Kooseh, the first Iranian submarine

by bahram9821

In the mid 1970's the Imperial Iranian Navy signed a contract to purchase three U.S. submarines from the U.S. Navy. One of these submarines named Kooseh or Shark was purchased for $650,000 with an additional 26 million dollars spent for its complete overhaul. The Imperial Iranian Navy sent their best officers and sailors to the U.S. so they could be trained at a U.S. submarine school. The Iranian officers and sailors spent more that 2 years in Groton Connecticut training side by side U.S. naval officers. Kooseh was delivered to the Imperial Iranian Navy in 1978. It was being prepared for its journey to Iran with its new Iranian crew when the Iranian Revolution took place. The new government refused to take the vessel despite the fact that it had already been paid for by Iran. The crew had to return the submarine to the U.S. Navy and return to Iran without the submarine. This never seen before film shows the ceremony of transferring the vessel back to the U.S. Navy and other footage of the Iranian crew inside the submarine. The U.S. Navy continued to charge IRI $70,000 a month to maintain the vessel and eventually seized the submarine as part of the Iranian assets during the hostage crises. The Submarine was later decommissioned and sold to a company in Florida using it as a research vessel.


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Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

bahram9821, thanks for sharing this priceless item...

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This vessel was part of the plan for the IINAVY to project power all the way down to the Indian Ocean. Chah Bahar was supposed to be the largest military base in the entire region!

It's sad to see that 3 subs, 4 battle ships, 300 F16s, some odd potential F18s, and many other military equipments that were either fully or partially paid for had to be left to rot or got canceled because of a bunch of SOB mullahs.

Worse than that is that the same SOBs later purchased left over Soviet military trash while paying 10 times the price with a fraction of utility!


Sad indeed!


No worry Islamic Repubic "invents" Subs that make Sargord happy!

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Everything is sacred

Sargord Pirouz

That's the ex-USS Trout

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That's the ex-USS Trout (SS-566), Tang class submarine. 

The sub was was sold to Naval Undersea Warfare Center for scrap value of $20,000 in 1992, being used as a remotely controlled (unmanned) target vessel for USN aircraft in Key West, FL. Currently, the submarine is in Texas for scraping.

More interesting, perhaps, was Iran's pre-revolution order of six German Type 209 submarines that went unfulfilled. 

Nice home movie, by the way. By their service/utility uniforms, hard to tell the IIN submariners from their contemporary American counterparts.