The Balkanization of Iran's a list of key players!


by ayatoilet1

Guess how many are on American, British, Swedish, Swiss, Israeli ... you name it payrolls? Many have well funded communications infrastructure i.e. web sites, wikipedia posts, radio and TV networks.... Who is paying for all this? And why?  Iranians have two sets of enemies: The Mullahs in Power shitting on Iran, and the Sepratists who want to detroy Iran.  I think the Sepratists are bigger, badder ...enemies. We should unite against them. This is the new "imposed war" on Iran. Similar to Saddam Hussein's invasion in 1981. This is a 5 pronged war, Iranians will have a tough time fighting.

Kurds (In Training Camps in Northern Iraq) Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan led by Mustafa Hejri.Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Khaled AziziKomala is led by Abdollah MohtadiToilers Komala is led by Omer Ilkhani Zada.Pejak, a group linked to the PKK and led by Rahman Haji AhmadiOrganization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle led by Baba Sheikh HosseiniThe Revolutionary Khabat Organization of Iranian KurdistanKurdistan Freedom Party led by Hossein Yazdan Panah Baluchis (In Training Camps in Pakistan)People's Resistance Movement of Iran (Jundollah) led by Mohammad Zaher Baluch.Balochistan United Front (Federal Republican) whose spokesman is Jamshid AmiriBaluchistan National Movement-IranBalochistan People's Party led by Nasser Booladei Azeris (In Training Camps in Azerbaijan and Israel)Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (GAMOH) is led by Dr. Mahmut Ali ÇöhreganlıFederal-Democratic Movement of Azerbaijan led by Mohammad Azadgar Arabs (In Training Camps in Qatar and Saudi Arabia)Ahwazi Islamic Sunni Organization led by Omar Otman Al-HayawiDemocratic Solidarity Party of AhwazAhwazian Arab People's Democratic, Popular FrontAhwazi Renaissance PartyAhwaz Liberation Organisation Turkmens (In Training Camps in Turkmenistan)Organization for Defence of the Rights of Turkmen PeopleNational Movement of Iranian TurkmenistanTurkmen National Democratic Movement


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Stop being a girl. Act like a man

by asadabad on

Accept responsibility and stop blaming foreigners for the problems within Iran.  The reason these people seek independence isn't because of Saudi/Israeli/US money.  They support independence because they want to be free just like you. 

You know full well that the shiite persian regime persecutes Sunni Muslims and ethnic minorities.  This is the root cause of the problem.  End that regime and their grievances will be taken care of.


Mrs Maryam could you please

by eshghi on

Mrs Maryam could you please tell us who this famous iranian is? You have more to gain than to lose if you tell, because these people need to be exposed.


Let me say this respectfully

by MaryamJoon on

You only have a partial list here. 

People have been trying to warn Iranians about this for years.

Look at the video I posted earlier.   

Excellent video showing threats to Iran & their sources

You are only naming the proxy groups, but the countries behind those groups are: the US; Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.  There are also wealthy individuals paying the bills for these groups.  

I encourage more blogs on this subject.  

The other thing I will say is that I went to an Iranian event, and because I am from Ardabil, a very famous Iranian (that nobody would suspect) confided in me that they were funding separatists.  

So, I encourage Iranians to keep their eyes and ears open.