International community?

by ali_UK

International community?

Why no one in the media points out the fact that USA , UK and France do NOT make up the “International community”.

This media hype around this “new” site ( that they all new about since 2006 ), is like listening to the news 6 or 7 years ago before they invaded Iraq. How can this be in a so called democracy?

Why no one in the media does not mention the illegal activities of Israel in the occupied lands, or their nuclear weapons and non membership of NPT?

IRI are as bad as the shah was (or worse), but this so called “international” community only cares about the interest of their own country and people. How does one explain these injustices ?

I do not want my country attacked by USA or their mid-east hit man Israel.

They have been openly threatening us for a few years. That idiot ahmadinejad says something about Israel, and suddenly Iran poses an existential threat?

Apologies for this dis jointed rant. I am just angry at the way our country is being demonized for the interest of others and NOT us.


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The US will be seeking

by vildemose on

The US will be seeking bilateral talks with the IRI:


""Some have argued that the hardline consolidation at home is the ticket to compromise abroad. This argument is part and parcel of a pathology emanating from the traumatic history of foreign intervention in Iran. Ahmadinejad, for example, has gloated that what he alleges were “childish acts of interference” by the West in the election will let Iran “enter the global stage several times more powerful.” Conversely, it is often said in Iran that whoever makes a deal with powerful outside players, above all Washington, to end the Islamic Republic’s international isolation will tighten his grip on the state for good


So it may be the case that the hardliners are united in the belief that their toughness will impel the US to cut them a deal that will assure their political dominance for years to come. But, so far, the hardliners seem more concerned with eviscerating reformist and centrist forces than with cutting a deal""




Throwing a life line to

by vildemose on

Throwing a life line to Ahmadinejad

Isn't it ironic that the West has to rescue the IRI?


"How clever of (IRI)?
Right when the whole world is showing solidarity with the "Green Movement" in Iran, showing outrage because of mass murder, rape, imprisonment, torture, Stalinist style show trails en amass , force confessions and other barbarianism, the despots of regime come up with this well planed trick of unveiling a "Secret Nuclear Site" to redirect world attention from all the atrocities and genocide they are committing against their own people. Sad part is, they succeeded and majority around the world fell for this trap.
The only way to make Iran safe for the world is to make her safe for her citizens.--"



Slow down good o'l Capt_A

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Iran is still a "pashe" in the grand scheme of things.  We (maybe I better say Iranians since I don't live there) have a loooong ways to go.

Until then, instead of focusing on Israel, maybe we can focus on something constructive.

The U.K, Russia and the U.S. have done much worse to Iran than Israel has or could ever do.  Don't buy the crap the Mullahs have been feeding Iranians for 50 years.  Please take your dick out of Israels ass.

Our focus should be Iran.  #1  getting rid of IRI   #2   banishing Islam to people's homes   #3  establishing democracy    #4  sacrificing until the young democracy is out of its infancy and strong and the country joins the industrialized world.

Then we all can kor kori  and beat our chests.


To think and elude oneself

by capt_ayhab on

To think and elude oneself that west and or Israel have the good of our nation at heart is utter ignorance and treachery.

To think and to elude oneself that IR is a democratic system and that they have brought prosperity and independence to our economy is ultimate stupidity to say the least.

Iran will only prosper and our ancient heritage will flourish again once we are rid of these oppressive criminals who have been pillaging our national wealth, killing our most beautiful and patriotic sons and daughter, raping innocent people and imprisoning whom ever dares to speak of freedom.

Iran will be free again, by IRANIANS. By our own heroines and heroes, and they[WE] shall never allow foreign forces to set foot in our country.



  Why did China's ancient

by vildemose on


Why did China's ancient advanced culture fall behind Europe's until recent times? About 1000 years ago china was the most advanced culture in the world why did it fall behind europe and the west until recent times?

""Firstly,the Chinese emperors didn't want any kind of change.They were happy with the way things were,with them on top having all the power,all the wealth, all the goodies.Any kind of reform, any scientific or technological advances, meant change - change that could lead to social unrest and challenge the comfy position the emperors enjoyed.So, they were completely against any kind of change, and made sure it didn't happen.This led to their culture and civilization atrophying, especially the mindset of the Emperors.Right up till the end, the Chinese Empire resisted change until they were finally deposed and replaced by a republic.
Secondly, Chinese philosophy.This was based on Confucianism, and the central tenet of Confucianism is obedience.An individual must obey their superiors at all times - children should obey their parents,wives their husbands, subjects their Emperors.This rule of obedience held good even if you knew what your superior was telling you was wrong, or not a good idea. The idea behind this was the theory that disobedience creates disharmony, and therefore the balance of the universe,leading to disorder."" Does that sound familiar??


Don't we have a right to Green technology??

by vildemose on


 Prime Polluter China May Also Lead In Green Technology

China currently produces more CO2 than any other country in the world, but it's also poised to be the next leader in green technology. Host Liane Hansen talks to Barbara Finamore, founder and director of the China program at the National Resources Defense Council about China's green initiatives and how they compare to what's happening in the U.S.



Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on



Response: victoria sec wearing Khaharane' Zeynab, J_O and I_D

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Until when do we want to blame the West for our F'ed up Islamic mentality?  Muslim Iranians in power are the people who sold their country over and over to the West.   Patriotism is meaningless in an Islamic environment.  Islamic mentality provides means for justification of anything for self preservation and profits.

That is why Iran has remained a relative crap hole despite its glorious past, vast natural resources and people who are among one the smartest races of humans.

The West without collusion from Iranians within could not have done anything.   <---  some bolding for benefit of sister J_O



Iran will never reach

by vildemose on

Iran will never reach autonomy, economic security, or prosperity on the world stage as long as it remains under the authoritarian system of government like the IRI. China is starting to realize that now and although they are the fourth largest economy in the world, they still lag behind other Western democracies in innovation. Chinese have come to the conlusion that they cannot keep importing technology from the West and just tweaking it is not real innovation.

 They had commissioned several economist and scholars to investigate the reasons behind lagging in innovation and the conlcusion is that in order for the Chinese to regain their edge in innovation as they have been pioneers in invention of Paper, Printing (both movable and wooden block), Gun powder, Rockts, compassthey need not to open their markets to foreign investment but to democratize their entire economic, social, and psycholgoical system. Creativity and innovatin will only flourish in a free society.

We can learn from the Chinese and try to learn from them instead of reinventing the wheel or repating their mistakes or becoming their prostitute. Until then, concepts such as independence, autonomy, pride, an other feel good slogans don't mean anything.







Holy cow

by Cost-of-Progress on

All this time the IRI has been trying to increase Iran's status as the Energy Giant that it is by severe repression, rampant corruption, zero citizens rights, etc. etc. and recently added to that resume, the killings, murdering and raping of innocent people in the streets and their jails.

Silly me, with qualiifcations like that I am sure the theocracy will "rise to its potential" in no time!


It is west's attempt to keep the status quo

by Jaleho on

... the delusion that US and the few European old powers all still able to dominate the world, and ignore the rising power of many non-aligned nations; the REAL international community of hundreds of countries! In the absence of a world war to re-draw the new power realities of the world, the bickering in the almost de-legitimized UN security council will continue!

Here's part of my thoughts on your subject, which I copy from what I wrote to Shifteh in Katie Couric interview with Ahmadinejad's thread:


"...Is the continuation of the same simple international relations! Colonial powers have always tried to control the energy sources and the distribution routes (pipelines)in the world. An energy giant like Iran has managed to break away not only in claiming sovereignty over its oil and gas fields, it is a hurdle in the colonial pipeline routes control, now it is even trying to break their monopoly in nuclear energy. This must be fought with every iota of energy on the part of those who like to keep a status quo in nuclear apartheid; hence the awkward position of Russia and China who have other points of friction with the west over their share of international power, but also would like to keep the nuclear energy only to the small crowd who is already controlling it. And, the fight from countries like Iran who are trying to advance to their potential, and the support of non-aligned countries ...


Ali_UK: Your argument is

by vildemose on

Ali_UK: Your argument is based on the assumption that the West and the Eastt have  any reason at all to get rid of IRI.  If that were the case, the whole landscape of Iranian politics would be unrecognisably different. What is the US number one export for the past 50 years??

There is a symbiotic relationship between the IRI and the US/Israel./China Russia. Western and Eastern Nations need to continue to arm the region to the brim while acting as the valiant peacemaker back at home. For example, it is no coincidence that the French recently signed a deal with the UAE to develop their nuclear programme. Russia supplying Iran with all kinds of antiquated arms.

All this hoopla is nothing but posturing to keep us busy while they are robbing us blind of our rights and our money. The West would not mind if Iran got the nukes. In fact, Obama et al think they already have it and that's why the nuclear issue is not even on the agenda in the meeting of G-20 Nations.




by IRANdokht on

Not sure if it'll help to say it but I share the same concerns and I am sure many others do as well.

The West has been colonizing and oppressing the rest of the world for a long time, these meetings of their leaders and "international community" rhetoric is the left over of their "glorious days".  With the economic dynamics of the world changing, these guys will soon learn that their time is up too, just like the ancient Rome and Persia before them.

Watch this short clip about the India's space program and their satellite. Although a satire, it's very telling:


Hopefully that made you smile 



International Community = G8

by NOT_AK69 on

Even China gets less votes than France and China has more than double France's economic output.

It's all about the money.



Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Latest Article By Reza Pahlavi the Former Crown Prince of Iran: 

Supporting the people is the best route to blocking Iran's Bomb, says Reza Pahlavi (

"By supporting the Iranian people and their struggle for human rights, by elevating the importance of their liberties, the West will find its greatest ally on the nuclear issue. Empowering the opposition movement will encourage and prolong internal dissent, and sustaining that internal unrest is the key to cracking the clerical code.

While sanctions can in fact prove to be a useful tool in the shed of diplomacy, they result in the suffering of a nation's citizens, victimising the innocent many for the sins of the stubborn few. For sanctions to truly be effective in Iran, human rights have to be put on equal footing with the nuclear concern. Many of my Iranian compatriots have indicated to me that they would be willing to add to their hardships in the short term only if they believe that sanctions will curtail the lifespan of clerical oppression and cure their want of human rights."



Recommended Reading:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc by Darius KADIVAR