Persepolis didn't win :(

by B-Naam

I was rooting for her.  Didn't like the storyline very much, but it was her story and for anyone who lived through those years and left Iran in the 80's, it meant a great deal.  Both scenes when she was leaving Iran were heartbreaking.  Tears just started rolling down.

Thank you Marjan!


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Thank you anonymouse and IRANdokht for...

by B-Naam on

...your perspectives.  Pixar and Sony Pictures Animation may mesmerize kids with their high-tech and lifelike animation, but Persepolis' graphics were extraordinary, simple, yet so telling of the times.  Black and White, or really black and shades of GRAY.  The bleakness of the 1980's Iran and our lives following our reluctant journeys to strange lands were so powerfully displayed on the screen.  Of course as you two pointed out, this was the wrong category for Persepolis.  How can you put an animation clearly made for adults, with such a powerful theme, in the same category as cartoons that were made to entertain preschoolers? 


We'll win an Oscar one day.

by Anonymouse on

I'm just wondering what the Oscar will be for.  Maybe it'll be for something that most of us don't even like and yet it wins it for one reason or another.  A lot of oscars were given before to unworthy nominees.  Few years ago it was Lord of the Rings winning everything and I'm sure you all have your favorites.  When Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Peace prize, the regime couldn't deny her the prize.  She kept/opened her office and she is officially the Lawyer for many political prisoners in Iran.  This would have been another good cause that the regime could not have denied.  Afsoos.


it was expected...

by IRANdokht on

You can tell by the introduction by Steve Carell, that this was not the right category for Persepolis.

They threw it in the same category as an entertaining Disney cartoon and judged it as such... I agree with anonymouse, it's hard to beat Disney in that category

I haven't seen the movie yet, but read the books and loved them! she captured the experience most of us had during that time and told the story so accurately.



Storyline was good.

by Anonymouse on

The 'academy' just didn't get it like we did.  They gave 4 top acting oscars to the europeans but saw the "feature" in animation in ratatoulie made by Pixar/Disney/Steve Jobs [Apple] (Bill Gate's nemisis :-).  How can ANY animation compete with Pixar/Disney/Steve Jobs? The "feature" was about animation "featuring" some thing or a story.  Ratatoulie's story was good, very good but in comparison the story of Persopolis was much bigger.  Story of a nation's revolution, it's aftermath and the oppression that goes on today and people's ongoing fight against it.  Isn't that story bigger and harder to tell? I think the 'Academy' just lacked the education (historical and cultural) and went with the easy one.  It's going to be always hard for films like Ratatoulie or Children of Heaven or Aghdashloo to win at Oscars, if they are matched against money makers and easy choices.  The peers who selected the 4 european oscar winners seem to have a better world view of things than just the money makers and easy ones.