Do Women Like Bad Boys

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

This is a mystery to me if women like bad boys better than good boys. They all say no and that they prefer a real gentleman and a caring cuddly type. But you see women drool and get all femininely excited when they see or deal with a bad boy. It seems to me that when women are young they want to experience life with a bad boy since it is exciting. But when they get older and they want to settle down and have babies, they suddenly become mother theresa and goody two shoes and look down on bad boys and tell them off and search for a real gentleman and caring man to father their child. I hope maryam jan was not like that! I am going to ask her and find out.


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Thank you.

by Feshangi on

A bad boy and a gentleman are very similar to a sports car and a sedan. A sports car is sexy, runs fast, and is exciting. When you are in it, you get attention from the crowd and most people envy you.  Some may even be jealous of you.  But a sports car has its limitations.  You can hardly carry more than two people in it.  It runs tight but is very bumpy with a rough ride and on a long trip may give you a backache.


A sedan is less sexy but provides more security and space in the back for friends or the kids. It runs smoother and is more versatile. If you choose a nice one, it will still grab attention and envy from others. It will give you a nice comfortable ride over a long haul. You seldom get a backache since it provides a great suspension and plush interior. 


It really depends on your personality and your individual preferences as to which one tickles you fancy. Either way, go for it!!





As women get older

by Anonymouse on

They still want bad boys on the side. They may settle down with someone else but during their search they want bad boys on the side.

Once they marry and settle down, they still want their husbands to be bad boys. Who are the "good" boys?! The nerds? Rich nerds?! Bad boys are not convicts.  Bad boys are just manly men.

Same goes for women.  Do you want an assa ghoort dawde woman? Well, maybe as just a sex toy like Hajiagha would say, but you know what I mean. What about a woman who doesn't touch siyah va sefid and just spends money? That's not a womanly woman, is it?

Jahanshah Javid

So true

by Jahanshah Javid on

definitely a woman.... I agree completely. :o)))


I don't know about bad and good...

by definitely a woman (not verified) on

I think men are of two types: those who must be kept on their knees and those who must be kept on their toes. White men tend to belong to the former group and nonwhite men to the latter. The minute you let white men get off their their knees, and the minute you let the nonwhites relax, they fuck up. They both perform better when in their proper positions.

Sorry gentlemen/bad boys, performance is the name of the game.


I'd like to know

by Mazloom on


it's all about how to play

by Bad Boy (not verified) on

it's all about how to play the game.. actually my nephew this morning asked me daie how do i should treat a lady..i said, you treat the lady the way she wanted to be treated..And if you follow this simple rule than you're in control of your game or in fact your relationship..

"Don't call me a bad daie"


The answer is crystal clear = YES

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

From my experience, yes, majority of woman attracts to 3 things when it come to choose guys. They want us to be wild, bad and spontaneous which I have no problem with at all :)


Girls women ...oh please.

by n.zanincanadai on

Girls women ...oh please. All FEMALES are the same and we all love bad boys. Any lady out there who denies it hasn't had a nice shaapaalaakh where it counts! :) Gentlemen are great too. But a bad boy is oh so good.


You bet, they love bad boys

by Kababi on

Women want a person whom hard to get. When they are 100% sure, they have you. They will look else where.  They start to call it "Boring and other stuff". The bad boys will keep them guessing, therefore, it will statisfy their needs. They hate routines.

Another thing you can add to this subject. Women love bad boys with Money. That is the ultimate thing...

Desperate women accept anything the bad, the good, the ugly...

Therefore, my friend make money and be bad.

Gentelmen part, yah, You can be gentelmen after having few kids...

There is a very tin line between ZanZalil and Gentlmen. If you pass that line, you will never go back.

I remember, few years ago, I met this couple. Her husband use to call her "Dr XXX". I used to call her with first name. She asked her husband to ask me to call her "Dr. XXX".

I told her husband, oh, I am not her patient.

Couple of years later, she got divorce. I saw her in mahmoni. She asked me, We should go out :-)

I told her, I am not your type. You need to go out with Gentelmen.

She said, no, i really want to go out with you, so as we did. I can tell you, the more I say no, the more she likes me...

Eventually, I told her, you are getting old. You need to get married and have a child. I am not your type. She was so upset.

This is 7 years ago. She is still sending me emails.




Grrrlllllllzzzz R superficial

by idontlovebadboys (not verified) on

and immature, women have brains. Grrrllllllzzz only want to have fun, women want to be fulfilled while having fun ~ with or without a child.

bajenaghe naghi

Dear idontlovebadboys

by bajenaghe naghi on

Please tell me what do YOU consider the differnce between women and grrrlllllllzzzz (beside the obvious differences that we all know). I am very interested to learn this from you. 


Only grrrllllllzzz love bad boys

by idontlovebadboys (not verified) on

women on the other hand love gentlemen.


Oh believe me when I say

by ilovebadboys (not verified) on

Oh believe me when I say that all women have a thing for bad boys. They are so sexy, so attractive and mysterious. They never lose their taste. Even older mother theresa's drool over bad boys. These men are so exciting and they always make a girl feel so so special. Man ke mimiram barashoon.