Example of support against brutality

by bahram9821

Four Security guards decided to unnecessarily beat up a man, and the fan in the stadium swarm the field to get revenge.


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by yolanda on

OMG! A streaker scored! What a shocker! LOL! Is she a nudist activist?


Does this goal count?

by Khar on




by yolanda on

Wow! A big melee! It looks like the kid ran away, but the security guard who used excessive force got injured by the vigilante fans! What a surprising outcome!


Benfica Football Team

by pedro on

This is in Lisbon Portugal, The red team is called benfica. The interesting thing is that both red and white team came in the defence of poor kid. This is what we need in Iran. How can they arrest 300 people if they gather to rescue someone beeing draged away.


delam khonak shod

by IRANdokht on

Although that was the police job to grab the guy and escort him off the field, it looked like they were using extreme force. I am not sure what the sign was or how he was related to the red team but I liked how the athletes couldn't just stay calm and watch someone get beaten up. it reminded me of the many video clips we saw of the green demonstrators realizing that they outnumber the bassijis.

Nicely done! Thanks for the clip