Google is Dead long live Bing


areyo barzan
by areyo barzan

Although I agree with the commentators stating that IRI is part of the problem and we need to get rid of it, but I am afraid I must say that in this case Google is the sole propitiator and the major fraudster.

For those who try to shift the blame away from Google, let me ask you one simple question..  If you were kept on gun point by one criminal (in this case the IRI) and could not move to defend yourself will that make it ok for another thief (in this case Google and its Arab chums) to come along and pick your pocket without bearing any blame for such criminal act . 

Now this is exactly what Google is doing here by committing a fraud and censorship of the truth. The fact that IRI is keeping our people and country at the gun point to the ransom is merely relevant to the immoral behaviour by this company.

Furthermore it is not as if we the Iranian people have accepted the IRI and are not doing anything about it. There is not a day going by without hearing about an activist being imprisoned tortured or murdered by the IRI tugs. We are simply doing the best we could and putting the blame for such immoral fraud on us is simply arrogant.  That is why this search engine has lost all its credibility for me as I am not sure any more if the result of any search on this engine is the mutual fact or like this case a half cooked fabrication  full of empty holes, prepared to the taste of the highest bidder. 

At the end of the day everyone is responsible for their own action, so is Google and so is every single one of us. 

Furthermore although I have no problem with raising petitions and making complaints I believe that action speaks louder that any word. At the moment the only person whose action we can control is ourselves (you and I)..   So my advice to you would be to boycott Google and do not use their search engine.  You can move to Bing which is a Microsoft search engine with all the facilities that Google provides plus the fact that they actually have respect for the truth and historical fact and do not sell their principals to the highest bidder as the name Persian Gulf still remains intact on their map.  

So stop mourning and start acting. Boycott Google, convey this message to any one you know and ask them to do the same.

Since we could never join these fraudsters surely we need to beat them in their own game


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I already boycotted google

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Bing Is actually much better now that i have been with them for a few weeks.

Much better searches, way better pictures.

Down with google a billion times.