Nuclear Iran

by ali_UK

I posted this in reply to a blog on sanctions. Since it is subject of its own, I am posting this to gauge the opinion of Iranians visiting this site. Iran should move towards nuclear power. This is for power generations as well as military capability.

We need nuclear power for Iran for obvious reasons. We should also have nuclear “capability” militarily.

Iran can and should be a superpower in the region and this is a pre-requisite. This is a purely nationalistic view. It does not endorse or support IRI.


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No Fear

by KouroshS on

1- No . I have not held a gun in my hand ever. Why? because i do not believe in violence of any kind. What am i advocating? I said many times that i was against Violence the Baseeji Kind, in particular. don't change the topic. are you saying that Because pasdars and their comrads held guns in their hands, they have something to prove? Just as a reminder: they did so because they were brainwashed, Yeah. By that same Garbage of Ideology that Khomeinie Forced them to gobble up.

2- What is happening in iran is that there is a uniform and collective movement advocating absolute secularism, regardless of those Ahmadinejadies That you claim to make the majority, whisper into your ears. Do you qualify that as my best shot?

3- That is not the issue. The main thing is that he works with them and takes orders from them. He does not and can not have his say without their nod of approval. You can NOT deny that. It would be a biggest case of self-deception if you did.  What participation rate are you referring to? The issue he has with them is that he is in favor of even more suppression than those other factions are asking for.

4- Sepah was not even as organized and as powerful and a formidable force as it is today. So many young, innocent cluless Kids were at the core of it, mostly due to the massive indoctrination campaign launched based on akhounds' skills!! of rounding up people. they were not stupid, But were made to think that way.

Why did khomeini do that? Dude. That is an easy one. I thought you could come up with a lot tougher questions, Because He was senseless, emotionless, and a man totally devoid of carrying feelings of remorse and empathy towards the youth of our nation. Saddam confronted them with a PROFESSIONAL ARMY personnel. Not a bunch of Draftees. Looks like you do not know your "enemy" that well either.

5- All those who are in charge of running the regime. The entire gang. and i see that they have successfully managed to make you think that they are actually fighthing corruption. LOL what a fallacy.

Fighting corruption!!! Sure. They had to have a story to deliver upon to the people, in order to keep them busy with something, didn't they? But people, ARE on to them BIG TIME. The sick joke is on them. They are themselves the source of corruption.

6- Uhhh... let me think. Gee. This is a tough one. Oh , Neither one. They both failed in representing anything about iran and iranians.

Helping you understand things better? Hmm. I doubt that very much. I have dealth with hardliners and borderline bigots. There ain't no talking to them. No matter what they hear they turn around and repeat the same talking points.


No Fear

Few Questions for you...or anyone else.

by No Fear on

1- Have you ever held a gun in your hand? if not, how could you advocate something you know nothing about. If yes, explain under what circumstances.

2- Do you know what is happening in Iran? why some people are supporting an Akhound over an ex military cadre? Give me your best shot.

3- Does Ahmadinejad have any Akhound in his government? Yes or No? What was the participation rate during previous governments? What is Ahmadinejad's issue with some religious factions?

4- Do you believe without the Sepah, we had any chance against an advancing iraqi army? Were they stupid and brainwashed to die for God and Iran?  Why did khomeini sent his most loyal followers to the front lines? Why didn't he do what saddam did, by keeping them close by and sending the military draftees at the frontlines?

5- Who do you think is the most corrupted politician currently in Iran? ( Do you smell fish?)  who is fighting against that corruption?

6- Between Khatami and Ahmadinejad ( assume as the only two available choices ) , who presented Iran better,internationally? Who defended Iran rights more?

 Answering the above will help me to understand you better. Show me what you got.



by KouroshS on

You would not have been able to defend iran had the PEOPLE not been backing you. You would have been NOTHING without  them. The same ones whom you accuse of getting out of iran on the first plane ride. Yet, Here you are, 30 years later, ever so shamelessly ripping them apart. Had they known that you are going to turn into Mean and Blood sucking monsters, they would have never ever though about supporting you. Now they have learned their lesson.



Juje Baseeji

by KouroshS on

The more you write here, the less credible your claims and assertion get. You start with utter sense of confusion right at the top. You are dreaming if you think other people have no political weight. You will recieve your wake-up call, your rudest awakening ANY DAY now, It is coming. With a nice Kick in the.......

You are right about one thing though. I have asked that question myself. Why do they hold up an akhound's pic anyway? You know what? He will be on his way out, with the rest of Reeshoes and Bisavads, very soon.

Your "presentation of facts" amounted to not a damn thing but outright and shameless lies. Ahmadinejad's and All his supporters' lives are in Akhound's hands. He is merely a puppet. If one ignores that fact, he has only lied to himself.

Armed struggle against a bunch of morons who comprehend nothing but the language of force IS the only way to Send them on their way. Thugs and Pasdars and Arrogant baseejis who walk around shining their badges of honor of what they have or have not done eons ago, while targetting innocent college boys and girls who protest for the RIGHTS do not deserve to be reasoned with and suffer from a massive lack of political understanding. Guns and bullets is all they know. Calling this Gradual maturity is The most proposterous and rediculous statement anyone can make and you would be laughing in the face of one whole nation by saying that.

Your precious Passsdars lack dignity and integrity and have been trained to Bully ordinary and unarmed people and Loot them out of their existence. 

Your beloved pasdars and their Arbabs OWN half of Canada, with other  major investments all over the world.  How come that is not a concern to you? The same Khens and Two-faced Lunetics Who rape and steal our young and beatiful angels' dignity, Portraying their ruthless, Hitler wannabe Leader.

They are digging their own grave and very soon they will be burried in it. We will see who is the real Fishhead then,


No Fear

We defended Iran during the war, Bigots like yourself ran away.

by No Fear on

When i say people like you have no weight in Iran's political scene, i mean it. You live and dream in La La land. Your knowledge of your enemy ( IR ) is minimal and you don't have the slightest clue of what is happening on or behind the scenes in Iran. While you are stuck in the events of 1979 or 500 BC , IR has moved on, changed , evolved and a lot more stronger in reality than your ideals in your fishhead.

Whats really pathetic is that most of you dreamers , whether national democrats , federalists, secularist and so on, believe the recent riots and gatherings in Tehran is because people think the same way as you. I wonder how you explain the fact that they are holding a Akhound poster or an islamist for god sake?

While i presented one fishhead with a fact that AHmadinejad has purged his government from Akhounds, he simply denies the FACT and resorts to insults. I have asked you to observe these significant changes and i provided more examples, but you decide to ignore all and continue to view your small world through a fish eye lens.

You stink, badly. You don't even know what you are.  You want to be a nationalist, but your views at best fits internationalsm. You say you defend Iran, but you are the first one on a plane during war or worst, advocating an attack on Iran. You say you believe in democracy, but conclude during a short conversation that the only hope is armed struggle. You simply lack political thoughts and reasoning. As i said, ... you stink, fishhead.

While you call those who defended Iran with their blood, brainwashed. I tell you this; Those you call brainwashed, deserve to be in power now. Yes, I am talking about Sepah. (The same sepah that despite you calling them Ghaatel, have shown gradual maturity in their politics). Where were you when they were defending your country? 

Let me get this correctly, You want to be a part of Iran's power structure in a democracy because of ..... what exactly? you want someone else die for defending Iran while you are enjoyng california's sun and now you want to come back in your Armani suits to tell us how great "Kourosh" was??

As i said, ... you stink, fishhead.


Moral Hypocrites and Bigots.

by KouroshS on

Sir, bijan khan.

I am surprised that you have been willing to go this far with This exterimist, War-veteran, Khomeini-worshiping, baseeji. You should have given up on him on that first reply, I flagged his behind when i saw his dastardly and unashamed claim of the fact that it should be anyone's duty to put a bullet between the eyes of anyone who is willing to betray the utter trash and garbage and kesafat that Khomeini forced down their brains, under the guise of "the culture of sacrifice" and devotion, MY AS...

You are too much of a gentlmen to Go back and forth with racists and bigots. They do not deserve the blessingof having a conversation with an open-minded man such as yourself. They want to drink that stupid, pathetic sharbate shahadat? LET THEM. Bottoms up. Heck. Have some bacardi and red wine with it. They want to put their KHORAFAT above their sense of pride of the country  who gave them life and rasied them LET THEM. We do not need their meanigless sacrifices. Let them do it for the sake of their equally braineless leaders and commanders.They types of which go on top of roofs  and aim at innocent demonstrators.

They can not even understand what secular or non-secular means, if their lives depended on it, They have become blinded by their hatred and malice. All this junk about AN has cut the hands of Akhound from being involved in The gov is nothingbut BS. and i mean Bull alll the way. What kinda crap is that. had he dared to do that he would have been hanged BY HIS you know what. They can go and sell that crap to someone else. Akhounds with all their might and Popularity (zekki) OWN ahmadinejad... and Pathetic losers who support his government.



Bijan A M

How pathetic....

by Bijan A M on

I thought you might have a different face, but I can see now that your avatar is your true face. A totally brainwashed hate filled being. You probably hold a high up position in either Basij or Pasdar organizations. God help our nation if you are a representative sample of the ruling personnel. If that’s the case (which I hope is not), then armed resistance is the only way out. There is not enough time to educate the masses. You will put them in prison, rape them, torture them and shoot them down in no time. I can see you on videos stabbing people in the crowd. How ugly….


Get lost, I have nothing more to tell you, Ghaatel…


No Fear

Its about actions and not empty words.

by No Fear on

You quoted

".. stop supporting the rapist government of IRI that is willing to wipe the entire Iranian population if they utter anything like what you claim to believe in (separation of religion from state)."

The seperation of religion from state has been accelerated during Ahmadinejad's administration and although a sensitive topic in IR, is happening on many different level of the government. IR is changing these laws out of necessities and not because you say so. Why don't you join us and be directly involved in Iran's future rather than telling us what to do. There are many different schools of thoughts within IR and there are many different ways to get your messege out by getting envolved. Just be smart about it, you are more effective this way, otherwise, your are a fool who pretends to know politic.

You quote; ".. You are so wrong to credit religion for protection of your territory. There were many jews who bore arms to defend their land alongside their muslim hamvatans. The same goes with Christians and other religions"

I am sure there were others as well who fought alongside us during the war. But the sepah and the basij were the deciding factor. Artesh was only involved in logistics of the war ( poshteh jebheh). The frontlines consists of ONLY  true believers and some of Khomeini`s die hard followers. I didn`t know we owed it to the jews and christians as you put it. You crack me up. Listen to your garbage...

The rest of your reply is mumbo jumbo poetry. The problem with your vision is that you think Iran is only a part in tehran , north of Vanak sqaure. You have never made a trip to other cities during Ashura or Tasua. The majority of Iranians are strongly religious and that is why every nationalistic movement of the past century in Iran has been a failure without the support of the religious majorities.

Yet you use words like ` Glory of our past ` , like someone who knows a lot about history. What glory ... What past...  I showed you glories and dedications of Iranian during the war with Iraq and you have this audacious claim to tell me this wasn`t a big deal and the real glory was 2500 years ago... is this what you will tell a war veteran..what a joke.

Get lost dreamer. you are a joke. You just want a good image. To people like you National pride is like an Armani suit that you wear to make you look good internationally. People like you don`t even keep their Iranian names and opt for western ones.     

How much further can you be from reality  ... I wonder..             

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

What a breath of fresh air. You say:

 “I do believe in the seperation of religion and government policies.”

 This is all I’ve been crying about. OK, I’m nobody. I know that. As long as you believe in separation of religion from state then we are on the same side. I don’t care if you are somebody and I’m nobody. If you are true to your word, stop supporting the rapist government of IRI that is willing to wipe the entire Iranian population if they utter anything like what you claim to believe in (separation of religion from state).

 You are so wrong to credit religion for protection of your territory. There were many jews who bore arms to defend their land alongside their muslim hamvatans. The same goes with Christians and other religions.  I know this because last time I was in Tehran I saw their murals on the building walls. Stop giving all the credits to the Islamic government. Just remember this: you are an Iranian first before being a muslim. You don’t need to support IRI to be “Melli”. Be as “mazhabi” as you like, but be that way in your heart and mind. Don’t impose it on others and don’t force your beliefs on the will of people and their basic human rights.

What is so inhumane or illogical about this? Is it unrealistic to dream about an Iran where the glory of our past comes to life? Where human rights are rule of the land, Where there is room for progress beyond a frozen cross section of history?. Where laws are allowed to conform the social order to the necessities of their times?.  Is this so hard to grasp?

 I grant you that this is to some degree idealistic to happen in my life time. But it is not unreachable. If you, and the likes of you (melli mazhabi) calm down for a little while and just think, Just think about the alternatives. That’s all we are begging. Just calm down and think. Stop clubbing, raping, and killing your own hamvatans. If you don’t agree with them at least listen and think. Don’t drive them to arm themselves.

If you ask me it is just a matter of time. A democratic Iran is inevitable (thanks to those who are fighting to stop the IRI get its hands on nuclear weapons). However, we need your help to get there in my life time.

 May god give you the tolerance, a clear understanding of freedom and the courage to stand for your belief  “…seperation of religion and government policies”.  

No Fear

Islam can't be seperated from politic.

by No Fear on

Ever since its introduction in Iran, Islam has played a major role in politics. You may argue that islamic laws should be kept seperated from government policies but you can't seperate it from politics. Do you see the difference?

We actually need this powerful force in our politics. Throughout our history, the Akhounds showed an amazing ability to organize and round up masses for war or revolution. This fact is undeniable and proof of the deep roots of religion in our country going back a thousand years. Even a sense of nationalistic pride is incapable of the sacrifices that a true muslim can make. If we had a secular government during the war, we would have lost the war hands down. It was the revolutionary idea of "martyrdom" introduced by a cleric ( Emam Khomeini ) which kept Iran intact.

I do believe in the seperation of religion and government policies. This has been happening in Iran for a while now and its not something new. Many Islamic laws like " had " and " Diyeh" have been put aside for not being suitable anymore. For the first time in IR history, the current administration of Ahmadinejad does not include any Akhounds and just recently a law has been introduced that prevents men from marrying a second wife easily.

I believe in gradual changes since a quick or violent solution can only be temporary. Every nation has to go through these changes naturally.

Do you know how bizzare and unpractical you sound when you say " Secular democracy" ?  Neither " secularism" nor " democracy" have any root in our thousands of years of history. Are you planning to import this from Sweden? Turkey accomplished this by military force and it still enforces it by military forces.They are now paying for their radical premature policies from the past. Which military faction will do this in Iran? Sepah? Artesh?  

You and people like you are so out of touch with reality to the point of being laughable. You claim your new identities from a distant history, but you fail to learn from it. You talk democracy, but you support a dictator or exclude certain people from your democracy. You are an idealist hypocrite whether you like it or not.

We have defended Iran better than any government during the past 500 years. We did Not lose an inch of Iran and we will continue to so without any fear from anyone. We are Iranians after all.

As i said before, We have God on our side and a desire to give every last drop of our blood for Iran and God. What do you have to show? Secular democracy? ..... LOL

You are NOBODY.

Bijan A M

Listen No Fear,

by Bijan A M on

Sir, I’m not here to get into a pissing match with you. I am also not here to degrade or undermine the lost lives of the 9 year olds who gave their lives to clear mine fields. I have also never said a single word about the leaders of the so called green movement. CALM DOWM….

 Iran needs the likes of you to understand the true meaning of secularism. It DOES NOT mean anti-Islam. If anything it protects your belief system in a much more humane manner than the current government does. What is so hard for you to grasp? Do you call this idealism? What is so unthinkable and unreachable about it? So many souls around the globe have reached it. Who can be closer to this scenario than Turkey. What percent of Turkey’s population do you think are Muslims?

 For just one second keep the foreign politics out of it. Where do you think your land (Iran) will be if it was being ruled by a secular government. How do you think your relatives would feel about practicing their religion in absolute freedom? Be it according to their own interpretation of spirituality and holy books or what the clergy would propagate? They will have a choice. What is wrong with that? Why should anyone force their belief system on others or let their belief system dictate the law of their lands. Can’t you see the flaw?. Do you have any concept of human rights?

 As I suggested, (and now I beg You), just think about it. We need you. We need your purity and raw sense of love for Iran. You don’t have to have a theocracy to get there. Look inside yourself. Gather many like yourself and educate them. Someone who seeks secular democracy can never be a traitor. Listen to khomeini’s “Islamist republic speech” clip, and using your conscious tell me that what he is promoting is Iranian or speaks to human rights. He denies even the label of “democratic” to appear in the name of our nation. How can you support that and call it nationalistic?   



by sag koochooloo on


No Fear

What do you have to show for your 30 years of struggle?

by No Fear on


Your idealistic rant is nothing more than a farce. How pathetic does it seem to you that your so called democracy movement ( if you are refering to the green movement ) were supporting a mullah and a hardcore muslim. What do you have to say to that? They are islamist , aren't they? Are the millions who supported these two are brainwashed too?

Religion is very powerful and it played a major part in keeping Iran intact during the war with Iraq. Failing to recognize this fact only indicates a very low cell count of your brain. Islam has shaped our history whether you like it or not and it will continue to do so.

I will support any idealogy or political group that will encompasses the majority of iranians from any backgrounds or beliefs. I do not exclude anyone except those who decide to take up arms against Iran. There are many of us . We also have God on our side with a desire to give up our lives willingly. What do you have to show? 30  years of nagging?  Do you believe you are so much better than us? What have you done? Did any of those so called nationalists fight at the front lines?

Wipe your runny nose before you lecture me on democracy... You are a NONE factor in Iran's political future. You are nobody. You be on a plane as fast as you could when things get rough in Iran .

You really don't have a clue of what you are talking about , do you?Smoking too much opium makes people delusional, old timer. You simply have too much too lose.

Bijan A M

Kid, you are still fuming,

by Bijan A M on

I said calm down and think….who said anything about Islam and its roots in Iran? If you can’t differentiate between Islamist and Iranian muslims, that’s your problem. Then shut the ..... up and don’t talk nationalism because Islamists are not Iranian nationalists and you know it. Stop your nonsensical rant about basijis going to war, etc….to defend Iran. A bunch of brainwashed robots don’t make nationalists. You better fear the wrath of those fighting for democracy, the ones that your emam calls traitors. Sooner or later they will prevail and then you will understand the true meaning of nationalism. In the meanwhile , calm down and crawl in a dark corner and just think (if you have any brain).


El Capitan - 3

by Cost-of-Progress on

I agree with your logic in principle, but cannot fathom the day when the beard republic (republic is just for reference) has its finger on the red button....YIKES!

Ayhab jon, I read you loud and clear, but the answer does not lie in more nukes. The answer lies in less Islamists.............





Mr. Cost of Progress

by capt_ayhab on

Firstly due apology for delay in response to your response, as you notice I was busy fending off some childish insults and attaches against my person. Secondly I do appreciate your civility and logical points.

Here is my fundamental position on Nukes. I wish for a day that my child, and my future grand children live in a world that is free from every single atomic arsenal and a day that scientists have been able to come up with sustainable, cheap and renewable source for energy crisis of the world.

With this utopia dream in mind, which we are far away from both. on one hand we have  NATION of Iran, our sisters, brothers, mothers sons daughter are living in the most volatile region of the world, which is cursed with reserves of oil. I say cursed because every colonial power in past 200 years have had their despicable claws on our resources.

In most recent past, for 8 years our people faught the most destructive and bloody war in human history. Iran[screw IR] sacrificed over a million  of her bravest to keep our boarders intact. And to top it all off, in past 30 years they as PEOPLE OF IRAN been under constant threat of invasion.

In addition to these, we are surrounded by Pakistan with 80+ bomb, who is in total chaos at this moment. A country infested by Taliban, and corruption. Then we have India, which been in war on and off with Pakistan for decades, which is in possession of close to 200+ warheads.

That leaves Afghanistan, and Iraq that are under occupation for past 8 years, by the same army that is being enticed to attach Iran just like they did Iraq. 

Now sir if these are IMAGINARY chaos then we have nothing to discuss, BUT if they do truly exist then why Iran, of all countries should not have all the rights for her self defense, with every possible mean?

Needless to say that I do share your concern about IR having more power than they already have. But lets not label them stupid and dumb. Iran's resources have become their[IR] personal bank account. Why do we keep thinking that they are willing to destroy it?





Mr. Shepesh

by capt_ayhab on

Once you are done patting each other on the back, read my entire comment so you do not fall in the same category my dear man.

here is what I said, which by the way is what I always say, lets read it together and carefully:

[P/S Anyone claiming to be Iranian yet propagating sanctions or war on Iranians is not considered my fellow hamvatan. I frankly and simply consider them vatan forosh]

I made it bold so there are no misunderstandings. I would understand if you do not share that view with me, you are entitled to all of your views, which are obvious as we have discussed in few other occasions.

Does this statement make me an IR spy in any ones eyes? I could not care less what that type of people think about me. Abe paki ro ro dasteshun rikhteh basham.



No Fear

Iran is occupied by Iranians, sunshine.

by No Fear on

How naive one can get to imply Iran is currently occupied.

Do you mean the islamist are a foreign occupying force?

Islam has been a part of Iran for 1500 years whether you like it or not. This is 1500 years out of our 2500 years of written history. Further more, islam has been embedded in our culture, literature, architecture and politic just as long. Iranians are religious peoples and we have many many muslims who truely beieve in their beliefs.

Only an idealistic idiot thinks that this 1500 years is reversable and must be wiped out.  Dream on, wishfull thinker.  

So this was your pathetic reason why Iran should be punished since its an islamic country ? 

Governments reflect their peoples whether chosen in a democratic process or a violent revolution. Nations are built through evolution, politically and culturally.

Your backward idealogy is laughable, while you call a progressive and practical approach , "childish". You must be an old timer who smokes opium and reads Hafez in your soon to be foreclosed house in OC. Yeah, ...

I see your sense of persian nationalism. You ALL left Iran during the war trying to save you sorry asses from going to the battlefeild. Now you wear a tie, call yourself Al or George or Mike or whatever and on top proudly calling yourself " persians".

take a hike, get lost.



by Shepesh on

Well said.


"You need to come up with proof of your statement or else be ready to be called a lair and slanderous. "

You can proved this consistenly on articles and blogs. How about  calling people who have a differing view a "vatan forosh" on this blog. So immature.


Mr. benross civility is in order

by capt_ayhab on

Obviously you are not getting my point. You started attacking me and insulting me out of thin air. And still you are insisting on your childish act of calling me names.

Here is the jest of the matter. You can disagree with what I say in a civil and logical manner as any mature person does. But you do not have the right to resort to your thuggish and demeaning tone. These stupid and childish intimidation's do not work on me.

You have anything civilized to tell me about your stances on nuclear issue go right ahead, but if you insist on your uncivilized act then you will be confronted as such.

When you claim[You have no purpose but propagating hatred toward your fellow Iranians, based on your hatred toward an imaginary enemy].........

You need to come up with proof of your statement or else be ready to be called a lair and slanderous. Are we clear sir?

Have a great one


P/S Anyone claiming to be Iranian yet propagating sanctions or war on Iranians is not considered my fellow hamvatan. I frankly and simply consider them vatan forosh. 


Do us another favor, do not

by benross on

Do us another favor, do not guise your treachery under the cloak of patriotism, love of Iran and humanitarian[lol] agenda. This sort of lies and deception are transparent from miles away for the stench they emanate.

Okay! why didn't you ask sooner? 

I didn't question your allegiance to Iran, as most reactionary thoughts like yours do to their opponents. You have no identity. You have no purpose but propagating hatred toward your fellow Iranians, based on your hatred toward an imaginary enemy. I don't say you are not Iranian. I say you are not one of us. One of those who seek secular democracy... and I'm right.


Mr. benross

by capt_ayhab on

You, ever so kindly note:[ Yes. Your twisted mind captain.]

You sir have absolutely no reason for attacking me since I do not see the world from your narrow and treacherous view. So do yourself and me a favor and keep your belligerence, incivility and arrogance in check.

Your noted further[ But your enemy is the modernity. Your
enemy is humanity. Your enemy is not the one who kills patriotic Kurds and builds up nuclear capability. Your enemy is those who oppose it.

Your belligerence and arrogance is  astonishing, since you do not have the foggiest idea about what kind of person I am. But I have to hand it to you , you are absolutely correct. My enemies are people who propagate sanctions and people who sell out their country men by WISHING for war on people of Iran. It is obvious that you fit the mold perfectly. 

Do us another favor, do not guise your treachery under the cloak of patriotism, love of Iran and humanitarian[lol] agenda. This sort of lies and deception are transparent from miles away for the stench they emanate.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend, and easy on the sauce sir ;-o)



just a matter of time! (to Bijan)

by kharmagas on

As I explained below, I agree that one should not get too excited about this issue. However, I need to point out to you and your "hell bent world" that as the analyst in a recent article (saw the link at IC) pointed out, the real danger with nukes is not with the states, no matter how bad or rogue those states are... the real danger is non state actors. ............ and to that end, as long as your country (Israel), and U.S continue to screw people, specially in the Middles East ... it is just a matter of time that the wrath of those people turns to nukes or even dirty bombs that their raw material would come with money.... from places that this kind of material is much more available than Iran (Russia, Pakistan, India ... etc).

Bijan A M

Ziad joosh nazan

by Bijan A M on

It’s not good for your blood pressure, son. Rest assured you are not any more “vatanparast” than the rest of us here or anywhere. Your problem is that you don’t realize that your vatan is already under occupation, not by muslim Iranians, but by islamists. The ones who say without Islam they don’t want Iran to exist (remember your Imam?). So, before you get your veins stick out with raw emotions, calm down and think for a second as how to get your country back from the ruthless invaders? Then talk about your country’s strength and becoming the superpower of the region and the world.

I’m sure you don’t want the invaders and occupiers of your beloved Iran have access to nuke. Even if you concoct a reason for them to have it, I’m sorry to say that no one gives a f**k what you or I want. The reality of the matter is that the world is hell bent on stopping IRI from getting nukes. Whether you like it or not. I doubt if there is anything we can do about it. So, cool down and start debating just for the sake of debate. Open your eyes wide to see who the real enemy of Iran is?

Having said all that, I respect your raw sense of vatanparsti and pure emotions. Keep it in check.  


moot point to fight about it

by kharmagas on

Personally I hope Iran already has the nukes or it is a wrench away from the nukes. However, it is a moot point to fight about it.

If Iran already has nukes or is nuke capable .... it is a done deal. If it does not have the nukes, acquiring them depends on a few (a very tiny group) in Iran


No fear of ...?

by فغان on

If a scary avatar and a rather "loaded" username were enough  tools to become a  convincing entity, I would have been this site's "the king of the hill" long time ago.

Ruins of Berlin is a good example for perils of "blind nationalism".

Within current structure of IRI, there is no room for our "Irani" pride or, "Irani" national interests and so forth.

On the issue of , God forbid, your dead body; mullahs won't ask for your consent; they will use people as their shield anyway. 

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.


Yeah right.... Over my dead

by benross on

Yeah right.... Over my dead body.

If you insist. 

No Fear

A strong Iran is every Irani wish.

by No Fear on

There is No such thing as " blind sense " of nationalism. There is No buts or ifs about defending Iran.  Only an ill intented AIPAC loving, brain washed lamb will wish for a weak Iran. This is where lines should be drawn. This is what seperates us from them.  We are the Lions even if its a Basiji who clears the minefield which ultimately serves Iran.

Don't listen to their democracy cries since these democracy lovers will sacrifice democracy in a heart beat when they are in power and time for payback.

Expose these traitors for who they are. Anyone fighting against Iran and Irani ( warfare ) and those who support these fighters deserve the fate of Sadam.

So you want to give Kurdestan to the kurds, Balouchestan to the balouch and so on , in the name of " Freedom" and " democracy" ???

Yeah right.... Over my dead body.

Iran for all Iranians.


Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

Extremely well said.

".... atomic bomb is not a military deterrent....  it is a political and financial deterrent for any movement fighting IRI power."

This is so true.


Beware of blind nationalism

by فغان on

I don't see a genuine benefit for the Iranian people should the IRI get the hold of nuclear technology or, nuclear capability for militaristic purposes.

Using the example of Israel as a legitimizing factor for those who argue for the necessity of acquiring such a capability does not hold water.

IRI, no matter you want to hear it or not,  is nowhere close to the level of Israel's democracy. Israel has surrounded herself with many issues; lack of internal democracy, however, is not one of them.

I truly believe that nuclear capability will only Pakistanize Iran. God forbid that day!

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.