Iran Air B727-200-Flight Deck Action

by bahram9821

Youtube:In this over 2 hour long cockpit DVD you will follow Captain Rahimian on a return trip from Tehran to Bandar Abbass in southern Iran. The crew will show you the Boeing 727 in the best way. Follow the Flight Engineer on his walkaround pre flight inspection before the flight back to Tehran. Captain Rahimian will show you around in the B727 cockpit.


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looks like yesterday,

by moniri on

well it was Cadillac  back then ,when I was flying EP_IRT 34 years ago,but  these days they do not even make parts for this type of Airplanes,you do not even see them in US and European.airports anymore.times flyes.


خدا شاه بدبخت رو بیامرزه


که چهار تا هواپیما خرید که هنوز دارند استفاده میشند.  اگر نه مردم ایران امروز از دولتی سر جمهوری مقدّس اسلامی با شتر باید مسافرت میکردند.