Who says Persian Americans are not accepted in American Society?


Artificial Intelligence
by Artificial Intelligence

I just read this article on Yahoo. Normally I would consider it as a news article as JJ requests but then I had this though:

There are many Iranians on this site who claim that America is a racist society. There are many Iranians who constantly complain about how bad Iranian Americans are portrayed in the American media. There are many who just complain and complain....

Well, after reading the article below, What do you think of America? I am sure that if this show actually goes through, we will see some Iranian American weirdo's who will do crazy stuff for ratings. However, the fact that they even consider "Persians" is proof to me that we have made it here in America.

//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100408/ap_en_tv/us_tv... `Jersey Shore' producers looking for Persians2 hrs 23 mins ago

NEW YORK – The production company behind "The Jersey Shore" is looking for Persian-Americans.

495 Productions and Doron Ofir Casting have announced that they're casting a "Persian version" of the MTV hit reality show about young Italian-Americans partying at the beach.

The casting call, which Gawker.com first reported, seeks applicants who are 21 or older, "appear younger than 30 and are outrageous, outspoken and a proud Persian-American."

A spokesman for 495 Productions didn't reply to questions about whether the show had any TV network deal.

"The Jersey Shore" is in production for a second season. Numerous attempts have been undertaken to mimic it, including a Russian-American version set in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach that doesn't yet have distribution


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iran zameen

by KouroshS on


You gonna have to go "bikhial" on this one. I am seereeoos aiizam. 


Koroush S

by iran_zameen on

please change your avatar..
makes me think you are a nut case weirdo or a stalker


begging to differ

by KouroshS on

COP ... Dr. cox here :)


I am sorry but by using "most" in the beginning of your lines you can  not justify matters. people don't complain about lack of acceptance due to anti-western sentiments. why should they? To the contrary, Such complaints come from those who really and truly want to be part of everything, yet due to some forces, reasons, powers, beyond their control, they just can't. Those with real anti-us or western feelings would not even dream of migration and stay put.

The gift of Free speech given to all the immigrants, does not come with Instruction manual attached to it, directing them on how they should use it. Even though it should not be misuesd But it technically and theoretically can be used in any which way, At the sole discretion of the receiver of the gift, Within the boundries of dencency and in a dignified manner.  Voicing objections, which you so unfairly refer to as "bad mouthing' and The choice to support the situation they supposedly fled from, as hypocritical as it may sound,  ARE the rights  that come in the same package as the Freedom of speech,




by Cost-of-Progress on

Most of those claiming lack of accpetance are the very people with anti-western sentiments, a lot of whom, post on this site.

I believe it is truly hypocritical for someone to openly bad mount a society in which he/she was given refuge (for whatever reason). It is a given right in western nations to speak freely (ehhhh...freedom of speech thingy) and these individuals utilize it to the max. They use it to (directly & indirectly) back the very opressive regime(s) they supposedly fled from. Now tell me what's wrong with that picture?

As for the blog's main topic, most of us are educated and successful in this country. Most make way above the median income of average Americans. That tell me that we are at least partially accepted.







by ariane on

Firstly, Start by stopping calling yourselves Persians for starters! That is an academically, socially, and genetically, wrong denomination. Most of us has Turk, Lor, Kurd, Arab, adn whatever other blood mixed up in us. So You can't call yourself Persian just because it sounds more fashionable and respective than Iranian (The cat and carpet magic theory).

Secondly, Iranian - Americans are one of the most sucessfull dispora poplutaion ever. Just look at the individuals who have made their names across the a variety of Sectors.

Thirdly, Immigrant Iranians mostly just get their bodies out of Iran, their minds stays back home wherever that may be. Doesn't help the integration into the new adopted society.

I think second and onwards generation will do well. They will keep their heritage while  integrating well into the socities they live in.


Having said that...

by Sirius on

I will add that I have never seen that Iranian-Americans as such have a bad name. Of course there is the assassination campaign of Iran (as country) in the Media, and in the US Congress, and...

But many well read American authors, and I will name here just Robert Kaplan, speak very well about the Iranians/Persians, as people and as civilization.

I guess that if Persians do not appear more in the Media as market segment, it is just because they are no more than a few million in a country with 300 mm people.

But again, I think that they do not have a bad name.



25 million tortillas...

by Sirius on

Cap_ayhab wrote...  

Who says Mexicans are not accepted in ..........fill in the blanks

I don't know, I thought that a Mexican-American was the current Mayor of "Tehrangeles" ;) .


By the way "California" is a Mexican name.

Regards. ;) 



AI- hold your horses

by iran_zameen on

ever heard of pilot takes that get canceled after poor ratings or even before they are broadcast.\

chill. its only a casting call. 12 production members at most involved. decisiion made by a group of five directors who brainstorm the next ideas/ this was probably one of them

i wouldnt go as far as calling it - persians making it....

so your entire premise was based upon a casting call by 5 guys in a conference room...WTG


Mexicans needed for harvesting,.... $2.50 an hour

by capt_ayhab on

Who says Mexicans are not accepted in .............................fill in the blanks



Persian-Americans or Iranian-Americans?! It's confesiusing!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.