Time to put up or shut up


areyo barzan
by areyo barzan

In recent months we have been hearing a lot from Reza Pahlavi. On his campaign against IRI and on the proposal to refer Khamene-ee to international criminal court and on extending his hand toward all other opposition groups inviting them to unity in order to get rid of the IRI and open the way for a free fair referendum.

The bottom line is that so far his approach has been effective and even most radical opponent could not bring in a good counter argument.

Furthermore I am yet to see any of this “critics” to bring one, even one valid point to question the capability of RP for being one of the effective leaders of opposition to IRI.

Instead all we had was either ridicule and cheap insults, (typical trademark of IRI & Co) or we had blank opposition from people who are still fighting the battles of 50 years ago and do not even want to negotiate with him or hear his proposal. This is not because they have any valuable reason against the argument put forward by RP or can show any credible reasons proving his inability to lead, but the do it because at some point in the past they were fighting against his father and hence they are dismissing him NOT for the reasons of his own shortcoming but because of who he is. Now! Talking about discrimination!

On the other hand all these people done so far have been a smear campaign against RP stating 1001 irrelevant reasons (relating to his father and the battle of Mosadegh) as why they do not like him or his family and can not accept him as a leader or at least one of the candidates for the job.

While on the other hand these very same people refuse to come clean and let the rest of us know whom do they are supporting and they think is the right candidate or group of candidates to lead the country out of the current mess.

The shear audacity in all this is the fact that these very same people dare to call the rest of us closet monarchist while they themselves either do not have any viable candidate in mind or they already know about how discredited their candidate is that they do not dare to bring him/her out of the closet and present to the rest of us.

Well guys! Isn’t it about high time that you have come out of the closet yourself and let the rest of us know whose closet supporters you are.

Do you think that the key to our freedom is in the hands of Maryam and Masood Rajavi or do you have a communist comrade like Hamid Tagvaa-ee in mind, or may be you support the likes of Banisadr or even some descendants of Ahmad shah Ghajaar to come to power? Or may be you still think Mosavi and Karoobi can do anything for you. It is not like there are many choices around.

What are you afraid of? Why don’t you come clean present your leadership candidate?

Then we can all examine their credentials and credibility. We can assess their ability to be an effective leader and give you our verdict.

We will even go one further and promise you that we will not resort to cheep insults and ridicule and we only assess your candidate based on the merit his ideology and past conducts and will not bring their family or father into the equation.

If by now you have not got the message that such pathetic strategy not only is ineffective but is also counter effective to your cause (what ever that may be),.

then let me make a few points clear for you.

This very same strategy of dismissing and insulting the opposition or resorting to unfounded allegations instead of engaging in a viable debate has already been tried and failed by the IRI several times over the past 30 in such extend that it now sound like an annoying broken record to the rest of us years. Our people and especially the younger generation are sick and tired of this sort of smear campaign by those who do not have any valuable point of their own or any viable strategy to put on the table and instead spend their entire time trying to prevent others from trying.

So guys please get a life and if you do not have anything constructive to say put a suck in it


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Maryam Hojjat

Great blog & Dialog with opposition of RP

by Maryam Hojjat on

Areyo Barzan,  I agree with you %100.  RP is currently the only known and viable personality who can lead us out of this 33 years mess. As long as I am concerned there is a RETARDED Boy on this site who thinks others are like him!


A: The Royal Institution has

by alimostofi on

A: The Royal Institution has a fundamental system for its management. Just like any institution it has statutes. Fact is that Cyrus has not run The Royal Institution. He is doing his own thing.

Democracy has no role in The Royal Institution, whose main principle is to protect Iran. As you know Democracy is a process. The Royal Institution is not a process. It is a glorious name, for all that the cultural heritage of Iran represents, that we are all born into. It defends Iran when it is lost or misrepsented. Ironically it has to act now when Iran is lost. It does very little in peace time when democracy is at work.

We have to have Cyrus representing Iran in the world body whenever UN is referring to Iran. UN treats Hezis as Iranians. That has happened because The Royal Institution of Iran is not being represented.

We need an official office that acts as the representation of Iran. That office has to be run by a set of people dedicated to its cause. Cyrus has never done this. His father would not have allowed him to run it like this.

Ali Mostofi



areyo barzan

Not at all

by areyo barzan on

I am hitting on those who have crossed their arms doing noting and instead of fighting The IRI attack RP or any one else who is trying to find a solution out of the current mess that our country is in.

I am hitting on those who call the rest of us closet monarchist just because we see the sense in RP’s approach while on the other hand refuse to open their own feast and do not have even the courage to reveal whom they are supporting.

While on the other hand to my experience the monarchists are the most transparent bloggers here as (wrongly or wrongly) they have the most confidence in the conduct of their current leader and the past achievement of that institution In Iran especially under Pahlavi reign.

I am addressing those who only do negative campaign against others and their activities while on the other hand they refuse to lift a figure themselves and just mourn instead. And finally I am addressing those IRI mozdoors who do not give a monkey about our freedom and welfare of our people or our national and international interests and instead by pretending to be a freedom advocate on this an other similar sites just act as an obstacle and a dividing factor between those of us who want to see the back of the regime of Islamic Rapists.On the other hand with regards to the type of future democracy in Iran (Constitutional monarchy or republic), I am not currently interested in that details as for the time being our primary task should be establishing the principals of a democratic society and  the basis of a democratic system of government.In due course when the atmosphere is right both groups can put forward their cases and arguments and ask for people’s vote in a free fare referendum.My aim and I believe RP’s primary aim at the moment in to get to that free fair referendum where people can decide on the type and details of that democracy they want. The rest however is just a smoke screen and a diversion from the main cause  



A: I got the impression that

by alimostofi on

A: I got the impression that you were hitting at all folks who expected The Royal Institution of Iran to be run differently. TRIOI has to be run according to certain criteria. The King is bound by certain duties. He cannot act according to his own beliefs. Cyrus has done just that. I merely listed what he needed to do.

Ali Mostofi




come onnn Pendar

by مآمور on

are u with us or against us?

do u wear an omega(or like to wear) or u go bare hand?

I wear an Omega watch

areyo barzan

Dear ali

by areyo barzan on

I think you got your lines crossed here as your response does not make any sence at all or have any relevance to our current discussion.

Would you please be kind enough to elaborate a bit more and tell us whom is your response directed to?


You are not talking to me by

by alimostofi on

You are not talking to me by any chance are you mate?

You miss the point, as people can love Cyrus, and expect him to do what a King is supposed to do.

1. Stay out of politics.
2. Stay out of religion.
3. Stay in with culture.
4. Create a cultural committee for Iran.
5. Become the de facto representative of Iran so that the Taliban of Iran is recognised formally as an occupying army.

Do you want me to continue?

Ali Mostofi



areyo barzan

Not interested!

by areyo barzan on

Pleaeeeeeeeeeeees mate, this is getting interestingly boring now




Who do you think would be able to lead the country out of the current mess?


I am not interested in out dated philosophy and never ending historical quarrels as I tend to leave them to history


I asked a straight forward question and I want a straight forward answer.


Who is your candidate and what political movement are you supporting huh



by پندارنیک on

The distinction that you make between your own bunch (the historic difference between a monarchist and a Pahlavist should be noted) and the Rajivists is totally invalid. The retarded boy is now totally, unquestionably, and irrevocably in line with the MKO. Cultists of the world, unite.


areyo barzan

Oh come, come Pendar

by areyo barzan on

pull the other one


Don’t evade the question.

You are either a supporter of the IRI or you are members of opposition.

In both cases show a bit courage and come out of the closet.

Now! Why don’t you enlighten me. You tell me mate. Who do you think is a viable candidate for leadership? Ali Khmene-ee or may be AN or is it the Rejavi bunch.


As far as my views are concerned everybody know where I stand with regards to RP and his father and if you have read my past articles you could know that I could be called anything but a monarchist.


On the other hand you are the one who is hiding in the closet and instead of giving a straight answer to a straight question, spit the same insulting BS that I have already discredited and dismissed in my blog

Come on mate, come out of the closet let us know who you are supporting and why should we follow you in supporting your candidate. What are you afraid of? huh.


On the other hand since you failed to put up….

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

good and valid points areyo

Hope we can see some positive result out of your argument rather than grading (correcting) the paper for GHALAT EMLAEE!




by پندارنیک on

This is my problem with the Pahlavist bunch: They lost a Shah at the height of the cold war, when (some forms of) dictatorships were (somehow) justifiable, and they think they can find a new one in the "retarded boy" at the time that a "new world order" is in the making..............


Their idol is totally attached to the "Pahlavi era" and incapable of understanding the necessity of the new political formulation which is sweeping the region (including Israel) before spreading to the rest of the world...........His broken-record rhetoric about "looking into future" is ultimately self-contradictory, since he himself can only be defined by the past.



You mean "a sock".

by Parham on

Not a "suck".