Love in Koran

Love in Koran
by Arash Monzavi-Kia

God does not love aggressors.

Yet there are people who adopt tyrants instead of God, whom they love just as they should love God.

Those who believe are firmer in their love of God – if only those who commit evil might see - when they face torment, how strength is wholly God's, and God is severe with torment.

Do good: God loves those who act kindly.

God loves the penitent and He loves those who try to keep clean.

God does not love wrongdoers!

God loves the kindly, and those who remember God and seek forgiveness of their offences when they commit some shocking deed or harm their kind - for who forgives offences besides God?

God does not love someone who is conceited, boastful, nor those who are tight-fisted and order people to be stingy, and hide anything that God has given them out of His bounty.

God does not love evil talk in public, unless it is by some who has been injured thereby.

God loves those who deal fairly. Know that God is forgiving, merciful.

God does not love those who create havoc.

He does not love those who are aggressive.

God loves those who cleanse themselves.

He does not love the prideful.

God does not love every swaggering boaster. Act modestly in the way you walk, and lower your voice: the ugliest sound is a donkey's howl!

God does not love every conceited boaster, who is miserly and orders people to be miserly.

God loves the fair-minded.

Thanks to the translation by Dr. Irving.


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Full of love...Oh yeah....

by Cost-of-Progress on

but if you are not muslim, then your arse is grass. The good book authorizes the use of deadly force and if you're still an with your head. Your property (including your wife and kids) is mine to keep.

With this much love who needs hatered in the world?? 

I can't blame the devout "peaceful" muslims to want to salvage their religion which has dug itself into a big hole in Iran in the last 31 years. But, there's no need, just plan to move to saudi or one of the other Islamic heavens, but leave Iran the hell alone.





what part of Quran is about love???

by mahmoudg on

This book of the Arabs is full of hate, mayhem, murder and destruction.  What part of this book is worth anything.  This book and any other for that matter (bible, and Torah and the rest) are no more sacred than, Satanic Verses, Mein Kampf, ShahNameh, Catcher in the Rye, Huckleberry Fin, etc., etc. you get the message.  All are books and came out of the minds of mortal beings, nothing spectacular about them.  Read them, enjoy them while you do and then place them side by side in your book shelves.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

gitdoun ver.2.0

Kooshan Good Post

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i like this blog. And Kooshan your comment is right on the money. i 100% agree. I mean i screw up and sin like crazy but atleast i raise my hand and admit i really messed up. Others sin like crazy then point to God saying your pathetic and your rules are stupid.


Justice is not a lovable attribute by the unjust!

by Kooshan on

In these days, we dictate to our god what to do and what is right. So, it is an entity we have created in our mind to serve us! Of course, this god will have conflict with the other gods that other minds have created and then the whole hell breaks loose.

If we open our hearts to the truth, they will be filled with love and compassion.


Thank you for simple but powerful words!

Peace and justice for all!