Christian Amanpour with Iranian Journalist

by bahram9821

Christian Amanpour of CNN talks with Iranian Journalist in Farsi. I think she was getting upset with the reporters at the end.



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Algerian Massacre during the French Colonialism 1830 - 1962

by Raymond Menheim (not verified) on

Dear Chrisitian,

As we know you one of the finest Journalist in world....but, something is missing on your reportage..let 's say when it concern the Massacre of the Jewish during the world war II you well the massacre of Sarayeivo...but you never mention the massacre of 1.5 millions of Algerians without defence during the colonilisation period 1830 - 1962, so as simple as is it is ....We can't hide something and talk about other things and don't be afraid to talk about some subjects....but, anyway whatever is, we love you and you still and you will still in this century the finest reporter in world.

Thank you Christian...



She is one of the best...

by Khar on

And she is Irooni!!!! Thanks Bahram!

Mola Nasredeen

Sister Amanpour, you go hamshireh

by Mola Nasredeen on

Sister Amanpour is the voice of moderation among a pack of wolf called American media. Tashakor.


This is Great

by Larry King's Brother-In-Law (not verified) on

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha