To All Bahais, I ve never got to know


by مآمور

Years ago, I watched a clip where a female student asks Rafsanjani, how would he describe himself? A Muslim-Iranian or An Iranian-Muslim??

His answer was as political as he could be, ' the order of words is not important! both statements will stay'

Regardless of who and what Rafsanjani and the female interviewer are, I find both question and answer a good way to describe the core values of mine in only two words!! whatever the order is !! However, these two words have no connections to each other, You can be Muslim but not Iranian or other way around it. In our little Iran, one would choose his/her religion, but Iranians don get to choose their nationalities and place of birth. While one of core value of any Iranian individual is his/her religion of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, bahaisim......nevertheless that very own religion has no meaning to the other core value of being an Iranian.

What is the description of being an Iranian?? No, this is not any more King Akbar's interview, this is my question for which I am not looking for an answer- if you like to answer it, Go Ahead. Perhaps, Iranians would describe themselves according to their own gender, ethnic back ground....and you name it but the religion carries no weight in being an Iranian.

few years ago, while visiting Iran, a friend and I went to watch soccer game between Persepolis and.....- can't remember the opposing squad!! dont care, I love Persepolis!!!- a 16-17 years old boy full of energy and stupidity told me ' Persepolis is the people's team of Iran who dont love Persepolis dont love Iran'

But seriously, there is some thing called common sens..................

You Know what?? I am not going to finish this blog!! A business math professor once told me ' if he knew how to describe the wind blowing in forest he could have got a couple of more degrees!!!'

No, this is not going to work!! I was thinking to write a blog develop a thesis which is to say the differences between us are not of the religious matters but rather the political situation in ME!!then support my thesis by making some comparison and example of other Iranian! but that could be interpreted as offensive, some thing that I am actually trying to avoid here!! yeah!! I dont know how wind blows in forest!!!

No,in this blog, I am trying to reach to Iranian-Bahais or Bahia-Iranians and tell them ;It is and must be their own choice of religion and believes. where I myself feel lost with my God how could I instruct religion to any body else??

I know nothing about religions or blowing wind, but I know 2+2=4 

Dear Iranian_Bahais or Bahais_Iranians

please use common sens!!


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To The Concerned Below

by Demo on

Dear Anglo: Brits are well known about their colonizations/pillage/plunderings/stealings/plagiarism, among many other serious crimes committed against the humanity for hundreds of years. This is just another example:


Dear Mamoor: Yes, he is the same Iranian Muslim Mathematician with a well known high school under his name in Tehran of the past. And you are right. Everbody could claim to be Muslim, but only & only GOD could identify the Momens (Regardless of their 'faiths'' IDs)

Dear Amigo19: Me & Mammor are not the same bodies. But could be of the same spirits before GOD. Exterior of Me: Identified as an Iranian born Muslim. Interior of Me: Only & only GOD knows about that. (Demo hardly ever uses either "I" or "Me" as GOD uses those 2 to ID himself only per his wordings.)

Harp Eagle: Worthless comment as usual. Go on playing the same old Harp of yours! Nobody is listening! 



Mahdi is a shia creature

by مآمور on

cheating in a Math exam by copying off your classmate sheet was a serious offense where I got graduated!!

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Harpi-Eagle what you wrote is not true

by MaryamJoon on



Free to pick ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Own religion?  Who're you kidding?  Anyone born into a Moslem family who tries to change his or her religion is called "Mortad" and is vajeb ol ghatl according to your stone age cult you lier.  Quit trying to misinform everyone about your Bedouin cult.  By the way, the only reason the akhoonds are so staunchly against the Bahai religion is because the Bahai claim Bob was the promised Mahdi and that causes a big problem for anyone claiming "Velayat".  By the way the "Mortad" thing is true for all Mooohamadist countries.


Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland 



by مآمور on

I call myself Iranian and that is it!!

I dont qualify to be a muslim!! it would be easy to call yourself Muslim but it is hard to be a Momen, which u need to be prior to call yourself a muslim!!

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Mr Alborz

by مآمور on

Yes sir, as I mentioned the supporting argument is missing. I was too carefull to not say any thing that would interpreted offensive!!

if you are bahai and know how wind blows in forest please finish my blog!!

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دمو و آنگلو هر دو ۲ عزیز


 این خوارزمی که میگوید همان نیست که یک دبیرستان خصوصی در تهران داشت؟؟ آخوندها اسم همه چی را عوض کردن!!
بهائیها اسم من را گذاشته بودند ' بیان ' آخوندها آن را به ' مامور ' تغییر دادند!!
تشکر از هر دو

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Dear Mamoor

by amigo19 on

I would ask you the same question, I suppose you live abroad, or maybe I am wrong as you are mamoor. would you call yoursel an Iranian Muslim, or a Muslim Iranian? 


Citizens of the world

by rbnfl on

Dear poster, if you do a quick google search, you'll see the following regarding Bahai views on nationalism: 

"It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world.  The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens".

Does it really matter where one is from?  If there are 2 families in dire need of food, one in Iran and another in Vietman or Ecuador or Iceland or...... would you select the family you'd want to help on basis of their nationality?  If so why?  Is there a sensical response? 


Dear Demo

by anglophile on

This is off-topic but as you referred to Al-Khawrazmi and "computer realities", you might like to know that there is a body of computer scientists who give that credit to a gay British codebreaker (to put it mildly) named Alan Turing.






by alborz on

... reveals the intent behind this blog.



The Ternary System

by Demo on

FYI: The said system, including of the binary digits, came into existance by the great believer in GOD's unity: Mohammed Kharazmi, who also was Iranian by birth! The computers 'realities' of today are due to him of hundreds years ago & not due to the 'evolution theories'!


2 plus 2 is not necessarily 4

by anglophile on

Under Ternary system:

2 + 2 = 11


Just thought you might be interested :) 


2 + 2 = 4 ?

by Demo on

How do you know that 2 + 2 = 4? If there was no creator to make the wind blow & to wire our brains in such a way that we believe 2 plus 2 is 4 till eternity, then perhaps millions of years ago 2 was not 2 and it was let's say -200000 and later 'evolved' to be 2? And maybe millions of years from now it will 'evolve' to +200000! That is no 'common sense!' Or is it?

But as for the Bahais, you could easily get to know through your sincere 'faith' in your creator's words:

"Lo! those who believe (in this revelation), and those who are jews, and the sabaeans and the christians and the magians and the idolaters - lo! GOD will judge among them (and nobody else!) on the day of resurrection. lo! GOD is witness over all things." (Quran 22:17)



Iranian_Bahais or Bahais_Iranians

by amirkabear4u on

Yes no matter whichever, they are more Iranian than everyone else.

The problem here is all the other groups have the same feeling. Only wished we could get the orthodax muslims to agree to join in (if only they could agree Persia did exist before islam). haha

But then no one is perfect including bahais.


Fairness and Equality in Justice