Encourage Dave Etebari not leave Iranain.com

babak pirouzian
by babak pirouzian

This is what he wrote the other day, unfortunately, this note and his main blog, addressed to Shahroudi, was not featured in front page, therefore many of you may not noticed that he is leaving us:

"Dear all

by David ET

on Mon May 11, 2009 04:38 PM PDT

"I Did stay around and expressed concerns and this was just the final breaking point.

"2 years of putting up with certain inequalities and lack of proactivity at the most crucial times of need but being there at times of sensationalism and commercialism is enough.

"As for SCE that is a decision for the board but as for me I no longer can contribute here and condone the attitude.

"If you agree that those responsible for Delara's murder should be brought to justice and if you think Iranian.com had the responsibility to post this demand on its first page you too can post this letter on your blog for more readership."


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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

David ET

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

My apologies, I had no idea that you were leaving. I have been away a lot these days.

 I know it has been fustrating at times...okay most of the time trying to defend the lives of others, while you are constantly being insulted.

Like Jamshid said, you do make a difference. Please don't ever give up your continued work to save the lives of  Iranians.



David ET

Thank you Rosie

by David ET on

for your very honest as always and to the point comments.

Online; in addition to expressing it, we have limited means to express our discontent and at extreme it can even be leaving an online medium and at times the initial circumstances that lead to this decision may change and therefore one can return.

Questioning this by some who usually find nothing else to question is childish and questionable by itself.

You make a public expression of discontent at extreme by leaving a site just as someone for example does hunger strike in real life.

Roxanna Saberi did a hunger strike and when it came to her appeal court she broke the fast. In the world of those who question ones return I guess Roxanna's act was also not genuine if she started to eat again  and she should have continued until she died even if now she is freed ! Same I guess with Ganji!

Anyway for some in order to try to discredit another the end justify the means at all cost and at all lies.

Its has been a pleasure dear Rosie .

rosie is roxy is roshan

david /souri

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the only reason i stayed as long as i did after writing the blogs after dellara's execution was supposedly deferred was because of her and you. the only.please read my last blog.,


this has to do with  much more than one blog. much more.


souri, one time last winter you sent a private e-mail called "dear true friend of iranian.com" which said you were leaving and never coming back. god knows how many people you sent it to but whether five or fifty is irrelevant. this is a very strange community where the boundaries between personal and public are very blurred.you announced leaving. pe ri od. and your reasons were all about stupid petty personal interactions. you put me in a panic and a couple days later you were back posting. and i had written you all bent out of shape and broken-hearted about iyou (at that time)  and you never bothered to follow upm not to me, not in general with a new dear true friend of... david's reasons are ethical and professional,whatever you think of them  they are not he said she said yakyakyak. and whether he comes back or not. actually it is more ethical, honest and courageous to make the announcement publicly than yak yak i

hypocirite lecteur, mon semblabe, mon frere. (Baudelaire,asyou probably know. Fleurs du MAL).\\

retort whatever you want about my history of saying i'm leaving, i don't care. my situation has been unique to this blogging community and truly dire.,

David ET

Where you can find me

by David ET on

In case anyone wonders where to find me, I will be back to my old blog at //peyvast.blog.com among other things !

Thank you for all the kind comments and emails.

Goodbye Iranian.com. Was interesting while it lasted.



anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

in that this is about david...it is "his" blog!  and to suggest that just because you did not address david directly to mean that you didn't "talk" to him is... well, simply ridiculous.  you made a very specific and sarcastic comment about david to the author of this blog.  my dear souri... it could hardly GET more personal!

if you don't read his blogs... why would you come to a blog recommending that he stay... AND post a suggestive comment to the author? 

do you really believe that what he says is "insulting" and your comments are not? 

i wish i could understand you when you say these things.

David ET

DITTO to Hossein and Fish

by David ET on

I agree with Hossein that indeed editors have the right to chose what goes in this private site ...and I also add that readers and contributors like me also have the right to critique as well as leave it or not and also have the right to defend our name against lies.

and I also fully agree with your view Fish and am thankful for your kind comments and indeed the respect is mutual. Indeed the intent of my last blog on Iranian.com including this blog of Mr. Pirouzian was hijacked. 

now back to what is more important: //iranian.com/main/blog/sce-campaign/join-sce-demanding-justice



Now! Now I give up.........

by Souri on

Because you are starting your insults again. Good luck!


AF jan

by Souri on

You are again offtrack dear!!! Have you noticed WHOSE blog is this one? Not David's!!! I didn't even talk to him to begin with.

I don't read David ET's blogs (or rarely) leave alone posting anything there.

David ET

Give it up lady Give it up.

by David ET on

First I have left iranian.com and came back many times: Proven to be lie! Then You know me well: Proven to be lie! Then you become spokeperson for . Then you tell me to make noise or not, leave or not...

and now you continue this so called conversation (that you do not like!) but you started and continuing! with a with a WHOLE new nonesense that has already been addressed by a lie about my view of Israel's actions!! with comments such as :

 "You may not supported the Israel's action directly, but you never condemned it"

why a lie again? Because you actively commented in the blog where I repeated my quotes such as:

"I do not know what your comment of "Pro-Israel" means. If you mean I am for the right of Israel to exists (ABSOLUTELY) and If you mean I am for the Israel's violations of Palestinians human rights (ABSOLUTELY NOT) "

"Indeed over reactions of Israel to terrorist Hamas Organization by holding a city and its population hostage with lack of basic necessities and their daily bombardments is a humanitarian disaster and shameful."

"Israel is to blame for denying Palestinians of a home"

Electing peace seeking governments by BOTH sides would be a good step towards peace... A movement by people of both sides toward peace and coexistence. Those who try to put fire in the woods by being one sided are NOT helping the situation. Both parties must seek peace and accept each others existence or they will NOT be a peace.

What is this now David ET's trial number 2 by the same returning judge?

 and then you write that I : "always tried to distract people by bringing the subject of "Chid Execution in Iran" up, while the whole world was horrified by the massacre of the Palestinian people and children."

So bringing up Delara's situation at the time was a distraction to Gaza? Well I didn't pick the timing , IR did ! So I should have waited till war was over in Gaza to bring up the news that she was probably going to be executed?

well guess what? The distraction got executed !!! 

What other lies you are going to come up with? That you KNOW I wear dirty socks!?.

When will you give up on this self inflicted conversation that you do not like?! You are going so deep and I can now even smell it!


I bring here the link and the comment I did...

by Souri on

When I've been answered about you, David. Look at the date please (not that I would call you a liar, because I'm not as fussy as you, about these things :-))



Thanks for clarification

by Souri on

Now, it changes all for me. I have always been very skeptical about
David Etebaar's credibility. Not that I have anything against him and
his activities, but from everything I had read about him and that
organization and Nazanin, etc, I will keep away from this, until I have
a real truthful knowledge of all this.

Thanks a lot.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

sorry your blog is getting hijacked by totally NON-IRRELEVANT subject matter again.

while i might not always agree with you either, i differ from others in that i always respect your opinions.  i differ with many others and we manage to maintain a very civil and respectful discourse.  i consider those people "ladies" and "gentlemen".  you fall into this catagory as well.  i, along with many many people, consider you an invaluable member of iranian.com. 

souri.  if you don't like david... fine.  just don't post on his blogs then.  but you do yourself no service by coming back again and again getting into a pissing contest with people.  this is NOT the souri that people respect and enjoy.  just as you like to "advise" people, i'm taking the opportunity to try and help you as well.  please consider it said with respect.

hossein nailed it.  there is nothing said or done on iranian.com that is not approved of by JJ.  not necessarily condoned but each and every action taken has been approved by him... thus its publication.

peace out.


Re: Souri and David ET

by Jamshid Not Logged In (not verified) on

My dear Souri, I think you are not seeing the bigger picture and instead you are focusing on personal feelings.

I have confidence in you that you realize David ET's presence and his contributions are far more important than the issues you are discussing.

I found his campaign and informative SCE related blogs to be important and valuable to myself and to many others that I passed it on to.

We shouldn't be dicussing whether he returned in the past or not, since it is so unimportant in the grand scheme of things; instead, we should focus on the losses incured by his abscence.

David ET: You should fight on with your beliefs and actions, as they are noble and for a good cause. Don't let the recent issues dishearten you. Your cause is far more important.

I once told you that even if one extra single life is saved, you have succeeded for your life time. Every resource and every effort counts.

Despite the lack of support you may be feeling, there are many individuals who, through your campaign and only because of it, helped the cause by doing what they were asked to do. Only the large marjority of these genuine individuals do their job silently and they don't bother leaving any trace of themselves.

I hope you will strive on in this site and elsewhere, because if that one extra life could be saved in the future, just because of that extra mile taken, then it would be worth it.

I look forward to it.



correction to my last post

by Souri on

Sorry, it's too long to write again with Behnevis.

Just to mention something here (because you will right away accuse me of being a lier again:-))

: You may not supported the Israel's action directly, but you never condemned it, and always tried to distract people by bringing the subject of "Child Execution in Iran" up, while the whole world was horrified by the massacre of the Palestinian people and children.

Is that okay with you?



ببخشید آقا


من فکر کردم که ما اینجا آزادیم که در مورد هر کس که میخواییم نظرمون رو بدیم.

من به شما بی‌ احترامی نکردم، ولی‌ دوست هم ندارم که با شما صحبت کنم،
چون شما در بی‌ احترامی به دیگران مضایقه نمیفرمایید، و بنده اصلا خیال
ندارم که چنین لاکسری رو برای خودم بخرم.

این اقای بابک، شخص بسیار محترم و آگاهی به نظر میان و همچنین، من فکر
کردم که ایشون ممکنه که به این سایت تازه وارد شده باشن، خواستم بگم که
نگران نشوند، چون ما (من و سایر افرادی که در این سایت از قدیم هستیم) با
اولتیماتوم‌های قبلی‌ شما آشنایی داریم.

چهار ماه پیش، من سوال کردم که آیا این اقای داوید اعتباری که اینجا
چیز مینیویسه، همون داوید اعتباری مسول ارگانیزاسیون "اس سی‌ ی" ست یا نه؟

من شما رو به عنوان "داوید ای.تی" خیلی‌ خوب اینجا میشناختم و با آثار!! شما اینجا به خوبی آشنا بودم و هستم (برای همین هم نظرم رو راجع به شما اینجا نوشتم) فقط خیلی‌ تعجب کردم وقتیکه فهمیدم که این یوزر نیم، متعلق
به همان اقای اعتباری ست،که مسول یک سازمانیست که من در موردش کلی مطالب
منفی‌ خونده بودم. البته، رفتار بعدی شما بخصوص در دفاع از اسرائیل در
زمان بحبوحه حملات اسرائیل به فلسطین، اون مطالب رو کاملا تایید کرد و من
دیگه سوالی در مورد شما نداشتم.

حالا هم نه از شنیدن خبر رفتنتون از سایت خوشحالی کردم، نه متاسف شدم.
خدا وکیلی، هیچ فرقی‌ واسه من نمیکنه که شما اینجا بمونید یا نه، چون
همونطور که میدونید، من اغلب نوشته‌های شما رو سکیپ می‌کنم، به زحمت
خوندنش اصلا نمیارزه.

من اصلا نظری در مورد رفتن یا نرفتن شما ندادم، چنین خیالی هم ندارم.
فقط گفتم که آقای بابک  زیاد ناراحت نشن. چون همونطور که می‌بینید،
استقبالی هم از این بلاگ ایشان در اینجا نشد )-:       

خواستم فقط به ایشون توضیح داده باشم، وگرنه شما که اصلا برای من هیچ اهمیتی ندارید.

روزگارتون خوش



my 2 cents

by hossein.hosseini on

Friends I cannot and will not tell anyone what to do as I don’t post as much on the site, but here are my 2 cents:  Iranian.com is a private company owned and operated by JJ.

As owner and editor, he decides what to publish, where to publish, etc. We all have our own opinion about the site, its' contents, and its editorial policies, but the final decision maker is jj and jj alone.  This is no different than any other publication. I think all-an-all he has been fair.

David ET

Souri !

by David ET on

I wrote a short comment within MY OWN BLOG and few friends addressed it. The one who is making noise here is YOU.  But I did RESPOND to your nonesense about me as it is my right to do so. I nor anyone brought up your name anywhere and you brought this on yourself by claiming to be an iranian.com expertise on David ET !!. and that by someone who just one month ago was asking here who is David? So next time you don't want noise, do not lie about others.

I also do not need permission or opinion of your kind talking for others with comments such as "we believe..."(blah blah) I am not sure since when you were elected to represent "we" or others or why you even think that I give a hoot if you believe anything I say or not.

...and Stop telling me what noise I should or should not make , or leave or not . Mind your own . mind your own. Do you also want to tell me what to wear, drink or drive? There is a reason we have Islamic Republic.

Like I said YOU keep digging yourself deeper and deeper and then hate me for it too!!  You don't want to engage in any conversation? good, neither do I . Then why are you still talking about me or with me?!! Stop what YOU started!

Sorry Babak and others, some learn the hard way and that is if they ever do!




by Souri on

I'm really not interested in engaging any conversation with you, so I'll speak your own language :    Y  A  W  N !!!!

You said you want to leave the site? Good release! 

No need to do so much noises! Just leave. Bye!!!

David ET

I rest my case souri

by David ET on

one minute you know me well and claim that I have left iranian.com and came back MANY times and another minute you tottaly say something else.

a month ago you ask people here who am I and now you claim to have known me a long time and are an expert on David ET's !

and then say I play innocent and you "never lie". no souri Wrong again , I have never claimed innocence but you just did!

You do not need to apologize for false comments but I suggest that you do not yourself dig deeper either . Now you can now dislike me even more because to your surprise I answered your intentional false accusation.

If you knew me even a little, you would have known that I do defend my own rights first before I can claim the right of others.



by Souri on

Yes, true you said this :

"- once I stated that I will only blog and stop commenting on other articles  "

But did you respect it?

You started to comment and respond to the other's comment, only two week later !! Remember?

No, I don't like you. But I never lie and falsify the truth. I don't need that, David. Do whatever you want, but don't claim to be innocent please. who care if you leave or you stay? Do just your things and don't announce anything whne you know it's not true. We believe you only the first time, but now twice!!

David ET

BABAK & souri

by David ET on

Thank you dear Babak for your great intention however this is not about encouraging me to stay but about iranian.com changing its ways and about fighting for Delara's rights.

Souri: I know you do not like me and that is your right but at least in your attempts to discredit , maintain honesty and have decensy not to resort to falsifications.
- I NEVER left iranian.com before
- once I stated that I will only blog and stop commenting on other articles due to the "get used to it" mentality of the editor in reaction to allowing abusive comments in the name of freedom and I did maintain that until editor realized his way was wrong and applied close moderation and no longer intentionally allowed abuse which was the main reason for boycotting comments, therefore I reposted again.

I am not egotitic to hold on to my word when things CHANGE , I change my response too. I have nothing personal against iranian.com and actually wish its improvement. I try to make a positive differences by expressing myself or other means of expression including boycott .

Also you didn't even know who I am until rosie told you during recent Gaza discussions and now claim to know me long time??!!

Souri , do not do to others what you don't want done to you: resorting to lies or trying to make this personal at the cost of discrediting the bigger picture which is not letting the death of Delara's execution go in vein .

and yes I may come back someday if I see change because unlike some I am not stuck in a static non changing world or world of personal ego's.

As you see I did not blog my departure because I did not want to attract attention but when some respond I do have the RIGHT to respond too and if I chose not to answer to more nonesense again, it is not because I have no answer but because I may not find such future comments worthy of a response and I am sure when not around many of you find it convenient to continue the lies...but truth shall always prevail.


Dear Babak

by Souri on

Thanks for your nice intention.

However, you might be new to this site, but I, as one of the oldest ones here, know David well. He has attempt to leave the site, a few other times in the past too. Each time, he came back without any invitation.

Just be patient. He never leave this site. I can assure you of that. Don't worry too much.



I already asked him to stay

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I already asked him to stay in the other blog. Despite some of our differences, I believe his message is real important.

babak pirouzian

This is what he wrote the other day.. ..

by babak pirouzian on

His important blog addressed to Shahroudi,  and his "leaving note" was not featured in front page, therefore many of you may not have seen his resignation note.