Majority / Minority

by ali_UK

Regardless of recount or not , fraud or not , allowing for large margins of erroc , one fact is not denied by anyone.

Both ahmadinejad and Mousavi collected over 10 million votes each.violent suppression of these silent protets of our hamvatans is shameful and criminal.However , are we to forget about the 10 million also hamvatans who voted for Ahmadinejad?

What are they suppose to do?

MKO is a cult/idoelogy and monarchy is an instituation.They are both on the "outer" fringes of these events.I belive we should support our  suppressedhamvatns without using the event as an opportunity to canvas for any particular political bias.


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I suggest...

by Aboli (not verified) on

We also cut out:
The communists,
the socialists,
the islamists,
the atheists,
the bahai's,
the Shariati fans
the Soroush fans,
the reformers,
the conservatives,
the gays,
the Arabs,
the Kurds,
and anybody and everybody who is not one of us!