Is this the right time?

by ali_UK

Is this the right time? Is this the right time for the Diaspora leaders/thinkers to put their full support behind Mousavi.This way it will encourage even more support.I wonder how the Saltanat talabans , jebheh melli , and other nationalist movements view Mousavi as a spearhead of peoples resistance.And what if ( big IF ) if wins?Will all who pledged their support , see it through ? 


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by Souri on

In the other blog: //

You told me that you prefer to talk with the people who have a "political view" not me.

Here you see? You had asked your question, but the people who have a political view, didn't come here to answer your question :)

You know why? 

Because they don't like to be asked this question!!

There are two group who is fighting in your side: The one who has a hidden agenda and the one who is really fighting for the cause of democracy.

The first one would never answer your question because, they know well what they are doing and the second one.......

well, they are afraid of facing the answer!!


Noble thought...

by Princess on

but most certainly NOT.

The last thing we want is for their genuine cause to be associated with 'foreign' elements. It's best for individuals to rally behind our hamvatans, than to do so under the umbrella of various labelled oppositions.