NIRT International Radio


NIRT International Radio
by bahram9821

From Wikipedia: For 22 years the American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) broadcast a local radio service (Radio 1555) and a local TV service (Channel 7) to the capital of Iran from their studios in Tehran. However in 1976 it was decided by the Iranian government that AFRTS should close down its radio and TV services, which it did on 25 October 1976, the day before the Shah of Iran's 57th birthday.

Radio 1555 closed with presenter: Airforce Staff Sergeant Barry Cantor playing as the last record: Roger Whittaker's Durham Town (The Leaving). This was followed by a closing announcement by Chief Master Sergeant and Station Manager: Bob Woodruff, followed by the American National Anthem.

The following morning, the 26th October 1976, the Shah's birthday, this additional Iranian government owned radio and television service began under the control of NIRT Director General: R. Ghotbi.

The service was initially called 'Tehran Radio' but quite quickly was changed to NIRT International Radio reflecting the fact that although it provided a local service to expatriates and Iranians alike in Tehran and its surroundings, it also broadcast throughout Iran, and to neighbouring countries.

NIRT International Radio was broadcast on: 1555 kHz AM (Medium Wave) and 106 MHz FM (stereo) in Tehran.

Earlier in the year, by way of adverts in international broadcasting magazines a number of (mostly British) broadcasters were brought together to help design the studios, produce and present programmes and provide a local, national and international news service.

The new radio service had a self-operated studio, as used commonly throughout the West, however this was new to Iran and the presentation team advised the NIRT technicians in building the studio and adapting the mixing console to work in this way.

The initial Presentation team comprised:

Ted Anthony - previously from KLAC, Los Angeles;
Frank Carpenter - from Radio Hallam, Sheffield, England, and
Marc Paul (Burden) - freelance and syndicated radio -- BBC and Australian radio.
The team was later joined by:

Mikel Hunter - previously from KGBS Los Angeles.Claude "Hoot" Hooten (as Brad Edwards) - previously from KGBS Los Angeles.
The News Gathering and English Newsreading team comprised:

Ray Goff - from England, previously broadcasting in Australia and New Zealand;
Peter Body - previously broadcasting in Bermuda and Australia;
Mike Russell - from Scotland, and
John Coulson - from Metro Radio, Newcastle, England (later joined Presentation).
Others on the news team were: Dave Emory, Vahe Potrousian, Rory Sutton and Sheila Mills.


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Esfand Aashena

I remember this station and the first FM radio!

by Esfand Aashena on

My brother bought the first FM radio back in the days.  It was really cool, the iPhone of the day!

Compared to the AM radio and stations that we used to listen to, FM was really crisp and clear.

Soon thereafter the AM/FM cassette in cars started showing up and then Radio Darya!  The simple joys that can never be duplicated but priceless for those who experienced them.    

Everything is sacred


Excellent, thank you for

by Parham on

Excellent, thank you for this, Bahram!
So which one was "Rocky the Jockey"? Remember him??


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........for combining the two posts from two different sites, to make such a precious blog..................

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Red Wine


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میگفتن واسه زبون یاد گیری خوبه،به ما چه ! ما فرانکوفیل بودیم نسل در نسل !

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خاطره‌ای از این زمان..با این آمریکایی‌ها دارم که مربوط به وقتی‌ میشود که اذعان شد که بشقاب پرنده‌ها به تهران آمدند،شهریورِ ۵۵ شمسی‌ ... به زودی در همین جا .

با سپاسِ فراوان از بهرام خانِ گرامی‌ .