Video Restoration Project

by bahram9821

Few months ago I started a project to restore some of the old Iranian videos and to make them look and sound better. I have been trying to digitally enhance the videos and in some cases replace the original audio tracks. Here are examples of videos that have been digitally enhanced with new audio tracks, I hope you like them.








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You can't make Diamonds from Sh***

by eroonman on

While it is a great shame (and crime) that these gems have lost so much of their luster, personally, I'd rather watch the original versions untouched with the original titling, scratches, and bad audio.

You see, they help me remember the old days better that way. Because that's the way it actually was!

While I applaud your effort and concern, your version however, makes me try and fool myself with cheap computer filters, unnecessary animations (fake snowflakes?) and that annoying incessant 9821 tile in the upper corner.

Lay off it already. You're ruining my fast disappearing memories.


Ey vaay Bahram! sniff sniff...

by Monda on

Ghorbone dast o panjoolet my kind and beautiful friend!  I'm bookmarking this for ever, for the intense memories it brings back to me.   I'll forward this to my cousins too, they were there too.


Monda, Gol e Yakh for you

by bahram9821 on


Here is a cleaned up version of Gol yakh with a bonus part that I added to the end.


khasteh nabashi Behram jan

by Monda on

Very Nice work! 

(Please let gol e yakh be part of your project some time in the near future? I would be ever so grateful)


Thanks Nazy Khanom

by bahram9821 on


Thank you so much for the kind words,it has been fun trying to save some of the good memeories of our younger years.

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you Bahram Jan!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Over the years, you have single handedly brought so much joy and nostalgia to Iranians all over the world. Sorry, we can't pay you for all the time you have spent to lovingly put together strands and scraps and pieces of our memories. But we can acknowledge the unique and long-term effort, your labor of love for Iran and Iranians. You really are a very special human being 9821. Thank you.


Merci dostan

by bahram9821 on

DK and Ebi jan thanks for the nice comments. Red Win jan, I will defiantly take you up on your help offer. Bugsy aziz, most of the singers in the old videos were lip syncing the songs. I have been replacing the original tracks with better quality audio that are available on the internet.Just give you an example, there is a so so quality video from Farhad that has really bad audio, I found the track on the internet and synched the music with the video // Benross,a very good point about the color, there is just a one problem, if the color is not vivid when I post the video on Youtube, the whole clip becomes so dark that is not fun to watch .I will try to tweak the color in the future projects.


Bravo Bahram

by benross on

Wonderful job with audio and B&W video.

Colour shift in colour video enhancement is somewhat excessive if you asked me.


Priceless effort

by Bugsy on

Bravo, Bahram...

My question is how to find the restored songs? Have they replaced the "before" versions by default, or do we have to search? 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Sir... You are doing a very good job with this project,I admire you.

If you need something..any help.. i am here amigo :=) .

Take care.

ebi amirhosseini

Bahram Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on


Ebi aka Haaji

Darius Kadivar

Great Initiative

by Darius Kadivar on

I often wondered if it was possible to do this for Iranian clips shot on TV in the 1970's given that much was filmed on Video and not film preserved on negative.

Good job !