Reza Pahlavi on Aljazeera

by bahram9821

Reza Pahlavi talks with David Frost on Aljazeera about current situation in Iran.



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Moreover, Darius

by farrokhzad on

Reza's return is the only viable option left.  If the democrats/melli's had managed to sort out a republic in the past 30 years, then there would be other options now. 

With time becoming a factor, the strands of society are coming apart and society could disintegrate. We are at a point when noone remembers a history other than IRI or Pahlavis.  People who ran Reza's father's government may have passed on, but their children are ready to take over the responsibility.  They remember. There is, possibly, the framework of a civil service left in remnants of Pahlavi regime.   

Without Reza, after IRI, we would be no different than a new country just sprung up in Africa but with all the challenges of the Middle East.  

Darius Kadivar

Food For Thought Regarding Restoration VS Revolution

by Darius Kadivar on

Just for the info, it is interesting to note that nearly All, not to say, All Monarchies restored in Europe during the 20th Century (such as in Spain after Franco or in Belgium after WWII) were never to become dictatorships. On the contrary they became envied models of democracy often bringing about a Socialist or Social Democrat government to power after elections.

Republics which have replaced previous ones or established after a revolution have on the contrary in the majority of the cases during the 20th century led to dictatorial regimes. That was true for nearly all the Soviet Republics after WWII as well as for most regimes in South America or the Middle East.

Since the Middle East is concerned it would be interesting to look at the historical timeline and see the draw back in civil liberties that characterise for instance Iraq after the fall of the Iraqi Monarch, or Egypt after King Farouk's downfall.

As for Iran we saw the result ...

There are always naturally exceptions to the rule but it is still worth noting I think that countries with a rich and long monarchical history have somehow found stability and in many recent cases even Democracy to the fullest in the past 100 years.

I personally think that the risks of having an absolute Monarchy in Iran would be nearly inexistant were it ever to be restored. Simply because the circumstances of such a restoration would have to take into account the shortcomings of the previous dynasty in predicting and stopping the revolution. I think that the Crown Prince Reza has to a great degree done that "examen de Conscience" and that he sees the limits and dangers of the abuse of power. His own children are brought up with an entirely different education and mentality than the one of their grandfather and certainly with less priveledges than their father Reza, so the conditions of restoring the monarchy would require and benefit the Royal Family in terms of being ONLY Ceremonial like in Great Britain or other Constitutional Monarchies if people decide for it. On the otherhand the parlimentary nature of a restored constitutional monarchy would reassure the fact that the PEOPLE and ONLY The PEOPLE at Large will determine their own political future.

That would be a Very New Oppurtunity in a hundred years since the Constitutional Revolution to set the record straight in terms of SEPERATION of POWERS: Legislative and Executive. Even Reza could not escape this aspect if the monarchy would be restored by favorable political or social circumstances for he would have his own children on mind and how he could guarantee her eldest daughter's eventual coronation like the Queen of England. So it is in his interests to see the Monarchy to be purely Ceremonial and not one which would require him or his daughter to Rule.

As an opposition leader his situation is more delicate for he has to rally support in Freeing his country from the current Tyranny and at the same time make it clear that he does not seek power for himself but for his people. That is why he insists on the Parliament and Parliamentary Rule in nearly all his speaches and interviews.

That is why I think that those who fear the return to an Authoritarian rule if ever the Monarchy were restored are wrong. This is not 1953 and the people are much more alert politically today with the means of communication and connections with the outside world.

Now will that ever occur ? That will depend on Iranians at large and their final decision and participation in the civil and political life of their country.  

Only Time will say... 



The facts...

by Ajam (not verified) on

He brings up a good point that is the religious discussions on taboo subjects in the Qom seminaries... Indeed, no Islamic society (with Islam as the dominant religion) will be able to form a real secular/democratic system without dealing with and getting over the taboo subjects that impede any significant democratic openings! Countries like Turkey are just parodies of a democratic system with their blind dismissal of such taboo issues as hejab, human rights...

Dear Ali P, I believe your points #4 and #6 are deeply flawed. Firstly, one in need of help can not determine the terms of a payback for a foreign power's help. In fact it's the other way around, and believe me, it's gonna cost a lot! Shah and Reza shah are good examples of such a mistake with Reza shah being forced to abdicate by the British (who helped his rise to power) and the Shah being undermined by the West in general, and Britain and the US in prticular -- who had helped him defeat the Mossadegh and oil nationalizaopn movement to reinstate him.

On point #6, I believe if RP was to run for office as a president, the faults of his father would not effect his tenure. But if he declares himself as a monarch -- that is an heir to the Pahlavi dynasty, then he would inherit the Pahlavi legacy for good or worse!


It's not about "someone" Amir

by farrokhzad on

The kind of democracy you are talking about needs EVERYONE to give; give money, give time, even give blood.

Who is going to do that? You? me?  One million Iranians outside Iran with so much money and all the freedom, we still don't have any organization. We  don't even have a decent community center (except for minorities). The only thing Iranians like you give  is opinions.

This Obama who just got elected has 10 million followers on e-mail. THREE million volunteers worked very hard to get him elected. 1.4 million people DONATED money to him.  It's no joke. Even Bush, who I believe is the worst American President ever still has 20% support.  These people work hard and give from their kids lunch money to have a system like this.  And, they stick by their leaders through hard times.  

Us? Not so much.  Not only we won't give anything, we even want to be picky. No this type, no that type, only nationalist.  IRI is way more than Iranian people deserve with their level of commitment and sacrifice. And it's no accident that we pooh-pooh mosaddegh and nationalists, then pooh-pooh shah and monarchists, and we get IRI. who else do you think was left.

The reason Reza is good for Iran is because now that people like us will only have dictatorship, let it at least be decent patriotic dictators like the Pahlavis and not Arabs like IRI or outright foreigners.

Dream on.  


Dear Maziar 1958

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Dear Iranian Friend:

Becoming Iran's president is much more difficult that the US president. Since we have nothing established, or better said the lack of system and constitution makes it much harder.

However, if we want our country to become or have a vital role in the 21 century, we need change. But no more Pahlavis, or Mullahs or Mujaheed or anything that thinks in the past.

We need someone who see the future, understands the current challenges and can take advantage of Iran's potential to benefit Iranians.

A president or a leader that can recognize Iran's vast diversity and appreciate its deep culture and tradition at the same time modernize Iran and bring it to par.

Iran and Iranian have the potential and can live to the challenge. We just need a leader, that is a true son/daughter of Iran.

One that can love and cherish Iran and Iranian people.

We can make it happen. I have always believed in Iran and Iranian people and continues to do so.

Yours truly;

Amir Nasiri



by Maziar 1958 (not verified) on

Amir Nasiri for president.
let's see how much you love that ?


Let us not repeat he history

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Let us not waste all theses suffering we had to endure by getting rid of criminals like the pahlavis and then having to live by more criminal entities such as the IRI regime.

We need to learn from the history and the past. I hope the Iranian people are smarter and wiser now to make the right choice.

No more theocracy, no more kingdom, no more puppets.

Iran must be ruled by the people of Iran and the Iranians.

we need a nationalist that cares about the people and Iran and understands the region and its challenges. We need someone that can use the current potentials the youth and all the resources Iran has to offer to rebuilt and make the country ready for the 21 century challenges.

I will put my wight and energy for a nationalist only. Only someone who loves Iran and the Iranian people(Iranian people = everyone in Iran).


Darius Kadivar

Shahpour Bakhtiar Would Support RP today !

by Darius Kadivar on

Shahpour Bakhtiar was a Constitutionalist and accepted against all odds to become Prime Minister of the Shah of Iran. He understood what the IRI was and where it was leading us. He knew what they are capable of doing to HIGHJACK OUR PATRIOTISM as they are doing so today through their Lobbies.

Neutrality towards the Islamic Republic's actions and manipulations is the Last Refuge of a Coward or IRI Apologist. Shahpour Bakhtiar was certainly neither. So Keep Up the Good Job RP !



Ali P

by AAA (not verified) on

Hi Ali,

You six points are mostly correct in my opinion by #4 needs further examination. "4) I do not hold 'receiving aid from foreign powers' against you, as long as you have not sold yourself or your principles." First of all no foreign power will dish out money out the goodness of their heart. They always want something in return and hence "as long as you have not sold yourself or your principles" becomes problematic. How do you know he (or anyone else) hasn't sold out? These sort of transactions are not transparent for us to see whether RP or anyone else has sold their principle or country down the river. We simply don't know and won't know. As such there is great risk involved.
To be on the safe side, my principle is "no Iranian patriot shall accept any kind of money from foreigners" period.
It troubles me that RP had in the past accepted money from CIA, currently eats Faloodeh with the likes of Cheney and AEI who are on the record as wanting to tear Iran apart and create mini states along ethnic lines. Yet some Iranians call RP a patriot. It just doesn't add up.
Whether someone has taken money or not is a great litmus test for me and PR has failed that test.


Answet to Khar's question

by AAA (not verified) on

Hi Khar,

If you really want to know the reasons we end up with leaders we end up with, there is a good book you can read. It is called "Jaame'e Shenasi-e Nokhbe Koshi". It is written by Ali Reza Gholi.


answer to khar is quite simple

by farrokhzad on

Dear khar,

We are a people who do not support our leaders. If there is any amazement, it is that anyone should want to lead unfaithful people of Iran. WE get a lot more than what we deserve. 

We expect then to be perfect figures and deliver everything for everyone. We don't do anything about anything. we just want things to be done.  They pour their life into saving Iran, and Iranians routinly slaughter, exile and imprison them, usually byy the same people who brought them to power. They can not make a living while they give their life to save a complex society.  Every cent they earn is considered stolen. Even after they die, we dig their bodies up and build urinals on their grave.  And yet, we expect saviors to keep stepping up.

Name me one servant of Iran in the last 100 years who had a happy ending.

Shame on Iranians, not Iranian leaders.  


To Khar

by amirkabear4u on

You said;

what is wrong with us and why can't we produce better leaders than these jokers? I can’t seem to be able to find any answers.....

Well you do not have to look too far, this site is one proof. You see some of the comments. People with education who even can rightfully pick on western leaders, support a useless person whose legimacy as a royal prince is questionable. Why should we let a person like him to have power? What has he done for exiled Iranians, his usefulness is as constructive as mullahs. During the Iran war he had an excellent chance to support and help Iran but instead what did he do? Well you better ask him. Forgive me for saying this but even an object like a vibrator is more useful than him and brings smile on many peoples' faces, he does not have that effect does he.

Also, answering your question, how many times have you seen on this site and other Iranian communities educated and democratic Iranians beating their chest for freedom of women, yes adults, where as children still to be discovered by IRI and their enemies. To me it is so strange to see children are not safe and secure but have to put up with everyones rant because their sisters and friends like to have freedom of cloth. As an understanding nation shouldn't we care more for helpless, like children? It is these children who make the next generation. I strongly believe children should have more rights than female adults who can defend themselves. This is one reason why we can not produce better leaders than these jokers.


Sanctions will hurt Iranians

by Q on

this is a proven fact. No foreign country has the right to play with the lives of ordinary Iranians for the sake of its own foreign policy goals. It will always backfire. Nobody inside Iran wants it. If it happens, Iranians will suffer and at the same time support the IRI. Top members of the government will of course not suffer. Many will move in to control the new black markets and those arguing for Taliban-like isolation from the world will be strengthened.

Physical discomfert has never, ever caused political change in Iran. It has only solidified the faith. If you want to guarantee no meaningful change will occur in the Iranian system for another 50 years, then support sanctions, block Gasoline imports, stop oil expoerts, and whatever else the warmongers are proposing. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Could it be any worse than it was during the 8 year bloody war? Did that overthrow the regime?

Sanctions supporter are not only dreaming in lala land, but they are being increadibly unethical, cruel and self-centered toward the Iranian people. Basically their own ass is not on the line, so anything is acceptable. "Az kisseye khalife mibakhshand"

Nobody inside Iran wants sanctions and that's the only reason we should need to oppose them with all our might.


poor ex prince still waiting

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

He been waiting for the last 30 year for the situation to become ripe so he can return to Iran,but monarchy or constitution supporters or any other opposition do not have enough support to bring about a change to current regime.So my suggestion to ex Prince is to wait for USA signal,that may come in another 30 years.He should not give up and he should not run out of money either because of the money that his family stole from Iran.


I can't get over the dude's red socks

by asefati on

hahah the interviewer was wearing red socks.



by Killjoy (not verified) on

In a "genuine" democracy, people don't need to have leaders, they need representatives, but somehow these representatives are either turned into leaders by certain types of followers or on the basis of their authoritarian rule.


Marge: Regarding sanctions:

by neverburnt (not verified) on

Marge: Regarding sanctions: Please read the comments by Parthian, make no mistake, and anonymouse...

You will understand why even Obama wants sanctions.


Darius Kadivar

Khar My Two Cents/Rials to your Question ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Dearest Khar ( who is not so Khar)

Your legitimate question deserves a longer answer and I am willing to answer you and other readers on this particular issue maybe in a future article. But tonight to be honest Hoselashoh Nadaram for it would take me to brainstorm with everyone on a saturday evening Paris Time.

But well beside the fact that RP like any other Iranian patriot at least responds to all 6) points suggested by our good fellow Ali P.

Let me just summerize it in this lady's response: ;0))

Its Called LOYALTY TO THE CROWN OF IRANZAMIN ( Well the last One that is) :

You may find it obsolete, blindly romantic or ridiculous but then so is Ferdowsi. After All Zal and Rostam supported Kai Kavous knowing he was maybe not the perfect choice but he was the legitimate one. That is also True regarding my dear Ol' Fellow Robin Hood and his Hearty Fellows in Sherwood Forest.

Anyway I am too tired to give you a full and perfectly objective answer tonight maybe some other time.

Cheers My Friends, No Hard Feelings and wishing you a nice Weekend.




We Love U

by Iran Lover (not verified) on

We love U RP


Khar: These characters are

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Khar: These characters are product of our society and culture too. Some of the best, brightest and bravest of our leaders were murdered, slaughtered, hanged inside and outside and continue to be hanged, murdered, and hanged by the IRI.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

My final word

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Why does he say that sanctions are to be "coupled" with moral support. Sanctions = NO MORAL SUPPORT. Encouraging an Iranian business class could be a major breakthrough. If more Iranians had wealth based on international participation, it would encourage less people to get behind Hezballah and other non-Iranian causes. But Reza needs drug addicted, zealous groups in Iran to make himself seem like a hero, rescue figure. 

Second contradiction, A BIG ONE: He wants the "young people to rise up" THEN he wants to lead them into a secular democratic government. Wow. Ok. what exactly qualifies him to do this? His opinion? His homesickness? Does he know anything about law? Government? He went to school in cali and had to be dragged out. 

Iranians are more talented and creative than this one guy. Did you notice the graphic under his name? "SON OF THE LATE SHAH". He has no title except ANOTHER HOMESICK IRANIAN. Get over yourself Reza.  

Maybe if this stupid monarch didn't lose his family's money to some dozd back in the day, he could have used those millions to pay and army, support a movement to kill the mullahs. I dont know. But basically, he has been and continues to be a JOKE and an insult to a vast number of Iranians.

Let the monarchist attacks commence! 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I'm with khar, as usual - sanctions are good for Reza BTW

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Fresh leadership would be ideal. If there was some divine miracle and IRI toppled on itself, I would be so proud if Iranians could unite behind a fresh, post- 20th century person. Someone who has lived in Iran, understands Iran and can communicate Iran's needs without a single religious/ethnic or personal view. 

Just like Bush has to pander to his base of Christians, I think we will always have leaders who have to make concessions to the muslim base, but hopefully that class can reform themselves, something the zealous right in america can't do. I really believe in Iran and I really think the secret to unlocking this new leadership is getting rid of sanctions.

Reza Pahlavi's biggest bonus is that there are sanctions in Iran. Without them, he's totally threatened. 


I have to ask this question...

by Khar on

We Iranians have boasted rightfully on our culture and our people and what we have done in the past as a nation and people. My question is, don’t you think it’s shameful as a nation to have leaders like Khameneii, Rajavi, Reza Pahlavi, the Left & so on... who are out of touch with reality and so disconnected from people? what is wrong with us and why can't we produce better leaders than these jokers? I can’t seem to be able to find any answers.....

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ALI i agree. My problem with Rez isn't his dad. It's other stuff

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It's that any notoriety he has - these TV spots, is rooted in his dad. Not him. He has accomplished ZERO, except for marrying a beautiful woman and raising his family. Besides that, nothing he says is groundbreaking, especially wise, or different than the average peanut gallery member. 

How about, instead of attacking people who do the democratic thing of criticizing him for his immense shortcomings, we figure out that there are a great number of people who can't get behind this guy. He's not a uniter, he's a divider. 

Reza's status is rooted in his name, not in his accomplishment or intelligence. I don't just want someone who says "there is no democracy in iran. it is very awful" DUH. NO Sh-- sherlock. I want someone who can make the next step.

That is the person who is heir to throne. It is someone who is even wiser and tougher than Obama. Iranians are a weird lot, after all. In short, Reza is not that person. He represents nothing good to me.  


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

irandokht! I never said that I wish death on anyone!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I said that the queen must die in order the the prince to be king one day. that is the line of succession in monarchy. Prince Charles is a great example. His mom is going to live for a billion years. will he ever get to be king? haha.

I hope farah lives 100 years. I didn't mean that. I would never wish death on anyone, even my enemies.


Ali P: I'm in full agreement

by agreed (not verified) on

Ali P: I'm in full agreement with you on all of your points. We Iranians tend to be clannish. We view each other not as Iranians but as Loyalist, Islamist, Reformist, MEKist, Nationalist, and so on.

We need to realize that we are all Iranians first; warts and all, and put our country first instead of our past tribal associations or our self-defeating clannish dogmatice ideologies.

We are not Shahallah, Hizballh, Communistallah, Islamollah, MEKllah, Reformallh, and as long our hands are clean, we should reconcile and come together as Iranians.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

har ke behtar minavazad     vardar-o- bezan.

But let's find an amicable way to get rid of IRI first;

He is saying : I like to get up in the moorning  & looking at ALBORZ mntn. Isn't that all of us wishes alike ?   sincerely Maziar


His english

by kebrit (not verified) on

his english is getting better, how can his accent be so bad after so many years?


A question for all you folks....

by Khar on

We Iranians have boasted rightfully on our culture and our people and what we have done in the past as a nation and people. My question is, don’t you think it’s shameful as a nation to have leaders like Khameneii, Rajavi, Reza Pahlavi and the Left, who are out of touch with reality and so disconnected from people? And why can't we produce better leaders than these jokers? I can’t seem to be able to find any answers.....


Agha Ali P.....

by Khar on

I whole heartedly agree with all your points my good man! Especially the following; "I judge you by YOUR conduct" , Thanks!