Ahmadinejad talks about world events

by bahram9821

President Ahmadinejad talks about recent world events.I believe once his presidency is over he will be hired by a big western Think Tank lol .


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Kamranm's comment

by Yahtzee (not verified) on

Kamram, are you on the same drugs as Ahmajinedad?

Mort Gilani

What An Analysis!

by Mort Gilani on

This is the best we can expect from the mind of an Islamist.  These parasites all come from the same septic tank.


Talks Sense

by kamranm (not verified) on

For once, he actually talks sense. A few years at the top and access to top level intelligence has made a difference.


Regarding Ahmadinejad talks about world events

by Anonymous on

Is President Ahmadinejad serious?
If 9/11 was only a (USA) pretext to attack Iraq, then perhaps President Ahmadinejad would also conclude or speculate that Islamic terrorist attacks in other areaa of the world were really attacks by the very country where the attacks occured. However, I will give him points for not resorting to the usual response that "It was the Jews/Israel's" fault.

After his presidency, IF he is hired by a Western think-tank, perhaps it would be equal to "hiring" Hitler ..... yea, that's what we can call it -"hiring". It could be most productive to "hire" people who want to wipe entire nations off the map, so to learn what makes them 'tick'.... other than hate & violence. Sort of like "hiring" or consulting with Dr. Hannibal Lecter when trying to locate a psychopath...... when trying to find a nut, seek the help of a squirrel.

The Prince


by The Prince on

This monkey only belong in a "Septic Tank", along with the rest of them!!