Did the IRI hand count 40 Million Votes in 12 Hours?


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I have been silently watching all the propaganda in favor of Mr. Ahmadinejad on this site. I have seen people calling the Mousavi crowd as "sore losers".

I admit that I could care less about either of the candidates. I despise them both as they are part of an evil system.  I would never vote but I did understand the point that people who were advocating to vote made; people such as Mr. Etebari and others who are clearly against the IRI.... Based on the facts today, the people advocating to vote were 100% correct. Why? Because thoes who voted cared about what happened to their vote and are now in the street doing the unimaginable? I think the turn out in the streets would be far less if there was a large segment of society who boycoted the election.

Who amongst us actually thought that on June 15, 2009, we could witness a 9 kilometer long sea of Iranians marching in the streets of Tehran and in unison chanting "Death to Dictator"? Regardless of who actually is declared the winner, all the elite ruling classes in IRI have been put on notice. Khamenei, Rafsanjani, the IRGC (Ahmadinejad's camp), the so called "Reformists"  and the Mullah's in Qum, all just saw with their own eyes how the majority of the people really feel about the system. 

The world also witnessed that if you were challenging the results you were beaten by the basijis and if you supported the results you were allowed to freely gather in Tehran to give your support to Mr. Ahmadinejad.

I have no idea what is going to happen at the end but I feel  that if this is really seen as a Coup by the majority of Iranian, we will consider it more outrageous than the 1953 Coup because this time there is no USA, CIA, USSR or the British to put the blame on. This time we can only blame other Iranians and only Iranians.   

Finally, can any one answer these questions for us since the IRI does not allow independent monitoring of the elections (only the Interior Ministry and the Gaurdian Counsil have any involvement in the elections and vote counting):

1) How did they hand count 40 Million votes (they were releasing data in 5 million increments throughout the night)?

2) How many people are in each
polling station in Iran who actually do the counting?

3) When did they actually start the counting-
before or after the polling stations closed?

4) Why did the government (the Ahmadinejad Government) have to resort to turning off  text

5) Why did they cut of the internet and phones?

6) Do the math, how many people you need to hand count 40 million ballots? How long should it take?

7) Why did it take longer to count the votes in previous elections while it was so much shorter to count the votes in this election; Remeber, the voter turn out increased so much from the last election!

God help all the true freedom lovers and the Iranian nation!


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Here are some more points that back up the claim of Fraud

by Artificial Intelligence on

Thanks for your comments everyone. I found these points from the following:



Daniel Berman, a graduate student in Iranian studies at St. Andrews
University in Scotland, called some of the reported results "genuinely

He said the official results show that Ahmadinejad
more than doubled the 2005 showing for all conservative candidates in
the western provinces of Luristan and Khuzestan, two majority-Arab
districts that have heavily favored reformist candidates in previous

According to those results, Ahmadinejad won 71 percent of
the vote in Luristan, which is Karrubi's home turf. Karrubi was the
leading reformist candidate in 2005 but drew 5 percent in his home
province Friday, according to the official results.

Karrubi won 17 percent of the nationwide vote in the first round of the
2005 elections, he racked up less than 1 percent in the official tally
Friday, Berman said.

Meanwhile, the reported turnout of more
than 80 percent should favor one candidate over another. But "there's
no correlation between turnout and candidate performance anywhere," he
said. And in the northern province of Mazandarin, Berman said,
authorities reported more than 1.9 million votes cast out of a reported
1.1 million eligible voters.

Berman said he's not only convinced
that fraud occurred, "I also think it's very sloppy, and I also think
it's very last-minute."

Ahmadinejad took about 63 percent of the
vote in the 2005 runoff, similar to his reported share Friday. But in
the first round of voting that year, he captured only 20 percent in a
field of seven. Meanwhile, Karroubi -- the leading reformist candidate
in 2005 -- saw his support plunge from the 15 percent he won that year
to less than 1 percent on Friday, according to the Interior Ministry

In addition, Karroubi managed only 5 percent of the vote in his home province of Luristan in western Iran
on Friday, down from more than 50 percent in 2005, while Ahmadinejad
won more than 70 percent. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad had a stronger showing
in the cities than in 2005.



Change of US foreign policy worked!

by Mehdi on

I think the West  should immediately remove sanctions against Iran! That is the best way the Iranian people will be helped. That would give great support to those who want change in Iran. It will make their case very valid. Once the perceived threat of war is gone, the regime will have no leg to stand on for its persecutions and oppressions.

The West should also immediately ask for talks for the purpose of resolving animosity between Iran and and the West. These two actions will be a very effective blow to stupidity and ignorance and will remove the sources of oppression from the positions of power. 

NIAC war right, working on normalizing Iran-US relationship is the most effective way to help people in Iran. The excuse of "external threat against Islam or Iran" has been the strongest leg that the opressors have been standing on since the beginning. It is time this leg was taken from under them! 

All the 30 years of rhetorics by the West only made oppressors and ignorant superstitious rulers stronger. As soon as the US openly stated that they are no longer attempting to overthrow the IRI, Iranians dared to ask questions from their own government! This is the way out! 


My answer:

by Assal_B on

1) Are the laymen election officials in Iran really able to count that high?

2) Maybe they flew in some help from Florida...


what I love about this blog

by love this (not verified) on

what I love about this blog is that you are using humor to express yourselfs. No vulgarity, no name-calling, just good old fashioned humor to make your point. damet garm!


They did not count

by farokh2000 on

They were inspired. They got a message from Imam Zaman.

Or maybe the dead Khomieni came back and counted them all in less than 2 hours, with his Super Computer dead brain.

I think they learned from the U.S. Elections of 2000 and 2004 and then perfected the system and came up with the results.

But who would really want that job, when you are totally a Puppet of the Mullahs and you have no executive power?

Hopefully, people will use this as the last straw and bring the criminal Mullahs down and burn their stupid looking robes and turbans and get rid of them for good.


Time estimate for vote count

by capt_ayhab on

According to Interior Ministry following are the vote results:

Ahmadinejad   24,524,516

Mousavi   13,216,411

Rezaie   678,240

Karrouni   333,635

Voids    409,389

Total     39,162,191

Assuming each hand written vote take mere 10 seconds to count:

Total seconds needed:   39,162,161 X 10 = 391,621,910 Seconds

Man/Hour :  391,621,910 Seconds / 3600 = 108,784 Man/Hours

There was  an estimated  6000[unconfirmed] vote counter

Total hours needed for results 108,784 / 6000 = 18.1 Hours


Once we factor in error correction, fatigue we can easily say that
some where between 24 to 30 hours needed for all the votes be counted
and tabulated
. Yet the Ahmadinejads friends in Interior Ministry
published the results withing 2 to 4 hours. They must have gotten help
from Imam Zaman i suppose.




Why not!

by Nokteh! (not verified) on

Remember the people who are counting the votes, either are the same people or descendents of those who so Khomeni's face in the moon. So they do possess special vision and ability to see and do anything.

Question is: we believed them 30 years ago why not now? What has really changed? the regime or the people? We know the regime hasn't, let's see if the people have.

Good luck!

hamsade ghadimi

good questions, tough answers

by hamsade ghadimi on

There’s an article on cnn along the same line of your questioning, titled: “five reasons to suspect iran’s results.” It asks the following questions:

1. Was the Voting Properly Supervised?  2. Did the Voting Go Smoothly?  3. Was the Government's Fast Announcement of Results Normal?  4. Are Any of the Vote Totals Suspicious?  5. How Popular Is Ahmadinejad in Iran?




If the same kind of thugs

by Nima1 (not verified) on

If the same kind of thugs who are beating people on the streets with batons are the ones counting the ballot then they can obviously not be trusted.


it is actually not that difficault

by Bavafa on

What you are missing is the counting method.  Here is one possible way:

1 for Mousavi , then you take a fist full of votes for AN.  again one for Kahrobi, one fist full for AN...

you see, it is not that difficault




I did the numbers

by maryamk (not verified) on

How long does it take to count to 1,000,000. It depends on how fast you can count but if you can count from 1 to 100 in one minute and you keep counting every minute, without stopping (including giving up eating, sleeping, and restroom breaks), and just count every minute of every hour of every day, you would reach 1,000,000 in 6 days, 22 hours, and 40 minutes, almost 1 week.

If you count out loud, read names, the corresponding number,or pause in between numbers it would take longer. Not to mention that if it is being monitored and audited, it should take at least twice as long. So, how likely is it that they counted 38,755,802 votes in 12 hours? That would mean 3,230,000 votes per hour.

Do the math. As one of the slogans said 2x2=10. That is Ahmadi's math.


To Your Point

by maryamk (not verified) on

I raised the same issue re the counting of the votes when I spoke to NPR on Friday evening. Unlike the US election, in the Iran presidential election people don't check a box and the ballot counted by machine. Rather, you have to write in the name of the candidate you're voting for and the corresponding number.

So, how is it possible for the govt to have counted millions of ballots in such few short hours and where is the audit trail? They will never share the information because if they do it will become blatently clear that they rigged it.