Do You Remember Tamre Hendi?

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

The other day my friend, his son and I went to Toys R Us.  For some strange reason I was taken back when I was eight or nine years old. I used to save money to go  to the corner store near my school to buy some  tamre hendi ( I think it is called tamarind in  English) and eat them only to get the stones out to compete with my friends, or I would buy the latest tamr bargardoon, or may be a Lami khod nevis.  Life was so simple, which perfectly matched our simple needs. We did not need anything electric  (no electronics yet) or sophisticated to buy. My friends and I used to play for hours with our tamre hendis. That was our lives then and this is our lives now. We were looking for taraghi but we got taraghe!


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bajenaghe naghi

Dear Majid jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Thank you for explaining this game to nicely and in detail. I could visualize it so well. But I can not remember playing this game.  I wait to read about the other games. We should not forget what gave us so much pleasure when we were growing up.


Bajenagh-e khodam...LOL

by Majid on

You're welcome my friend,


Khar polis was a game made of 2 teams and one neutral player (bache naneh-ye mahal) who wanted to play but was not tough enough to be counted.........LOL

The neutral player (X) stood with his back to the wall in "koocheh" while grasping his hands together and fingers tangled at his waist high, like "ghollab gereftan".

One person from team "A" put his forehead in (X)'s clasped hands while bending over,another "A" member put his head between the first players legs while grabbing his thighs, third player doing the same and forth and... so on.

Now...1st player from team (B) would run fast and jump as far forward as he could on the back of team (A) to sit as close to the neutral player (X) as possible, leaving room behind him for his teammates to jump and ride while the last team member "A" would count from 1-20, next round he would count from 1-40 and....1-60 as long as he could count in one breath....

If at any point team "B" could not handle the weight and impact and would give....we said "khar khaabeed".......LOL .......and the game would start all over again.   

 I'll explain "beekh deevaari" later...LOL

Have a great time

bajenaghe naghi

Dear Majid jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Shomaro khoda omr bede. I tried so much to explain that playing with hasteye tame hendi and yekghol do ghol are very different and tried very hard to describe how that game was played, but as you know my english is very foreign and not so good so I gave up trying. You did such a good job. You can become a famous writer because you explain so well.

 I know most of the games you mention. I am not sure of khar polis and the way I played beekh deevari it was not a game but I did that with my girlfriend, am I correct or was there another game that I was not aware of?

Thank you again dear Majid jan. 


Khodeh naghi

by Majid on

"Tamr-e hendi" or rocks from "sangaki" were too small for ye ghol- do ghol and also ye ghol-do ghol was a girly game like Lei Lei!.....LOL  

"tamr-e hendi" pits were used to play a special game that there is no name for it .

This is how it was played:

You place a hasteh in the palm of your hand and like you want to roll it on the surface of a table backed by a wall, so there was an stop at the end, but it was not a roll rather you hit the edge of the table with your fingers to give "hasteh" a big momentum, next player would do the same push with the hope of hitting your pit, if he could hit yours, both pits were his, if not then next player.....until someone hits A pit, then he would collect all pits on the table!

It was a very sophisticated talent, skill and strategy...LOL......enghadr haa ham alaki nabood!

That game was played after we were exhausted and tired from other games like "Khar polis, alak dolak, joftak char kosh...and beekh deevari".

Sooner or later I'll start a blog about a lot of these stuff, games, snacks, tricks, school, school books and materials, neighborhoods on.    


Dear B. N.

by IRANdokht on

Thank you  So nice and thoughtful of you!


if you post something about zoghalakhteh or any positive and/or yummy topic, I promise I find a way to make you a jaghool-baghool sandwich.

I hear people would do just about anything for one of those



Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Your post took me back 30 years to school days in Andisheh High school, in Teheran.

The old "Mooseeyo" who, along with "Maadaam" ran the school's sandwich shop had a special sandwich, with a secret recipe`, called "Jaghool-baghool" ( what a brilliant name for such sandwich!). We did not see this sandwich anywhere else, so it seemed pretty original to us.

 It was really difficult to tell the ingredients used in it, but it was the combination of all the leftover meats (and any other material)  from making all other sandwisches and dishes he made throughout the day, and it was absolutely delicious!!



What I won't do for a 'jaghool-baghool' sandwich today... :-)

bajenaghe naghi

Dear Irandokht

by bajenaghe naghi on

You sure know your tamre hendi! 


This harmless non-bitching positive blog was dedicated to you.  



by IRANdokht on

Not only I remember Tamre Hendi, I have some in my fridge right now too!

actually I like it better fresh. You can find fresh tamarind in Iran too: they have the sweet kind, the ones sold at mexican food stores in the US are usually more sour that the ones I had in Iran.

The packaged kind is available in Iranian and indian stores too. dahanam aab oftad...

Actually life is still very simple for some of us.

Thanks for the positive post. It was nice :0)



Tamre Hendi

by khodeh naghi (not verified) on

Dear Bajenagh, may I call you Baji?

Those were not tamre hendi stones, they were pits or hasteh, you know... like energy-eh hasteyi hagheh mossalameh maast ;-)
I thing you used those to play yeh ghol do ghol or did you compete with your friends in dabennaa?

They were too polished and slippery for yeh ghol do ghol. Your best bet would have been to go to noon-sangaki and get some of those rocks.