The Numbing nay-bobs of negativism


areyo barzan
by areyo barzan

In case it is democracy that you people want then there are a few points that we really need to take onboard.

Firstly to the supporters of Reza Pahlavi I have to remind them that like the rest of us R.P is also a human being capable of being wrong and making mistakes, and if he chosen to take a public stand by becoming one of the opposition leaders, it is only natural that people raise many questions about his capabilities and intentions and his conduct, and if he is half the leader he claims to be then he needs to have satisfactory answers to all their questions.

We really need to stop idolising people by putting them beyond criticism or question as such attitude would only act as a negative force and eventually push them towards arrogance and dictatorship. And our history is full of such examples. As long as this questions are asked it a respectful manner I see no reason for them to be ignored or even worst suppresed.

Secondly to those who do not like R.P for what ever the reason might be I would like to break the news the there is a signification proportion of Iranians inside and out of Iran who accepted him as their leader. Now you might not like it but that is the way it is. You can argue your case, you can criticise you can choose to follow another leader, you can even choose to become a leader yourself if you think you have got what it takes. But one think you can not do is to force people into following or abandoning a particular leader an in case you haven’t noticed no insult and foul language would solve your problem or win you supporters.

We all need to agree the future Iran would not have one but many leaders and political group which might be in total contrasts with each other. The bottom line is that we have to learn to live with each other.

I believe people of Iran are now mature enough to have passed way beyond the notion of names and individuals.

Except a few political dinosaurs with decomposing ideologies most of Iranians believe that with the government of future it is not the name that matters but it is the system that is put in place and behaviour of people within that system.

Whether tomorrow’s government is a Constitutional Monarchy, a Republic or another fancy name is not as important as having a responsible government that is answerable to its people, an independent judiciary system and an army that is not the crony of the government but on the people’s side.

Apart from that I do not care what this system is called and who will lead us there.

Now if any of you think you are a good leader then


In gooy va in meydaan


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