Iranians. There used to be a sizable ethnic Persian -- non Kuridsh population there which has all but disappeared. Add to this the issue of Palestine where non-Arabs took over an Arab country, and we now understand the Iraqi goernment. If you look at the recent laws passed, they are very conscious of land grab by foreigners, especially Iranians, but also other Arabs and Americans.

"Let them have the land" is just not going to fly. No faction can support it: shiite, sunni or Kurd. Kurds have the additional desire to put Rajavists on trial for the crimes they perpetuated under Saddam.

MEK has no future in Iraq. Unfortunately for the civilized world, they are not dependent on camp Ashraf for anything. They have been telling their own zombies that they posess some kind of "military" power and are ready to invade and liberate Iran. But this has been a big lie. In reality they have been a public relations organization for over a decade now, receiving money from Israel and western intelligence agencies, selling their "expertise" in Iran. Everyone knows they are full of it, but whoever keeps them afloat right now also knows that Cam Ashraf is a worthless liability.


I think toofan00 is saying

by Why-Not on

Mojahedin are doing US jobs for them so they have to stay there.



by ali_UK on

Thank you for your comments.

I must be frank , they are not very good and/or convincing reasons.

1- 3500 mojaheds do not need to be in Iraq to expose IRI?

2- Why resistance to Iraqi's arm forces to take control of the camp?



by toofan00 on

mercy az soual.

man fekr mikonam in rabetehye mostaghim dareh ba doshmane mojahedin yanni rejim iran.

mojahedin dar iraq karhaye rejim dar iraq ra efsha mikonand ve in kareh mojahedin baes shoodeh ke dar rayii giri shoorayi dar iraq hezbhaye iraq vabasteh be sepah pastaran shekasst sangin az rayi mardom bokhorand.

khameneyi ba talebani sale pish mostagim gooft ke babad mojahedin az iraq ekhraj beshand ve mojahedin ra sharr ve baes kharab shoodan ravabeteh iran ve iraq danest.

maleki dar iraq dar mahaye akhareh riyassatesh mikhad arezooyeh khameneyi ra be amal beresooneh ve man fekr mikonam ke doolateh maleki dar entekhabateh iraq avaz khahad shood.

az vagti ke mojahedin amadegi bargasht be iran ra ellam nemoodand tahteh control camp be dassteh sepah badr sarii shoodeh (ozah iran ve giyame sarrasari ba nirooyeh barandaz) tars khameneyi az in hasst ke in niroo dar dakheleh iran pakhsh shavad ve mardom be soyeh barandazi koliyateh rejim khizesh bardarand.


omidvaram kami fahmideh bashi.

goorbanet ..salamat bashi.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

sen~or  why -not  may be she or the mojahedin have put their arms down and think they can live freely under open minded Reza pahlavi as a shah of Iran than those turban thugs !

P.S.  But What Iraqi forces have done under U.S authority and green light will not change anything.



Seeking attention

by Why-Not on

First I like to state that what Iraqi soldiers/police did to those living in Camp Ashraf was not right and what they are doing now is not.

It was about two weeks ago that I ran to a supporter of Mojahedin in a local store. After some small talk I asked her the same question. Why can't they go to a third country? Her response was, and I quote: "They rather die than leave the camp."

Here are my thoughts: Mojahedin leaders use camp and its residents to get on the news and divert attention toward them. I don't recall Mojahedin being mentioned during all post election events. But then with news about the camp they are being mentioned again. In the past they referred to Shah's son as Reza Pahlavi or some other names. In the store this supporter referred to Reza Pahlavi as "Reza-Shah Pahlavi". I was like, what? What did you call him? Since when he has become Reza Shah from your point of view? And she continued on saying that situation in camp is so bad that even he has raised his voice against what Iraqis have done to camp's residents.

History - It was only few years ago (2003) when French police raided Mojahedin's house outside of Paris and arrested few leaders/officials, including Maryam Rajavi. //