Remarkable footage: turn of the century lifestyles

by bahram9821

Youtube:scenes from a film shot from a streetcar traveling down Market Street in San Francisco in 1905,before the earthquake/fire of 1906 destroyed the area.


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San Francisco

by Abarmard on

Beautiful then. beautiful now.

EPC, you will be fine going back to that time. Every era has its positives and negatives. You must bank on the positives anywhere you are :)

Great video.

ex programmer craig

Almost looks like a cartoon...

by ex programmer craig on

...with all the foot and vehicle traffic moving in random directions!

Most remarkable thing to me was that I didn't see any women in the whole thing! I guess back then either women would have been at home or inside one of the carriages.I think I'd feel like I was on another planet if I was transported back in time and saw thousands of men out and about without a woman to be found!

EDIT: Watched it again and there are some women! Not many though!





by pedro on

Amazing, 104 years ago. WoW!!!

Darius Kadivar

Nice Thanks Bahram Jaan !

by Darius Kadivar on

Amazing Footage !


Nazy Kaviani

Dear Bahram

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing. This is amaaaaaaaaazing! I love it! (Hala halet chetoreh?! Khoobi? I miss you!)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Very intresting Bahram jan ... Thx amigo .



by yolanda on

It is an amazing century-old video....the similarity between this video and the streets of Tehran is that both have fearless jay-walkers and jay-runners.

Thanks for this eye-opening video!