Green Movement and students

by ali_UK

I find it interesting that the majority of students seem to be looking to Karobi and Mousavi as potential leaders.

One hopes that these guys are a lot more in touch with the feel of this movement than the average Iranian outside.

You do see the occasional mojahed ( hand clapping style maybe ) and not much else.

Are they keeping these demonstrations very generic on purpose. Or are they truly green?

Student demonstrations was very prominent during revolution days also. They followed the main anti shah movement then.


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The majority

by Cost-of-Progress on

of students see this "green" movement as their ticket to eventually oust their Islamic opressors. They are smart enough to know that Mousavi and Karoubi are also mullah and branches of the same rotten tree. After all, Mousavi himself has said that he wants the Islamic Repressive of Iran to stay!

Secular democarcy is the only way for Iran - otherwise hamoon aash-o hamoon kaseh.