Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilisation


by Atessa1

Prof. Peter J. Chelkowski: “You realize that Iran shouldn’t have existed on the map of history for centuries or millennium. It should have been wiped out completely because it’s on the cross road of all the civilizations and the battle filed for many armies …But Iran is still alive, kicking and well!!! How is it possible???”


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Dear Yolanda

by Atessa1 on

Thank you for your kind comment!

 There is a pleasure in sharing…especially when it’s genuinely appreciated. I am glad you liked it!



Dear Mostafa

by Atessa1 on

Since 1979, Iranians have been subjected to contestant humiliation inside & outside their country. I witnessed case of flagrant injustice towards them in various universities & work places in Western countries. Second zone class of immigrant…They fought & reached the highest position even when it was legally & practically denied to them! Once, a UNHCR dignitary told me: “Generally, refugees start & finish where we put them!  I don’t know what is it with you Iranians? You are never accepting what is set for you! It doesn’t matter where you start….you always manage to change your situation and climb higher!”

Nevertheless, this international conspiracy against Iranian identity has succeeded to crush many of our fellow compatriots. But, as a wise man told me once: “Iran has not survived for millenniums by the grace of its enemies, but by the valour of its brood”!  

To agree with you ...While watching this documentary, I was wondering that those who are trying to deny & destroy Iran’s identity & legacy are only denying & destroying their own inheritance & humanity!


Thank you for your kind comment!


Payandeh Iran!

mostafa ghanbari

Dear Atessa

by mostafa ghanbari on


Iran is a great heritage belongs to everybody in this world. Our world has  been using our civilisation to brace their thoughts in the terms of an in-depth understanding of human life.

Yes, Iran is great because it is the land of true civilisation and greatness. But who should understand and appreciate this superb source of exquisite human achievements? Iranian people? No, they cannot understand their own treasure because they have been going the wrong way, the descending way, for centuries.

Will the Iranians be able to understand how foolishly they have been wandered in the dark deserts of history, while they have been the owner of light and wisdom?



by yolanda on

Hi! R2-D2,

      I have checked your link. It is nice that the documentary plays continuously. I have bookmarked the video. I noticed that the documentary is not a you-tube video, so I can't save it. I have to say that the documentary is great! It covers so many areas! I love the computer generation of Persepolis and all the other computer animations! It is magnificient!

Thank you for the link. You must have a great memory to remember last year's documentary!



A Bit Of Reminder :)

by R2-D2 on

Yolanda, This documentary was featured last year in one video, not segmented like here,  at this blog .. It's a wonderful documentary!

P.S. When you click on the Play button, if it doesn't start, just slightly move the position cursor to the right!





by yolanda on

Thank you for posting this beautiful video series, it is awesome! I have watched and saved all the videos! They are very educational and I am truly humbled! My favorites are part#5 and part#8!

Your videos have made my day!

Thank you!!!