Camp Ashraf

by ali_UK

I posted this a while ago and asked the question.No one supporter of Mojahedin came forward for any kind of logical explanation.

Maybe they do not visit this site.Well , I try one more time.I really would like to know "why" from a mojahed?

1-     Why do the leaders of mojahedin insist on these 3500 people staying in Camp Ashraf , in Iraq?

2-     If they are to stay there ( for whatever reason ) , what is wrong with the Iraqi police or arm forces to take control of the place? This camp IS in Iraq and provided that the authorities do not harm or harass the residents , then I do not see why all these actions are ordered by their leaders in Europe?


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mohammad saidian

36 hostages of ashraf

by mohammad saidian on

Dear Ali,

36 members of Mojahedin who were abducted during the savage raid of Iraqi and Iranian regime thugs to Ashraf are getting killed by Iraqi forces despite the three times rule of the Iraqi judge who ordered their release and the defenitive rule of general prosecuter of Iraq and the approval of the Iraqi minister of justice.

Now what do you think about the rule of law in Iraq by the Maleki government ? they have been in hunger strike for more than 62days and now they are in a dry hunger strike which means imminent death unless ther are released this is a part of the price of fighting against a savage regime .Is this the rule and respect for law ? do you trust a government like this ? I am sure you do not and this is the answer to the second part of your question. still let us wait and see who will be the winner ? those who are heroiclly paying the price for liberty or those cowrds who are stabbing them in the back ?

best regards


mohammad saidian


by mohammad saidian on

Dear countryman :most logical way to find out the real answer to your logical question is simply another question : why the Iranian religious facist regime is despretly trying to destroy ashraf and kill all the mojahedin in there? what harm do the armless residents of ashraf have to a regional power like the Iranian regime? second question is that why in the middle of talks between ashraf residents and the Iraqi authoritis all of a sudden the Iraqi armed forces savagely attacked them and brutally killed and injured them? was it an act of law? so why they were talking in the first place ? 

obviously Iraqi govenment is acting on behalf of Iranian regime and the issue is not the enforcment of law and order , firing on unarmed people is never justified by no law .

finally my dear unseen freind the main question is this : should someone fight against this barbaic mideaval  regime or not ? you have the choice to say : NO but if the answer is YES then you should be ready to pay the price for it .and that is what exactly they are heroicly doing , you may agree with their beleifs or disagree and that is your right but never betray your concious and your hauman values and have dignity and courage to support those who have been sacrificing every thing during past 28 years in this fight for liberty to the degree that now the main priority for Iranian facist regime is to eliminating  all of them directly and indirectly by his mercenaries in Iraq , calling names and throwing abuse to mojahedin will only serve the Iranian regime .

 most stupid  and unrealestic analysis about mojahedin in ashraf is to say they are ignorant and brainwashed who ever says this is or very ignorant or has some benefit with the Iranian regime . show me just one person who can ignorantly fight with a regime like this for 28 years let us be a little bit mature  and serious and do not insult the intellegence of others by this funny stories.

 again always remember that this is the iranian regime who is telling the whole world that his main enemy are the mojahedin . issues are not very complex when you take a look at the positions of this regime for me that is the best way to find out the truth. now you can see why the mojahedin are not fulfilling the wishes of ahmadinejad and are heroicly resisting there. 

freedom is not far away and the history and the great people of Iran will judge Mojahedin like any one else and also these posts. yes sir I do agree with whoever wants to just wait and see . surly and defenitly we will see the truth pretty soon .

best regards


Salute to MKO Heroes

by Ahura on

Whatever the answer to the posed questions, and regardless of the MKO leadership’s mistakes and the nature of residence at Ashraf Camp I have nothing but respect and admiration for these freedom fighters. They have put their lives on the line, fought the IRI criminal mullahs, sacrificed thousands of themselves, and have been steadfast in their mission to free Iran for all Iranians. I salute these sons and daughters of Iran as my brothers and sisters and condemn the criminal sepahi and basiji thugs who in the service of IRI theocracy kill innocent Iranians.

By the way Nouri al-Maliki lived in Iran from 1982 to 1990, has close ties to Hezbollah, and carries out the orders of IRI leaders who have labeled MKO as “monafeghin” and want them dead.  This is an obvious reason why MOK resists the Iraqi police take over or guarding of the Ashraf camp.



How about this as an answer?

by PArviz on

Leadership of Mojahedin went to Iraq with a lot of fanfare and hype some times in the mid 80's. They called Rajavi's flight from France to Iraq as heroic and a great triumph for the struggle against Khomeini's tyranny (of course they forgot that France had ordered Rajavi to leave and his departure was not entirely voluntary). This was a strategic move on their part and they had put all their eggs in the Iraq basket. They spent months explaining this move to their supporters. When their military operations started which were quite successful, doubts began to diminish and more supporters left various part of the world to join them.

This lasted until Khomeini accepted the UN ceasefire resolution which in turn meant that Iraq could not be used as a place to launch operations anymore. From this point on the demise of the organization had begun. The downfall of Saddam was the worst that could happen to them since it was obvious that people/forces who opposed Saddam would come to power in Iraq and these people were fed and kept alive by the Islamic Republic. And hence the present situation.

So in a nutshell: Mojahedin leaving Iraq means accepting a great strategic mistake their beloved leader made all those years ago. This simply can not happen since Rajavi is to them what Khomeini once was to the Islamic Republic, an infallible leader, a kind of Vali Faghih. Ashraf has become a symbol of their existence: no Ashraf, no Mojahedin!

So those members of the organization still in Ashraf have to pay the price for the blunder their "great" leader made.

Since, obviously, their leadership does not want or is incapable of doing anything to help them at the present situation, I hope democratic countries step in and help these people resettle in safe countries.

And as far as secrets are concerned, I can bet you that those with the secrets or in the know are not amongst those in Ashraf. They are somewhere safe such as Paris. 

Time is a cruel thing. Thirty years on and most of the so called revolutionary and progressive forces/movements in the early days of the revolution showed that they are as undemocratic and opportunitists as Khomeini was. This in fact, in my opinion, is one of the positive things the past 30 years have tought us. Imagine if one of these had risen to power after toppling Khomeini, things would have probably been just as bad as they are today. The last 30 years have made the people of Iran much wiser and more realistic.

However, before I forget: Down with the entire Islamic Republic! 


It is sad

by yolanda on

It is sad that the leader couple can have love life, but the camp residents are not allowed to have love life. It is super inhumane! I don't know how the leaders conned the people into joining the group. Hopefully one day they will reveal the secrets.




Good questions

by Proud_To_Be_Anonymous on

I am anxious to see the answers to the questions above.  Darius provided one, a good one, about keeping the secrets in.  Anyway, I feel very sorry about these guys.



by darius on

Then all the secrets are out!

Except minority, I promise you  most were kept by force and against their will.Many of them are unfortunate Iranian who were

taken by deception or people who no longer could be given refugee status  after fled Iran and  joined Mujahedin as the last resort.

Just wait and see.