Streets of Tehran

by bahram9821

Cruising the streets of Tehran last summer as a passanger, still have not found the courage to drive by myself , maybe next year lol.


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Hey Bahram...

by Miny (not verified) on

What is in Video is nothing..just nothing...if you could go to Amritsar and Patiala in India you would know whats in the video is really would have cycles, autos, cars, trucks, rehras(horse carts), pedestrians, rickshaws...all in roads which in some places would be one-third of width of the roads shown in the video..and all jam-packed and people driving at full speeds....and not to mention stray cows, buffalos and dogs too are there in the party! and some people dont honk horns they will shout while they zoom past you... Its roller-coaster ride...its feel so close to God...i have actually witnessed some newbies crying for help...and nobody stops for them...its fun!



by msbm0508 on

Yadesh bekheir. Thanks for posting the video.

Esme ahanga chian?  where can I find them.


Second driver!

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

The first time when I went to Iran after being out of Iran for so many years I was riding with someone else, I was so nervous I would press my feet on the floor as if I was the second driver.I could not believe how the drivers were driving so close to each other and not having accidents.