Discriminatory Dutch Policy Against Iranians

by B-Naam

A friend just forwarded me the following:

Dear friends:

With the increased tension with Iran, the Iranian people, especially the academic community, is the target of most sanctions and discriminatory policies. By trying to be "more catholic than the Pope', the Dutch Government is asking its universities for 'guarantees' that the Iranian students will have no access to the technical data of university, as precondition for accepting the Iranian graduate students.

While large universities in Netherlands will probably provide this guarantee, small universities are not in a position to do so, and will stop accepting Iranian students. The Technical University of Twente has already done so:


A petition has been prepared, and signed by 50 professors of major universities in Netherlands in opposition of this discriminatory policy of the Dutch Government.

I urge you to access the site and sign this petition!



Fredun Hojabri


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programmer craig

If the school is

by programmer craig on

If the school is discriminating against immigrants, that's one thing. If they are discriminating against foreign students enrolling in their universities, it's something else entirely. And if they have concerns over whether not their Iranian immigrants are actually "immigrants" or, instead, security risks... then they need to do a better job screening potential immigrants.

It would be incredibly foolish for people to knowingly provide their enemies with a first class education, particularly in sensitive fields that have a military application. But, we here in teh US are just that kind of foolish, so I guess I end up saying "no comment" other than protecting national security != racism.


You call and consider anyone

by abc (not verified) on

You call and consider anyone that's Iranian or of Iranian origin as "baache akhoond" as a deragatory and defaming identification, you're a (consistent) racist pig. Let me guess you're a muslim-o-phobe also, right? (no need to reply, it's very clear)


To: ABC Iranains or bacheh

by AN11 (not verified) on


Iranains or bacheh Akhoonds??? The less bacheh Akhoond in the West the safer. BTW, no need to reply. Khaili bi adab hasti. Mageh toye tavileh bozorg shodi. Dorooghgoo fekr mikoneh ke hameh mesle khodesh doroghgoo hastand. Consider yourself ignored...


AN11, "As an

by abc (not verified) on

AN11, "As an Iranian-American myself.." sure buddy, you'z an "Iranian-American" (be grateful there's no taxes levied for lying, for if that were the case you would owe a lot). That ugly discriminatory decision is against all Iranians and it is a very strange decision on behalf of the Dutch government, Mr. "as an Iranian-American myself". Are you selling the Brooklyn bridge also?


America: The sad irony is

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on


The sad irony is that if it weren't for the technological and industrial advancement of Western cultures to extract and refine the oil (oil was discovered in Iran by a British scientist for the first time in 20's) and create and develop markets, industries and innovation for oil related services and products, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia will only be depositing camel and donkey excrement on top of their oil fields and the population would be dirt poor. ANd they have the gall to complain about "imperialist" this and Imperialist that...As an Iranian-American myself, I'm sick of these arrogant ingrates.


American: You're right.

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

American: You're right. Islamists are hypocrites and they think they are special. They use and abuse our culture and our technology and then complain incessantly of being disenfranchised. Muslim's viticimhood complex is a crutch to conceal their own failed civilization.


Iranians have had an easy time for decades.

by American (not verified) on

It just occorred to me that no Western students are allowed to study nuclear technology in Iran. Our students are getting a free education there either. Our students are welcome in Iran.

For 40 years, Iranians have come to the West and done whatever they wish. You all are here. You complain, but do you see immigration from the West into Iran. We are not welcome to come and participate in the Iranian government. We are not welcome to build our churches in small rural towns.

Why isn't there outrage that Westerners aren't free to buy land and settle in Iran?

The anti Dutch people are angry that the Dutch are afraid to share nuclear technology. What does Iran give to the rest of the world?

Be fair..... Iranian students can study in Pakistan and I'm sure the Russians will give the Iranian help with nukes. Leave the Dutch alone, they have their own issues.


It's a good policy.

by American (not verified) on

Iranians are at war with the West. You can see it in the responses on this blog.

We have the right to protect ourselves and it's not being racist. Iran is no doubt exporting terror. Look at Hezbollah in Lebanon. The students are probably a part of this scheme.

Iranian students can study the technology at your own nuclear plants in Iran.

I hope Canada and the US will limit Iranian students in their universities. You don't have the right to our information or schools. Jump up and down, but you can't demand these things. They belong to us.


We must stop these racist, bigoted actions

by Arezu (not verified) on

If anyone whether Iranians, Americans, or otherwise continues to believe this was the right action by the Dutch Gov. they just showed their true color.

Your hatred is out of control, your feeble minds are just incapable of thinking rationally, and objectively.

And for those who consider themselves Iranian and think like this, you bring shame to the name Iran.

You who speak of democracy, and rights for the Iranian people, and secularism, what a bunch of degenerate people are you? No you are nothing but bigotted, racists, fools whose brains have become fossilized; and have no clue of what the true meaning of these terminologies are.

We shall not allow the kinds of you, to make the rest of us be shameful of being Iranians.

Stay put where you are, and please do not preach to us anymore about Iran and your compassion for what the Iranian people are going through!

Curious Joe

Please, stay away from Netherlands

by Curious Joe on

I am glad Netherlands, the land of the free, has decided to stop letting Iranians into their country.  On a Per Capita basis, the Iranian people are one of the most closed-minded people on this planet.  If you don't believe me, count the number of Shiiat Muslims in Iran -- compared to the number of Sunni Muslims in the world.The Dutch population in Holland is relatively small, but considering their broadmindedness, you can easily flush down the toilet all the Qoran-worshiping Muslims in the world, with their closed minds and their stupid restrictions on freedom of others, including forcing women to go under veil/chador, or forbidding a thirsty man to have a cool beer in the heat of the desert.  And all those restrictions are for what reason?

Long live Netherlands, free of a bunch of uncivilized idiots. If any Iranian is upset about Netherland’s behavior, then I suggest they go back to Iran and remove those hijab-forcing murderous Ayatollahs from power before complaining about Holland’s behavior.




Dutch Policies

by Aziz (not verified) on

To me it appears the best course of action to retaliate against the Dutch discriminatory policies is to simply reciprocate, and deny the Dutch students access to the Iranian higher education institutions and not to allow them to enroll in the Iranian universities. That seems to be a fair and balanced approach.

Really, What complaint is there for the Iranian people? Didn't they vote in droves and in a crushing majority to dump the previous regime and install the current system?. So what is the problem?



to: Islamic bourse

by I can tell if yyou are an ass hole (not verified) on

So you are saying because Arabs ran over us 1400 yers ago now Dutch can do the same!

Seems to me hatred has made you blind. You are jsut mad and hitting left and right.


to: I'll tell you you are an

by islam bourse (not verified) on

to: I'll tell you you are an a**-hole: I hate to break it to you, we were conquered morally and 1400 years ago by Islamic Army colonizers.

I'm glad the Dutch are finally waking up...


boycott Dutch

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

boycott dutch. their brutality in Indonesia was worst than the Nazi.


Open youe eyes ass hole....

by I tell if you are an ass hole! (not verified) on

This is addressed to the one who wrote under name "Islamic Bourse".

May I respectfully ask that you take your head out of youe A** and read the Dutch Univ. announcement again.
it reads:

"The University of Twente would like to inform all Iranian applicants that unfortunately we will not be able to process your application for study programmes at all levels (Bachelor, Master and PhD degree) until further notice."

Seems to me that it applies to "all Iranains" not just akhond zadeh etc!

If you have complexies that seems you do this is not the way to deal with it. If you want to bring attention to the issues Bahai minority is facing in Iran this is not the way to it.

If we devide among ourselves we would be conqoured!


Aghazadeh: Did you write

by Islamic Bourse (not verified) on

Aghazadeh: Did you write about discrimintion against Bahai student where they are not allowed to get to higher education or discrimination against all other minorities and Na-KHodis??

These Iranian student on Islamic Bourse don't even deserve to be in Netherland with the stolen money from the Iranian treasurey.

All Islamists should be deported from Netherland especially after killing Theo Van Ghoh.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ageh az un irunihaei hastan keh akhund ha pouleshun ro midan ta moft va majanni dars bekhunan dar europe, pas holland khub kari kardeh keh andakhteshun birun, ageh nah keh Khoda koneh dobareh bargardan daneshgah !


To: B - Naam: Thank you for forwarding this e-mail

by Arezu (not verified) on

Dear B-Naam:

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. Yes, this is definitely a discriminatory act on behalf of Iranian students. I will definitely sign it and pass it on to my distribution list.

Best regards




by Stop bigotry against Iranians (not verified) on

Iranian citizens are under siege all over the world. As Iranians are likely to continue to spread around the globe in future we should have a strong global organization to deal with the issue of discrimination against them. Any corporation or institution that enges in such practices has to be warned and be boycotted if they don't refrain from it. Iranian.com could serve as a venue for exchange of facts and info in that regard.

We are the easiest target in the world right now. Arabs, Jews, Indians, Blacks etc all hae organizations in place to react to such issues. WE DON'T!!!!