National Strike

by alimostofi

It seems that the people of Iran will go on National Strike tomorrow.

Let our peace and silence shatter the violent regime.

They must realise that Iranian muscle runs Iran, and the Spirit of Iranians is the most civilized and humane, and will have the most peaceful control over Iran.


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The threat of National

by alimostofi on

The threat of National Strike is more important.  They have weapons, we have the threat of strikes.  Actual strikes are the ultimate weapon against them.  They must realise, that we are not without much stronger weapons than them. 


Ali Mostofi




Iranian unity

by Omid B (not verified) on

Iranians throughout the globe, can achieve their goal of freedom and democracy for their motherland, by uniting and letting the foreign governments and their citizens know that, Iranians are carefully watching and remembering, whether they are dealing with our government, for their benefits only, or stand with the people of Iran, and support their human rights.

For those who are inside the country, strike and civil disobedience by the majority of Iranians (doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, government employees, specially in oil-gas industry and telecommunications) will be very effective in bringing dawn a dictator, as did in 1979.

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ali, the strike...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


(my post is there too but it's before it got so bad this am)

the strike...they can't march. they'll kill them. they have to stay home.

quiet, dead quiet in the streets.

go out as little as possible.

if they march they'll die.


what is this with all this goddam martyr

martyr this martyr that

what is this, ashura?

i thought this was such a secularr site

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