Who Has the POWER? Inside the Revolutionary Guard

Who Has the POWER? Inside the Revolutionary Guard
by bahram9821

Fareed Zakaria of CNN talks to a former Revolutionary Guard member Mohsen Sazegara about Iran's power struggle.


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Blood on your hand..

by Aarash (not verified) on

No matter how many times you 'turn coat' you still have the blood of hudreds if not thousands of our patriotic officers, workers, students, Mojahedins, intellectuals and discidents on your hands. I can see you in the International Court of Justice accused of 'Crime Against Humanity' you blood sucker criminal!!!!!


Just because you do not know..

by Kurush (not verified) on

Just because you do not know of any political prisoner in America, it does not follow that there ain’t any!!
The West is highly plutocratic and imperialistic in nature, it stands to REASON that there would be dissent and political prisoners aplenty in the West. Where do you think communism originated? In the West, of course. Why? Because there is plutocratic dictatorship of the rich, for the rich by the rich. The suppression of dissent in the West is more systematic than the modus operandi as practiced in Iran. In IRI, the authorities wait for the volcano to erupt, then they try to force a cap on it. In the West/US, the dissent is blacklisted, harassed, wiretapped, isolated, and imprisoned on bogus charges. Read Jules Boycoff ’s The Suppression of Dissent , and Talbert’s Negative Intelligence. It would be good education for you.



by iroooni (not verified) on

Political Prisoners...
I always thought there were only one kind.
But, West is still bad and Iran is still good.



by Parham on

Of course, they're talking about political prisoners. See if you can find any of those in the US.


All prisons are located outside of the West!!!!!

by Kurush (not verified) on

The subtle questioining by the Western stooge Zakaria gives the impression that Evin prisons are only found in Iran, or the developing countries, not in the West. How about the prison-industrial complex in the good ol' USA which incarcerates 2.5 millions?!! The US prisons are moreover virtually Gulags with rapes of prisoners an open secret. Would Zakaria ever ask a question on the CNN about the Gulagas of America? Of xourse not. Everything good in America, everything bad in Iran!!


Funny how

by Parham on

he still has the IR rap!
"after the victory of the revolution..." :)

Darius Kadivar

Interesting Insight

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting to see how time and experience changes people.

I find Sazegara's insights always interesting But I don't entirely Trust the guy particularly because of how he switched sides ( Treaon seems to be widespread in our Nations Political history) and for having been the architect of this radical para military organization.

But I think that it reflects the fact that the former Revolutionaries have had to confront their ideals to the reality of the world and the Shock or knowledge of discovering how mistaken they were  is a lesson to all but also a good thing that some truly acknowledge that fanaticism had blind their judgments.

Thanks for sharing this interview.