IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED: Send an email to Senator Feinstein‏


by B-Naam

NOTE: This is for Senator Feinstein's constituents in California ONLY.  Please consider and forward to family and friends in California.

NIAC forwarded the following this morning: 

Your Senator could be the key to kick-starting the drive for smart US policy on Iran. Senator Dianne Feinstein has in the last few years emerged as a leading voice of reason on Iran. She has recently come out in support of comprehensive talks with Iran in the San Francisco Chronicle and has stressed the need for basic communication between Washington and Tehran on CNN.  She has also resisted significant pressure to sign-on to a major new sanctions bill in Congress.

But right now, front groups for the Mujahedine-e Kalq -- claiming to represent ALL Iranian Americans in California -- are pressuring the Senator to cease her constructive efforts against war. They are pressuring her to concede to the paralysis of sanctions and rhetoric that has consumed many US policymakers on Iran.

Senator Feinstein is in a position of significant power in the Senate, with the potential to reframe the debate and take the lead on crafting a smart policy on Iran for the next administration. But to continue her leadership, she needs to know that Iranian Americans support her initiative. 

If the Iranian-American community fails to show her the support she deserves, we may lose her as a critical voice against war with Iran.

Show the Senator your support for her leadership towards a better Iran policy. Please click on the link below and send her a message now! And do not forget to encourage your friends and family to do the same.



Babak Talebi

Director of Community Relations

National Iranian American Council


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The talks have already

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The talks have already begun:

Secret deals between Iran and U.S.: