Old Iranian TV Ads

by bahram9821
Fantastic Iranian TV Ads between years 1969 to 1978,

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Crazy stuff

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Iran was pretty modern back then.



"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb

The Phantom Of The Opera


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The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


I still use "ehsas-e nasset" lingo to this day!

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Everything is sacred.


Here are few others ... :-)

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لطافت پوست سر، تقویت موی سر، با صابونه گلنار، صابون گلنار...
شبنما، بدون پیش قسط، دست چک یادت نره!!  احساس ناست... :-) بامبوس، عشق
میافریند...ما میریم به مدرسه، با الفانته شوه...


مامبو مامبو مامبو، سرتو با چی‌ میشوری با شامپو دارمو... شامپو تخم
مرغی دارمو... و اما یک تبلیغ فیلم رو هیچ وقت از یاد نمیبرم! آن هم این
بود: در تمامی‌ زمین، در تمامی‌ خاک، صخره‌ها و آب، آبها و باد، و هیچ کس
باران خون را ندید، جز بارا باس... یادش بخیر، سینما بلوار...


You brought back some lost memories

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and forgotten scent of a happy childhood.



Remember the ad for Schwab Lorans TV in Isfahani accent?!

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The wife: 

Didn't you tell me you'll take me on a world tour?

Didn't you tell me you'll take me to the beach? 

Didn't you say you'll take me here and there?


The husband:

What is this here and there?

What is this going to the beach?

If Isfahan is half the world,

Schwab Lorans is the en-tire woorld!!!

Everything is sacred.


زنده باشی بهرام!


وقتشه که من یکی از اون کوچکترین ماشین‌حساب‌های جهان را بخرم!


Javouni kojaie

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When we start calling cheesy old 1970's Iranian black and white TV commercials[Incredible], all  we are saying is.............. JAVOUNI KOJAIE.................!?

On moghe ham pokhi naboodeem [khodamo migam albateh]




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Thank you Bahram. This is so great

Ghasr e Yakh was a tough place to get in with the boys. I always had to beg my female cousins to come with me to get by the doorman

If you ever find the TV ads for Harir Napkins and Yas Soap, I will be in debt to you for the rest of my life

دستمال حرير

اى خانم, اى آقا دستمال ِ من حريره
دوست دارم هر كى رو كه حرير به دست ميگيرهِ
بهتر از حرير پيدا نميشه
در جيب و در كيف بگذار هميشه



صابون ياس

هر صبح با عطر ِ ياس ميشوم بيدار
عطر ِ صابون ياس ياد ِ بهارانهِ
بريز خورشيد خانم يك مشت برنج تو آب
تا من بشم بيدار بشم بيدار از خواب

Red Wine

Number One Is Sir Bahram

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:=) .

Darius Kadivar


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I was looking for such vintage ads !

Says so much on our social history.

Great Find as usual Bahram Jaan