Maliheh Free Clinic

by bahram9821

"Profiles In Caring" tells the story of an Iranian immigrant, Dr. Mansoor Emam . He came to the United States to live his dream of providing free health care to those who cannot afford it and the uninsured. It all happens at the Maliheh Free Clinic. Dr. Emam dedicates his life to the less fortunate and you won't believe how many people he has helped in just six months.



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Shad zendegi koni

by Amir Ali (not verified) on

Khoda in aghay doctor ra az reesheh aab daadeh man-o kheili haye digeh ro dar hamin sath zamin.

Shad zendegi koni, hamintor keh del e in mardom kam pool ra shad mikoni o dardshoon ra dava.


Greatest Human beings...

by Khar on

These doctors are angels of mercy! Thanks Bahram Jaan.


Good man

by javaneh29 on

How good to hear about this DR... its good to know that not everyone is out to make a dollar.

Perhaps he should be voted as 'Iranian of the day*, rather than some of the ppl we see fearured in that space.



Thanks for sharing

by Souri on

Bahram jan, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I had already heard about him, but didn't remember his name and didn't know all those information. He is a bless for the people and a pride for the Iranian people.